Shia Muslims of jaunpur and Azadari|

Jaunpur Imambada
Jaunpur was then a major center of Urdu and Sufi knowledge and culture. The Sharqi dynasty was known for its excellent communal relations between Muslims and Hindus, perhaps stemming from the fact that the Sharqis themselves were originally indigenous converts to Islam, as opposed to descendants of Persians or Afghans. Jaunpur’s independence came to an end in 1480, when the city was conquered by Sikander Lodhi, the Sultan of Delhi. The Sharqi kings attempted for several years to retake the city, but ultimately failed.
Although many of the Sharqi monuments were destroyed when the Lodhis took the city, several important mosques remain, most notably the Atala Masjid, Jama Masjid (now known as the Bari (big mosque) Masjid) and the Lal Darwaza Masjid. The Jaunpur mosques display a unique architectural style, combining traditional Hindu and Muslim motifs with purely original elements. The old bridge over the Gomti River in Jaunpur dates from 1564, the era of the Mughal emperor Akbar. The Jaunpur Quilla, a fortress from the Tughlaq era, also remains in ruined form.
There was a time when Jaunpur was known for its education and at that time importance was given to fundamentals teachings of Islam in every home in our community. Gradually things have changed and level of education start decreasing. In Jaunpur District, the population of shia is above 65000 and second place after Lucknow. If we look at shia population then we lealise that the number of educational institutions are not enough comparative to the population and living standard is not good most of the people are facing the problem of poverty and their economic background is becoming unsatisfactory. One can see the most of our people in our community belongs to labour class and their livelihood is limited to hand to mouth earning only. There is no industrial or bussiness scope for them and many are busy in Bidi(tobacco) industries. These factors are responsible to keep them away from islamic and modern education. they are deprived from satisfactory way of living.
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