Ayatollah Modarresi vs. Top Wahhabi Cleric

This is a speech being delivered by Ayatollah Modarresi at the shrine of Imam Hussein in response to the slanderous comment made by the top Wahhabi cleric in Saudi Arabia.. Keep watching to see the fury of the audience..
One would think that after almost 14 centuries, the mission of Imam Hussein and the pristine nature of his message is transparently clear. On the same token, one would also think that the demonic nature of Yazeed and his cohorts is also as abundantly obvious.
For how could anyone exploit people’s ignorance of the hard historical facts and justify the barbaric murder of Imam Hussein? How can anyone conceivably explain the vicious slaughtering of the 6 month old infant and the starving of women and children to death? And after all the atrocities committed by Yazeed’s army, how can anyone brand his authority as "legitimate" or even go as far as to have the audacity to blame Imam Hussein for the crimes committed on Ashura 61 A.H.?!
And if an ignorant individual were to be found who is blind to the manifest truth, they might be dismissed as illiterate or simply insane, but when a the top ranking, government appointed cleric makes those outrageous assertions, it reveals deeply rooted malice and venomous scorn towards every divine ideal and every ethical standard. It speaks of far ranging moral dilemmas and a seriously flawed and perverted sense of judgment.
The attached video shows one such individual. He is Abdul Aziz Aal Al Sheikh, the grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, and the direct grandson of Bin Abdul Wahhab, the founder of the Wahhabi religion which is responsible for every atrocity, and every act of terror around the world. The video also includes footage from people’s reaction to the comments and the utter outrage at the shrine of Imam Hussein in the holy city of Karbala and the historic speech by one of Iraq’s leading Shia scholars, Ayatollah Sayed Hadi Al Modarresi, in which he emphatically denounced the comments by the Wahhabi cleric and challenged him to reveal his true intentions during the Arba’een processions.


One thought on “Ayatollah Modarresi vs. Top Wahhabi Cleric”

  1. We should try our best not to allow the wahabis & salafis to propagate Islam according to their false views.This can very well be done only if we Shias are united & have our own satellite channels to promote the true teachings of the Ahle Bait. This is a very good media to reach out to the people & create an awareness.The Shia faith has so much truthful matter to share with the people but sad that we do it at a very slow pace.The non shias don’t come across much of our propagation due to these reasons,so how will they get a chance to compare the right before the wrong.


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