Shia youth group offers donation to build Ram temple

Announcing a donation of Rs.15 lakh for starting the construction of the much-debated temple at Ayodhya, a Shia youth organisation here says it opposes with any move to appeal against the Allahabad High Court verdict in the Ayodhya dispute.

Shamsi is a close kin of widely revered Shia cleric and scholar Maulana Kalbe Sadiq, who was also the senior vice president of All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

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4 thoughts on “Shia youth group offers donation to build Ram temple”

  1. This is a very tricky topic . But this is a question of sharah’s admissibility and there are many eminent Ulamama e deen like Janab e Kalbe Sidiq Sahab’s name was mentioned and his brother’s son Maulana Kalbe Jawwad sahab Qibla is also there and a lot more eminent Ulemas in Lucknow. They can be approached for the final decision . As it is, donation for a good cause and that too for a noble cause is a very good gesture specially if meant for outside the ones own community , far noble act and should be highly appreciated and may have favorable repercussions for our community but the point is that the donation will finance the facilities for Idol worship which is haram in our religion and then the fact is that what we will answer to our Maula e muttaqqiyan who was lifted on the shoulders of the Rasool e Akram (saaws) to break those idols at Makkah . Do we have an answer for the time of judgement? . In my opinion , I think it is far from proper to interfere. Otherwise also the dispute is between the Sunni waqf board and the Majority of the Indian community and we have never been associated with any act of Terrorism any where on the globe , why we should burn our fingers . I do agree that if it was a matter of relief from natural calamities etc , it would have been very noble gesture irrespective of the fact that who is benifitted by our magninomity, but this is purely a matter of faith which do not allow us to collaborate .


  2. As salam alykum
    It’s important to share some of my observations with this forum as I feel it is important for us to use our minds before reacting to issues like one at hand.

    1) What is the Creditability of person or forum making such announcement
    2) What is the Creditability of source or newspaper publishes such news items.
    3) Close or distinct relative to any important person who tend to make such statements – not necessarily have the approval or consent of that important person. I feel such people act on their own free will – they may even do so to get cheap publicity or even to tease rival parties. We all know that how difficult it is these days to have a control over our own family member’s esp. those relatives or friends that are mature enough to be responsible for their own actions. Hence we should not start blindly criticizing some good names for actions of others who are directly or indirectly related to them. It’s always fair to clarify the issue directly with such person before involving them in such critical discussions.
    4) Individual claim should by no means be taken as a communiqué from the community as there are innumerable numbers of self proclaimed leaders within each community (such pseudo leaders tend to do more harm than good to community at large).
    5) Rs. 15 lac is a big call even Rs. 15,000 shall be difficult to contribute.

    Thus our brothers like Zaheer sahib (who appears to be a pious and knowledgeable person) should not waste their valuable time on such baseless people and suchvbaseless actions. This important forum should be used to discuss important relevant issues that may bring some benevolence to our community at large.

    Ma salaam


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