Incident of a bird who was covered by the blood of Imam Hussein (as)

fly Incident of a bird who was covered by the blood of Imam Hussein (as)

After the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (as), a bird whose color was white

landed on the dead body of Imam (as). He covered his wings in the blood

Imam Hussein (as) and went to a place where many birds were sat in the

shade of trees and were talking about their food. Upon reaching there he said

to the other birds, "Alas! You are talking about your food and the Grandson

(as) of RasoolAllah (saw) has been slaughtered on the plains of Karbala. His

dead body is lying on the hot sands and His blood is still fresh. When the other

birds heard this news, they flew to Karbala and saw Imam Hussein (as) laid

slaughtered while the accursed army of yazid (la) was taking His Holy Head

towards Kufa. Imam (as)’s dead body was lying there without ghusl or kaffan,

and His sacred body had been trampled under the hooves of the horses. The

hot sand of the desert was covering Imam (as)’s dead body. The animals of the

jungle and jinns were coming for the ziarat of Imam (as). When the birds saw

this great scene of oppression, they started crying loudly. All of the birds

covered their wings with the Holy Blood of Imam (as) and flew in different



They started telling people, "O’ people, Imam Hussein (as) has been

slaughtered in Karbala. Muslims have destroyed the whole Family of

RasoolAllah (saw)." Wherever these birds went, other birds would also gather

around them. All would mourn Imam Hussein (as). One of these birds came to

Medina and went to the shrine of RasoolAllah (saw). He kept telling

RasoolAllah (saw) about how Imam Hussein (as) was slaughtered. When the

other birds saw this bird, they gathered around him and all began mourning

Imam Hussein (as). When the people of Medina saw this scene, they could not

understand what had happened. They noted the day of the crying of these

birds. Then after some time, the news of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (as)

came to Medina , then they realized Imam Hussein (as) had been martyred on

the same day they had seen these birds gathered at the shrine of RasoolAllah

(saw) offering their condolences.


One bird flew from the shrine of RasoolAllah (saw) and landed in the garden

of a Jew. He sat upon a tree and cried over Imam Hussein (as) the entire night.

The owner of this garden had a daughter who was blind and disabled. The Jew

would bring his daughter in the day and bring her back into the home during

the evening. That day however the Jew was very busy and could not take his

daughter back to the home. So the girl spent the whole night under the tree in

which the bird was sat mourning over Imam Hussein (as).


A drop of Imam Hussein (as)’s holy blood fell from his wings onto one eye of

that blind girl. With the blessing of the blood of Imam Hussein (as), her sight

was immediately restored. Then another drop of the blood of Imam Hussein

(as) fell onto her other eye and sight in that eye was also immediately

restored. Then a few drops fell on her body. With the blessing of the Holy

Blood of Imam Hussein (as), all of her disabilities were healed.


In the morning, when the father came in the garden, he saw a healthy girl

walking in the garden. He asked her "Do you know where my sick and blind

daughter has gone?"

The daughter replied, "O’my father, I think you do not recognize me. I am your

sick and disabled daughter." Upon hearing this, the Jew fell unconscious.

When he came to, he asked his daughter how she had been cured. The

daughter took hold of the hand of her father and brought him to the tree upon

which the bird was sitting and mourning Imam Hussein (as). The daughter

said, "O’my father, in the night when I was lying under this tree. A few drops of

blood fell down from the wings of this bird and with the blessing of that blood

I was cured." That Jew said to the bird, "O’bird, for the sake of the one who

created you, speak to me in my language." Allah blessed this bird with the

ability to speak in the human language.


The bird said, "I was sitting with my fellow birds when suddenly another bird

came and said, "O’ birds, you are busy in gossips here while Imam Hussein

(as) has been slaughtered in Karbala. The oppressors have beheaded Him and

His whole Family has been destroyed. Upon hearing this, we immediately

went to the desert of Karbala where we saw the dead body of Imam Hussein

(as) laying on the plains of Karbala with His Holy Blood still freshly flowing.

We covered our wings with His Holy Blood and flew in different directions. I

came here to offer my condolences to RasoolAllah (saw)." When the Jew heard

this, he said, "No doubt the religion of the Grandfather of Imam Hussein (as) is

the true religion. If there is this much great blessing contained in a few drops

of His Holy Blood, then what would be the status of such personality."

The Jew embraced Islam immediately along with 500 people from his tribe.

(Mantaqib Tareehi page no 107-109)


10 thoughts on “Incident of a bird who was covered by the blood of Imam Hussein (as)”

  1. I have never heard about this incident. Its wonderful and amazing…. there are so many such incidents that we don’t even know….


  2. This site “functions” well…almost as if done by a USA supported yahood site. It concerns.
    If not then Pakistan or India has gone a long way in TECHNOLOGY despite “IT- oppression” by the Israeli-USA group.


  3. The day of Ashura was not the ordinary day this kind of happenings might have occured but we are unaware of the facts, May Allah give us Taufeeq and means to get other happenings too which are undisclosed for the sake of Husain a.s. and for our akhrat.


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