Responciblity of Reciters & Sponsors of Majalis

1255958106 It is human nature to prefer NOT to listen to things, where one is required to think & act contrary to oneself (nafs) & against the pleasures being enjoyed. People usually prefer not to have any responsibility cast on them, where action or change is demanded of them. We are hopeful of our salvation through the Ahlulbayt (as) & Azadari by itself is extremely useful for us, in almost all its forms & an Ibadat without any doubt.The Majalis must contain praise for the Ahlulbayt/our aqaed & even the famous historical events/wars which depict their personality. This is especially required for our children who also need to be told.This is very necessary so that we can live according to what Islam expects of us ,have an improved life here & be saved from the hardships of Barzaq.


The majalis can therefore become more useful if this element is included & events/praise/condemnations are also related to ;what WE need to do i.e. to the listeners responsibility. The Imam of our time will return soon inshallah & he will need pious people with awareness & Islamic knowledge .There is a heavy responsibility on reciters & sponsors of Majalis (who can influence khatibs) to ensure that the important role of using this miracle of Majalis is appropriately done. Mourning ceremonies are held by Muslims throughout Muharram and Safar, and in gatherings which are called `majalis’ (sing. majlis) elegies are recited and sermons are delivered from the minbar, the Islamic pulpit, in which the sufferings undergone by al‑Imam al‑Husayn, the members of his household and his companions are narrated.


The representative of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Seestani (long may he live), the scholar Sayyid Murtadha Kashmiri concluded the meeting by conveying the recommendations made by the office of the supreme Mardja’ Imam Seestani (long may he live) in Najaf – urging the Mubaligheen and the eulogists to take note and adhere to them – as follows: 1- Reduce the lectures on the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) to accommodate what people can take; as the saying goes: speak to people according to their aptitude. 2- Diffuse the wonderful words of the Imams (a.s.) that will endear them to the people and refrain from stating what has been purported and has no effect. 3- Avoid relating tales and other baseless stories that insult peoples’ intelligence and refrain from saying that which is not credible. 4- Allocate part of the program to disseminate Shari’a rulings on everyday matters either to do with worship or transactions. 5- Educate people and increase their social awareness by including historical and factual stories that will be a lesson for them now and in future.


A man who proclaimed to the Imam, "O son of the Prophet, I am one of your Shi’ah." Al‑Husayn ibn `Ali (A) said to him: Fear God, and do not make such a claim that God, the Almighty, should say to you, "You lied insolently by making this claim." Indeed our Shi’ah is one whose heart is free from every kind of deception, adulteration, hatred, malice, and corruption. If you are not such then say, "I am one of your admirers and supporters."


2 thoughts on “Responciblity of Reciters & Sponsors of Majalis”

  1. Very Good!, Subhan’allaah! and Jazakallah…!!
    Really islam is a practical religon, it talks about what to do, it comes for improving a common life… but mostly in our majlises reciters always choose the un’practical topic, just like if they are talking about war of khaibar and khandaq etc, obeviously these are great incidents! But now is the requirment of zahoor-r-imam[as], so talk about practical, improvement, not only namaz while mari’fat, means what namaz! what imam expected to us……. a lot of topics……!!


  2. bro s/a

    JazakAllah for your efforts. Its really commendable job.

    i have a formal query.. our imam says that our heart should be free from every kind of hatred. . .

    but you see our hearts are filled with hatred of Ahlulbayt’s killers, and those 3 (you know them). It implies that we are already having higher magnitude of hatred for those who created problems for our Prophet and his progeny.

    and we are also ordered to give lan’at to all those disbelievers who gave torture to ahlulbayt in karbala.
    what do you think?


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