Why we neglect to cure disease of soul (ignorance)

ignorance It is very easy to meet a person who is searching a good doctor for his sick son. ask him why he do not go to any nearest Dr.? why he is searching the best? He will say this is a Question of his son’s life.

You can also meet a person  searching a good hotel for lunch or dinner, ask him why he is searching a good hotel? He will say this is a question of his Health.

Imam hassan (a.s.) says: I wonder those who think about their body’s food, but do not think about their soul’s food. they keep away disturbing food from their belly, but fill up their heart with destructive subjects.

In current era there are many ways of misguiding a common person (knowingly and unknowingly both)specially media, different propagandas are launched from various sources and among those sources unfortunately one source is MULLA (A person who does not have sufficient knowledge of Islam and Rulings of Maraje and with the limited knowledge he starts guiding people, sometimes on your TV screen and sometimes from mimbar.

Why we do not try to search the learned scholar to cure  disease of  soul (ignorance)?

Jisay “Naan-E-Jaween” Bakhsha Hai TU Ne,
Usay “Bazoo-E-Haider” Bhi Ataa Kar
(Whom YOU (Allah) have granted hobbies like Hazrat Ali please grant him the courage like Ali too.)



S.M . MAsoom
Mumbai, India


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