Qabr of Ibrahim Shah is turning into Marble which you can see in Image

PICT1347 The Jaunpur sultanate was ruled by the Sharqi dynasty. The Khwajah-i-Jahan Malik Sarwar, the first ruler of the dynasty was a Wazir (minister) under Sultan Nasiruddin Muhammad Shah III Tughluq (1390 – 1394 CE). In 1394 CE, he established himself as an independent ruler of Jaunpur and extended his authority over Awadh and a large part of Ganga-Yamuna doab. The dynasty founded by him was named so because of his title Malik-us-Sharq (the ruler of the east). The most acclaimed ruler of this dynasty was Ibrahim Shah. The last ruler Hussain Shah was overthrown by Bahlul Lodi, and Jaunpur sultanate was permanently annexed to Delhi sultanate by Sikandar Lodi.

Sultan Shamsuddin Ibrahim Shah Sharqi, the most noted ruler of this dynasty was a patron of Islamic learning and established a number of colleges for this purpose. A large number of scholarly works on Islamic theology and law was produced during his reign. Sultan Shamsuddin Ibrahim Shah Sharqi constructed a number of monuments in a new regional style of architecture known as the Sharqi.

PICT1364 The Sharqi dynasty was a medieval Shia Muslim dynasty of South Asia, one of the many kingdoms that came up following the disintegration of the Delhi Sultanate.Under the Sharqi dynasty Jaunpur became a great centre of art, culture and architectural activity. During the rule of Shamsuddin Ibrahim (1402-1436 AD) several palaces, mosques, tombs and other buildings came up, the most prominent being the Atala Masjid built in 1378. Later other important buildings were produced that include Khalis Mukhlis Masjid (1430 AD), Jhangiri Masjid (1430 AD) Lal Darwaza Masjid (1450 AD) and the Jami Masjid (1470 AD,


Qabr of Ibrahim Shah is turning into Marble which you can see in Image. Ibrahim Shah was buried at Jama masjid Jaunpur, Utter pradesh India.



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