(1) World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League [WABIL] 19 Chelmsford Square London NW10 3AP UK Sayyed Mohammed Musawi 02084598475


(2) Najafi House 159 Nishanpara Rd., Bombay 400-900. India 912223438703


(3) Astan Quds Razavi P.O.Box: 91375-3131 Mashhad Islamic Republic Of Iran 0098-511-2213474


(4) Alif International 109 Kings Ave., Watford, Herts WD1 7SB. UK Murtaza Bandali 01923 240844 Fax: 237722


(5) Islamic Thought 209 Padholme Road Peterborough. PE1 5JA UK Bashir Karim 01733 347514, 07968 224603


(6) Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an, INC. Publishers & Distributors of Holy Qur’an P.O.Box 731115 Elmhurst, New York 11373-0115 U.S.A. Aunali Khalfan 718 446 6472 Fax: 718 446 4370


(7) World Islamic Network [WIN] 67/69 H. Abbas (a.s.) Street, Dongri, Mumbai-400 009. India., Imran Rasool Tel.:377 3648 / Fax: (91-22) 374 5144


(8) Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya P.O.Box 82508, MOMBASA. KENYA. T Tel.:(011) 229641


(9) Bilal Muslim Mission, P.O.Box 20033, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


(10) Foundation Internationale D’-Al Huda BP 227 75634, Paris, Cedex 13 France.


(11) World Organisation for Islamic Services. PO Box 11365-1545, Tehran. Islamic Republic of Iran.


(12) Ahl Ul-Bayt Islamic Foundation P.O.Box 2253, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


(13) Sayyed Mohammad Rizvi 3360 Sexsmith Road, Richmond BC, Canada V6X 2HB


(14) Al-Hadi Book Seller’s & Distributors 24 Nettlewood Road, London SW16 5DX UK Sayed Mahmood Rizvi 020 8765 0499,,


(15) AL HODA 76-78 Charing Cross Rd. London UK 020 7240 8381,


(16) Imam Ali Foundation 65 Brondesbury Park, London NW6 7AX, UK 0208 459 8164, fax 8451 1072


(17) Aalul Bayt Foundation 75 Brondesbury Park London NW6 7AX, UK 0208 451 3322,


(18) Ansarian Publications No. 22 Shohoda Str. PO BOX 187 Qum, Islamic Republic of Iran 741744,


(19) Syed Mujtaba Lari Entizam Street Qum IR Iran


(20) The Open school PO BOX 53573 Chicago Il 50653-0398, USA


(21) Ameer ul Momineen Public Library PO BOX 81465/5151 Esphahan IR Iran, 281000 Fax: 9831 297028


(22) Dar El-Tawheed PO BOX 21595 SAFAT 13076 Kuwait


(23) Islamic Studies Centre PO BOX 25/52 Bierut Lebanon 009611274519,


(24) TABLIGH CENTRE P O BOX 233 DARESSALAAM, TANZANIA TEL 255 22 2115119 FAX 255 22 2113107,

Note the details of the organizations providing scholarships to students:


1 – The Grants and Advice Manager’ The Nora Henry Trust, The Educational Grants Advisory Service, 501/505, Kingsland Road, Dalston, London E8 4AU. U.K.

2 – Mr. Barry Free, Secretary, The Sydney Perry Foundation, Atlas Assurance Co. Ltd., Trustee Dept., Civic Drive, Ipswich IP1 2AN U.K.

3 – J. G. Wyatt Esq., The Southdown Trust, Hillbarn Cottage, 10 Nepcote, Findon, West Sussex, BN14 0SN. U.K.

4 – The National Union of Students, Nelson Mandela House, 461 Holloway Road, London. N7 6LJ. U.K.

5 – The British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, London, SW1A 2BN. U.K. 6 – United Kingdom Council for Overseas Students Affair, 9/17 St. Albans Place, London, N1 0NX. U.K.

Need of Muslim Unity

Islam the Religion Of Peace, Tolerance, Brotherhood and Humanity.

 As-Salamo Alaika Ya Baqiyyatul-Lahe Fee Arzehi!

 Need of Muslim Unity..English video By

Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei


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Indeed, I am more than satisfied with the progress of our esteemed groups and your responce for my newly created blog. more than 31000 hits in two Months.


The aim behind this effort is to spread the Islam all over the world and to share with Muslim world news, current affairs, Qaseeda,marsiya, nauha, Majalis, sports , other topics of common interest etc

and above all to unite our community , all the muslims…and to Spread message of love to other who are also our brother in humanity..Non Muslims..

As you all know i started a new website just 15 days back and thankful to you for your good responce and suggestions. I request all of you muslims, non muslims…Visit our website ..learn some thing and also suggest me so i can add the things you want on islamic matters, for building your character and increasing your knowledge not only in islamic matters but also on social and bussiness matters.


Contents added on new updates are..


1) Section islamic Unity…More than 614 articles..from marsiya to non muslims subjects.




3) ASk Question from Ayatullah seestani Or hujjatul islam Sayyid Mooswi


4)Answer Of Objections On azadari e Husain By Ulema. 


5) Al munazar complete magzine..Articles with proper ref. of hadith books.


6)Present the webs where every islamic matter awailable in HINDI also.


7) Video section Contains..More Than 32 video in urdu, English, Arabic.

(With Thanks to Sister Aminah)


Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei


b) Safer e karbala



(Ziarath e 14 masumeen, Names of 14 masumeen , Value of ashoora,shahadat e imam husain (a.s) Movie)




d) Dua Section Dua e noor, sura e Rehmaan,Dua e muzammil and many more.


Software which you need basically and islamic softawares.


E) Majalis, zirat e waritha nauha and others




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Shawwaal Events

Shawwaal Events

1st- Eid Al-Fitr
1st-  Shawwaal  Birth of Lady Zaynab (‘a) (according to another source 6th Shabaan)

4th-Shawwaal   Beginning of Ghaybeh Al-Kubra – the living Imam (‘a) became invisible (according to another source 10th Shawaal)

8th-Shawwaal   Demolition of Jannatul Baqee

10th-Shawwaal Beginning of Ghaybeh Al-Kubra – the living Imam (‘a) became invisible (according to another source 4th Shawaal)

14th- Shawwaal Splitting of the moon for the Holy Prophet (‘s)

14th or 15th Shawwaal (according to two sources) Martyrdom of Hamza (ra)
15th-Shawwaal  Martyrdom Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (‘a) (according to other sources 12th Rabi ul Awal, 15th Rajab)
15th-Shawwaal  Battle of Uhod

25th-Shawwaal  Martyrdom Al Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (‘a) (according to other sources 12th Rabi ul Awal, 15th Rajab)

House of SorrowHazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.): Used to lament over her father s demise for six months continuously till she died. The Place where she was lamenting was an attic occupied by her in the grave yard at Jannatul Baqi. At this place after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (A.S.) Janab Um ul Baneen wife of Amir ul Momeneen Ali Ibne Abi Taleb (A.S.) and the mother of Janab Abbas used to lament over Imam Hussain (A.S.) in a heartrending manner. It was here that the citizens of Medina used together to join in the wailings. Hazrat Rabab, wife of Imam Hussian (A.S.) also frequented this place to cry. Janab-e-Zainab and Umm-e-Kulsoom were also among the regular mourners. This place is popularly known as Baitul Huzn. Its original name was Baitul Ahzaan (The house of mourning).

On 8th Shawwal, Wednesday, in the year 1345 AH (April 21, 1925), mausoleums in Jannatul al-Baqi (Madina) were demolished by King Ibn Saud.


Celebrating Eid el Fitr

Celebrating Eid el Fitr

Muslim Unity Blogs

“O Allah ! Bless us in the day of our Eid and our fast breaking and let it be the best day that has passed over us” - Imam Ali Zainul Abedeen (A.S.)- Sahifa Al-Sajjadiyya

Eid el Fitr marks the end of the month of Ramadhan. We say farewell to the blessed month, its beautiful days and its fragrant nights. We leave the month of seeking nearness to Ar Rahmaan, the school of Imaan and an opportunity to recharge our spiritual batteries.

In the previous nights, we prayed, offered charity and attended lectures. What will happen now? Have we fulfilled the requirements of Taqwa and graduated from this school with the diploma of the God Fearing?

The night of Eid ul fitr is a majestic night. It is beneficial to keep awake for Ibadah as this night is of equal importance as the night of Qadr. Eid must not just mark the ‘end’ of Ramadhan. Rather, it should be a new beginning, where we emulate our character and Islamic values, which we have focused upon for the past 30 days. We are like a child out of the womb, pure and innocent. Eid is the day of victory as we have succeeded in subduing our desires and purified ourselves. Lets not wash away our good deeds and revert to our merry old ways. Let the masjid still overflow with worshippers, let the Quran be the most essential part of our lives instead of letting it gather dust on our shelves. Our condition should be better than before Ramadhan.

Eid is not just a ritual that provides us with an excuse to enjoy ourselves. It represents important values and participating in them, we seek to please the Almighty and attain nearness to Him.

Eid al-Fitr is a great day of festival for Muslims. It is a day of rejoicing and being happy. But for whom? Is it the day of rejoicing for those who simply put on new clothes and wear perfume? Or is it the day of being happy for those who were eagerly waiting for the release of the greatest enemy of mankind, Satan, from his captivity so that they all revert to committing sins? Unfortunately, many Muslims abstain from sins during the month of Ramadhan, but come Eid, they go back to what they were before! Cassettes of prayers, which were in their cars during the holy month, are thrown back into their cases and replaced with those, which are unlawful, by Shari’ah. The forbidden places from which they had abstained for month long, are infact the same places they go to celebrate Eid.

Just as, when a person goes to a college, or a university and at the completion of his course, he receives his award marking his achievement, we must understand that, the holy month of Ramadhan is a spiritual university where we are being trained to achieve Taqwa i.e. piety. The day of Eid al-Fitr is when Allah (SWT) is awarding us for our achievements.

On the day of Eid al-Fitr, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (as) delivered a sermon in which he said: “O people! Verily this day of yours is the day when the righteous are awarded and the wretched are losers. It is a day which is similar to the one on which you shall be standing (before your Lord). Therefore, when you come out of your homes to go to places of your prayer, remind yourselves about the day when you (your souls) shall come out of your bodies to go to your Lord. When you stand on places of your prayer, remind yourselves of your standing in presence of your Lord (on the day of Judgement). And when you return to your homes (after prayer), remind yourselves about your returning to your homes in Paradise. O Servants of Allah! Verily the minimum reward for those men and women who fasted (during Ramadhan), is an Angel, who calls out to them on the last day of the month of Ramadhan (saying): O SERVANTS OF ALLAH! REJOICE THE GLAD TIDING THAT ALL YOUR PREVIOUS SINS HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN. Therefore, watch out in those things which serve as your re-creation (on this day and days to follow)” (Nahjul-Balaghah)
I extend my warmest greetings to all of you for Eid-ul-Fitr, at the end of Ramzanul Mubarak. May all your Ibadaat, Zikar-azkar and other good deeds be accepted and rewarded in this life and the life hereafter. May the auspicious days of Eid festivities be the event of joyful celebration and may Allah shower you with blessings for a happier and healthier life to cherish many such festivities in the years to come.
May Allah accept our efforts and give us tawfeeq to serve Him with Ikhlas.

The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) must be prepared to struggle and labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s)

We are committed in our efforts to promote a platform for a healthy society which adheres to the tenets of peace, justice and freedom.

Syed Mohammad Masoom Abidi