Guarantee from God Himself

GuaranteefromGodHimself_php_32 Jabir, a companion of the Prophet (Pbuh) who related a large number of Hadiths, says: “When you enter your home, offer a greeting to your family,
for it is a blessed greeting from God.”
(Related by Al-Bukhari in Al-Adab Al-Mufrad)

imam hossein (a.s.) says:لِلسَّلامِ سَبْعُونَ حَسَنةٌ تِسْعٌ وَ سِتُّونَ لِلْمُبْتَدى وَ واحِدَةٌ لِلْرّادِّ

salam (salutation) has 70 rewards, 69 parts of which are for one who salutes and one part of which is for one who returns the salutation.tohafol oghoul, page 177

brief description

among the salutations of various nations, `salam’, the islamic salutation and greeting, has a special luminosity, because it indicates both welcoming and peace, pleasure and friendship, and also wish for peace from god for the other party. for this reason, salutation of the people of paradise is salam, and angels of mercy receive the virtuous and good-doers with salam. but unfortunately, some moslems refuse this islamic rule supposing that not saluting shows their high dignity and saluting reduces their rank and make themselves deprived from the great virtue mentioned in above tradition.


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