Older women in Burqa and daughter in tights

Just go to any market or roadside in any major city or town of the country, and a common spectacle is a women doing shopping or window shopping. Many of these groups include a very sharp contrast. More often than not, the older women who are mothers or grand mothers remain clad in burqa or long rida, and they are accompanied by daughters or grand daughters clad in jeans ,tights, without any hijab.’

This scene depicts the confusion, double standards and the changing social scenario in the Muslim world.

The Question comes why? What message these women want to convey us? Why they follow the just opposite of islamic rulings? This is self made Islam started by slaves of worldly people and pleasure.

Pray for early re appearance of Imam e Zaman(a.s)



6 thoughts on “Older women in Burqa and daughter in tights”

  1. “Pray for early re appearance of Imam e Zaman(a.s)”

    The problem is mainly due to the lack of proper religious education at schools/homes where the spirit of Islamic hijjab could be told at earlier stages where girls would dress properly for the sake of their modesty and love of Allah and seeking reward from Him, then there are no particular present practical role-models for teen-age girls in their societies, widespread vulgarity broadcasted on tv, movies, music etc. Then also there is a kind of using force, where parents didnot counsel their girls well and then they use violence, shouting etc at them to wear proper dressing. That may make the girls wear proper dressing/hijjab but at heart they will develop hatred for it and will leave it at once as soon as they are given the opportunity to do so or may go to the extreme.


  2. Sa

    This situation has araised due to so called reformist in our community Who are not bothered about modesty for girl rather than they want to just promote education without considering Co-edu or other mater

    same thing is there in MAHUVA, Jafai school managed by al imaan foundation, they dont care for atmospheare in wich girls to be educated

    many things to say

    May Allah hasten the reappearance of Imam Mahdi atfs.


  3. there are many reasons for that
    the teenage girls thinks taht if we are proper hijab then society will think we are not at all modern or we are very orthodox,but the truth is your modernism comes from your thinking not from your so called dressing.
    May allah give them a true sence of modernasism


  4. As Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters in Islam.

    I being a teenage girl of the 2lst centuary, face these situations on a day to day basis. It is comprehensible that the modern generations have not completely and perpetually been educated to the importance of Hijab or the veil.

    Veil is like the fragrance to a flower.
    Parents should approach this situation in a coolly manner. They should not use coercive power with their daughters as this will just compel them even further to behave and scream for freedom. They would see Hijab as a prison within which they are enclosed but not as a covering for a pearl.

    The education related to the tragedy of Karbala and the importance of veil regarding Bibi Zainab is very significant. The Market of Shaam, the veil less precious pearls screaming out Imam Hussains(a.s) name while bystanders lay their gazes on them.

    The love for Ahlaybayt must be mustered within every daughter of the Prophet, every daughter of Islam. If not for obedience, atleast for that love they will consider to comply.



  5. s/w i think that parents are fully responsible for this matter. If parents will not allow them dougters so it will not happen .


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