The moment the darkness got vanished.

The moment the darkness got vanished.

The universe had its first beam of light cherished.

When there was no clue of life.

Nature created a bravery hike.

One who is known as past, present or future

Without the span bounding, without the mark of suture.

He is the synonym of paradise, as a saga on a glorious height.

Presence of Him is from nadir to zeneith.

For Him the whole universe comes after beneath.

He was in the strategies of Ram, and was also in the prophecy held on behalf of Shyam.

Siddhartha also once saw Him in his dream, and told his pupil that is ‘Bhagwan ka Singh’.

He was here before on this Earth, when Adam came and saw the world.

And when Noah built an arc, He was there for all of that start.

To save the lives from worldwide deluge, and make it free from useless sludge.

But when it comes to sacrifice Ismael, He was the only one who made Abraham smile.

He also became the voice of Jesus, when the birth took place in a splendid fuss.

He is the successor of Prophet Mohammed (S. A. W.), and lead the languages as He is in their first letter.

He is the symbol of light, scattering the happiness worldwide.

Entitling Him as Hazrat Ali(A. S.), as God knows He is the only wali, for all creations He is in fact a real ally.

                    -Syed Hani Abidi

This poem has been composed by my nephew Mr. Syed Hani Abidi(B. Tech.). It is just an attempt to define the power and extraordinary personality of Hazrat Ali (A. S.)


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