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I say thanks To my Dearest Friend Firoz Shakir of..

Shia Muslims of jaunpur and Azadari|

Jaunpur Imambada
Jaunpur was then a major center of Urdu and Sufi knowledge and culture. The Sharqi dynasty was known for its excellent communal relations between Muslims and Hindus, perhaps stemming from the fact that the Sharqis themselves were originally indigenous converts to Islam, as opposed to descendants of Persians or Afghans. Jaunpur’s independence came to an end in 1480, when the city was conquered by Sikander Lodhi, the Sultan of Delhi. The Sharqi kings attempted for several years to retake the city, but ultimately failed.
Although many of the Sharqi monuments were destroyed when the Lodhis took the city, several important mosques remain, most notably the Atala Masjid, Jama Masjid (now known as the Bari (big mosque) Masjid) and the Lal Darwaza Masjid. The Jaunpur mosques display a unique architectural style, combining traditional Hindu and Muslim motifs with purely original elements. The old bridge over the Gomti River in Jaunpur dates from 1564, the era of the Mughal emperor Akbar. The Jaunpur Quilla, a fortress from the Tughlaq era, also remains in ruined form.
There was a time when Jaunpur was known for its education and at that time importance was given to fundamentals teachings of Islam in every home in our community. Gradually things have changed and level of education start decreasing. In Jaunpur District, the population of shia is above 65000 and second place after Lucknow. If we look at shia population then we lealise that the number of educational institutions are not enough comparative to the population and living standard is not good most of the people are facing the problem of poverty and their economic background is becoming unsatisfactory. One can see the most of our people in our community belongs to labour class and their livelihood is limited to hand to mouth earning only. There is no industrial or bussiness scope for them and many are busy in Bidi(tobacco) industries. These factors are responsible to keep them away from islamic and modern education. they are deprived from satisfactory way of living.
To know Jaunpur and Historikal Imambargaah Plz visit these websites.

Hindus observe Muharram in Siwan village


In a rare show of communal harmony, dozens of Hindu families in a Bihar village observed Muharram Monday to mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, and took out a ‘tazia’ (replica of Hussain’s shrine) in a procession.

“We observed Muharram and also took out a tazia procession along with the Muslims,” Lalan Choudhary, a resident of Thepha village in Siwan district, where the procession took place, said.

“It is an old tradition in our village that Hindu families observe Muharram,” he said.

His brother Ramayan Choudhary said that five tazias were built in the village for Muharram.

“Four tazias were built by the Muslims and one by the Hindus to prove that we also mourn martyrdom of Imam Hussain,” he said.

Cleric of the village mosque, Shamshul Haque, said: “Hindus observing Muharram sends a message of peace, harmony and brotherhood to others.” In this village, Muslims and Hindu families participate in each other’s religious functions, he said.


Best Video Collection Of Azadari e Hindustan

Bangalore India

Asghar (a.s) Jhoola at Banglaore majlis by Tusi
Asghar (a.s) Jhoola at Banglaore majlis

by Tusi, bangalore azadari True hussaini


Nauha by Majlisi Faizi presnted by Nazan Hussain
Nauha by Majlisi Faizi presnted by Nazan Hussain


Zangipur Dist Gazipur (u.p) India

Asghare(a.s) Masoom ka Daswan at Zangipur,Ghazipur


Zehra-nagar Hyderabad

Bibi Ka Alam Zehra-nagar Hyderabad
Bibi Ka Alam Zehra-nagar Hyderabad

Kya Andhera Hai Phuphi,hyderabad india
Kya Andhera Hai Phuphi,hyderabad india


Hallaur India

Chehlum in Hallaur india amarai
Chehlum in Hallaur india amarai

Muharram in Hallaur india 2008
Muharram in Hallaur 2008
Tags: hallaur, india

chehallum – Hallaur 2008
chehallum – Hallaur 2008
True hussaini

8 Rabiulawwal II – Hallaur 2008
8 Rabiulawwal II – Hallaur 2008
Tags: rabiulawwal, hallaur

Muharram in Hallaur India 2008
Muharram in Hallaur India 2008
Tags: hallaur, india


Badagaon India



Amroha India

Marsiye par Matam Amroha
Marsiye par Matam Amroha

Zanjeer Zani Danishmandan Amroha india
Zanjeer Zani Danishmandan Amroha india





Bijanur (u.p)India

Deewan Khana, Meman Sadat, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India
Deewan Khana, Meman Sadat, Bijnor, Utta

Anjuman-e-Hussainiya bijnaur india
Anjuman-e-Hussainiya bijnaur india


Muzaffar Nagar (u.p) India

Muzaffar Nagar (U.P.) INDIA
Azim Us Shan Shab Bedari Sadat e Bahra Qasba Kawal Disst. Muzaffar Nagar (U.P.)

Muzaffar Nagar (U.P.) INDIA Khursheed Asri’s
Azim Us Shan Shab Bedari Sadat e Bahra Qasba Kawal Disst. Muzaffar Nagar (U.P.)


Husain Teekri, Kandodar (jaora) India

kanodar ,india muharram and zulus



Chennai India

10th Moharram Azadari in India/Chennai 1429-2008

10th Moharram Azadari in India/Chennai
Raipur India

Muharram Commemoration in Raipur, Jan. 2008
Muharram Commemoration in Raipur, Jan. 2008


Patna India



Allahabad India


Majlis by Marhooma syeda rubab zehra

 Please Recite sura e fateha for Marhooma Syeda Rubab Zehra , who served our Islamic groups also for so many years. Her early death was unexpected and still she lives in the heart of Azadaar e husain…
Admin . Alqaem youth and shia strength Groups..
 Original Text written By Marhooma syeda rubab
After the Gifts of Darood and Salams
Assalam-o-Alikum warahmatuallah he wabarakatuhu & aadaab
hope to find u all in good health and hope ramazan al mubarak is going on fine too.. well.. for the first time i am writing a majlis.. i had not read any .. i just read nohas and salams and marsiyas but for the first time i tried to write……… instead of reading a majlis.. i do not know how is it.. due tell me how is it.. may allah accept this and 14 masoomins as too………  aamin inshallah…………………………
i would had done it in english but i think so as its the starting only so for that urdu is fine. but hope if this is good i would try to do it in english inshallah………………….
would be waiting for reply from some of u…….and i know they would know them selves whom i mean… they had been telling me to read majlis..since many .. hope to find there response a starter i thin k so it is ok.. and hope to improve it inshallah……………..dont worry.
take care allah hafiz keep smiling..
(would not give sorrow of shabeer as … as a ransom for sun and moon
if any one gave heaven also i would not leave this asset..)

al hamdulillah e rabil alamin..arahman araheen malik e youmina haza va youn midin..
ama bad asalat o vasalam o ala ashrafil anbiya val mursalin… khatamin nabeein
allah huma sale ala muhammadin va ale hei tayabin atahareen al masoomin al mazloomin ..
vasalat o vasalam ala baril al khalaiq ajmaeen . asalat o va salam ala ayimatil saniya ashar…val hujatail allah heil akhir……….salavat…….ama baad fakat qala allah o ta alla fi kitabin majood va hua asdakus sadikeen hudal lil mutakin va qooluhul haq aoozo billah minashetan nillaeen nirajeem……………bismmillah arahman araheem..
iqra beismirabikal lazi khalaq..khalakal insan min alaq …….iqra va rabikal akram…….allazi alama bil kalam……aallamal insan ma lam yalam…………. salavat……….
quran al majeed ka 30 para..surah 96..surah alaq ki ayat 1 ta 5…ki mein ney tilavat ki hei.. allah tala quran majeed mein jo keh lareeb hei irshad farmata hei..
IQRA.. parho.. aye rasool saw.. beismirabikal lazi khalaq……appney parvardigar key nam sey jis ney har cheez ko peda kiya.khalakal insan min alak……….iesi ney insan ko jamey hoye khoon sey peda kiya ….iqra va rabikal akram………ur parho tumhara parvardegar bara kareem hei ………..allazi alama bil kalam…………jis ney kalam key zarye sey taleem di ……………allamal insan ma lam yalam……………..usi ney insan ko vo bataine batayein jin ko vo kuch nahi janta tha..
shuru ki 5 ayatien.. surah alaq ki.. ham sey chupi hoye nahi .. ye vo ayatien hein jo nabi pak saw key uper sab sey pehley vahi key toor par allah ney nazil kein hein……..kon nabi pak saw…… vo jo keh 1 kam 1 lakh 24 mein sey khatamur rasool hein.. vo nabi pak saw jo kehta hie keh “awal o ma khalak allah ho noori”
vo jis key liey allah kehta hei keh ” mera nabi kuch kehta hie nahi khud sey keh vo vahi meri taraf sey nazil hoti hei..” vo nabi pak saw keh jo noor sey bana hei.. jis ka nam muhammad saw hei………..
ham sab jantyhien keh hazrat muhammad saw ki khilkat sab sey pehley hoye.. ik noor allah ney peda kiya us vaqat dunya mien kuch na tha . siraf allah ka noor tha.. us ney ik noor ko khalq kia.. ye noor kitney hei saloun us ki ibadat karta raha.. phir allah ney farishty banaye jin banaye.. dunya ka farh mein tarha tarha ki nemaat appni peda kein.. neemat.. ka jabham ziker kartien hein to insani nuktaye nigah sey nemat siraf vo hein jo keh hamari chasham e tar deikhti hei par  subhan allah keh us ki nemat ye zindagi hei .ye sansein hein. ye hava hei, ye phooloun ka gulistan hei. ye chehchahaty hoye paridy hein, ye suraj chand sitary hein jo keh roshani ka zarya banty hein jo bazate khud ik roshani hie.. hamarey jism ka ik ik azu nemat hei.. ur saach hie keh nemat ki ushe vaqat kader hoti hei jab vo nemat chin jati hei.. par nemat to nemat hei……nemat.. jis key liey allah surah rehman mein kehta hie keh tum appney rab ki kon kon si nematoun ko jhotlao gey…tum nematoun ko shumar bhi karo to na karsako gey.. nemat.. han ye nemat hei…keh ham ale muhammad saw ki ulad mein sey hein….
phir allah ney hazrat adam ko matti sey khalq kiya.. qisa quran ney nihayat hei tafseer sey bayan farmaya hei..keh kis tarha jibreel e amin zameen par aaye mati ko leyney key liye ur mati rooker kehti hei na ley jao.. phir mikail aaty hien israfeel aaty hien ur mati zoor zoor sey rooker kehti hei na ley jao.. par jab izrail aaty hien to vo kehty hien mein un jesa nahi .. mujh ko ye hei hukam hei keh ley jaoun.. to mein ley ker jaounga.. akhir ko vo mati ley jaty hien.. vo chikhti rehti hie.. girgarati hei .. phir allah tala.. mati mein aag pani ur aag sey us ko gundhta hei.. .. farishty kehty hein aye parvardegaar ye fitna o fisad karey ga.. allah kahta hie tum vo nahi janty jo mien janta houn.. beshak ye baat kisi sey chupi nahi keh insan hakeekatan fitna o fisad barpa karta hie.. kiyoun akhir.. farishtoun ko kesey maloom hua ye …….. to baat ye hie keh ham bhi janty hien keh aag , pani , hava ur mati sab ka anser alag hei.. sab ki sifaat alag hein.. ik dosry sey ye sab juda hien jab in ko yakja kiya jaye ga to vo sab appna appna zahir kariengey .. to kabhi pani ki tarha to kabhi mati ki tarha to kabhi aag ki tarha to kabhi hava ki tarha.. par phir bhi insan khaki banda kehlata hie akhir kiyoun….. vo is liye keh kuch bhi aag mein dalo to jal jaye.kuch bhi pani mien dalo to kharab hojaye gal jaye kuch bhi hava mein dalo to.. vo ur jaye par jo bhi mati mein dalo to vo ik key lakhon dey iesi amanat dar miiti hei liye ye matti amanat daar hei .. is liye insan khaki kehlata hei .. mati amanat dar hei iesi keh kayamat key din is hei mati sey sab dunya valey utheingey ur medane hasher mein ley jaye jayeingey…………………..
ab hazrat adam ko bana ker allah kehta hie keh aye farishtoun sajda karo is ko……. tamam farishty karty hien par iblees nahi karta……… jis ko randaye dargah kardiya jata hei..ur mohlat di jati hie.. jo keh qayamat key din khatam hojaye gi………..ur iblees key nakhe kadam par chalney valey  vasil e jahanum houngey..
allah tala phir us noor ko adam ko deikhata hie.. vo saval poochty hien keh ye kon hien.. allah hazrat adam ko un key nam yaad karvata hei ur ye hei vo nam hien keh jin ki vajha sey hazrat adam ko.. maghfirat mili.. vo noor hazrat adam ki peshani mien sadiyoun tak chalta raha.. ur hazaroun sal baad peshaniye muhammad meiin chamka us vaqat jab un key dada abdul mutalib un ko tijarat key leiy saath ley ker gaye thy ur ik rahib ney deikha keh ik shakhs hei jis key uper aber saya karta hei ur us key chehrey mein noor hei noor hie.. ye sab nishaniyan us ki kitab mein mojod thein us ney abu talib ko hoshiyar kiya keh is bachy ki hifazat karna loog is ko ieza diengey..
rasool e pak saw ki zindagi bachpan sey hei tamam tar sifate ahsana sey muzayan thi .. keh appney to kiya gheer bhi tareef karty thy.. ameen mashoor thy.. sadiq mashoor thy.. hazrat khatija un ki pehli zoja thein jo keh itni ameer thien keh har jagha un ka charcha tha par jab vo hazoor saw ki zojiyat mien aayien to appna mal o asbab sba kuch islam ko dey diya jis ko allah ney appney kalam mein mahfooz kardiya..ur is baat ki tareef bhi ki hie.. jis ki vajha sey hazoor saw ki 9 beviooun mein sey siraf hazrat khatija ko vo mukam hasil hie keh jo kisi ur ko nahi……….40 sal ki uper ko pohanch ker app par pehli vahi nazil hoye ghare hira mien….. jo keh sarnamaye kalam hei..
hazoor saw ibadat key liey ghare hira jaya karty thy.. ik dafa.. vo ibadat mein mashool thy keh ik farishta aaya.. us ney kaha iqra…… aarey.. jibraeel.. is ko to kuch nahi aata ye parha likha nahi………………… to kesey parhy…………………………………parhney ko to us ko hei kahiengey na jis ko kuch aata ho verna to ham ye hei kahiengey keh suno..ur phir parho……… jab tak insan suney ga nahi ur samjhy ga nahi to kesey parhy ga.. par yahan hukam hei keh parho…………… aye rasool parho….. appney rab key nam sey jis sey zahir hei keh ye rasool saw jahil nahiiiiii.. ye rasool ilme laduni ka malik hie.. ye ilm allah sey ley ker aaya hei.. is ko jahil na kehna…… ko to vo sab aata hei jo keh ham kia tum bhi nahi janty……………….akhir jibrail ney kaha….. parho..appney rab key nam sey………….. jis ney har cheez peda ki jis ney insan ko jamey hoye khoon sey peda kiya ur parho tumhara parvardegar nihayat kareem hei us ney insan ko kalam key zarye taleem di..ur us ko vo kuch bataya jo vo nahi janta tha……….
akhri ye vahi nazil hoye rasool saw aaye.. khatija key pas un ko bataya..unhoun ney app ki himat bandhaye ur is tarha islam ki tahreek chali hei keh phir islam phelta raha .. panapta raha……par ander hei ander sazishein.. jin key diloun mein fatoor tha.. vo rasool saw ki zindagi mein hei.. appni aawazein uthaney lagey……ur dil mein ur hei kadoorat barti rahi jab har fatha ka sehra us key sir janey laga keh jis key liye fatha bani thi .. jis ko khuda ney sanad di thi keh “la fata ila ali la seef ila zulfikar.” nahi hei keoi fateh ali key siva nahi hei koei talvar zulfikar key siva…………………. har jang jiti gaye ali key hathoun.. ur loogun key dil mein faroor barta raha.. nafratien bartien gayein……..kisi na kisi baat sey rasool saw ko ranj pohanchaya gaya jis ka natija ye hua keh rasool saw bemar party gaye……… ager ham appni zindagi par nazer dorayein. to malom ho keh rooz rooz ki jhak jhal sey to tension hojati hei jo keh phir anjam ham khud bhi janty hien to vo to phir rasool saw key saath to patanahi kitni nafratoun ka bojh tha.. jo ander hei ander un ko khaye ja raha tha..ur jab vo bister par thy bemari key to phri kirtas ka masla khara kardiya.. jis sey rasool saw ur hei bemar hogaye ur akhir.. is jahan sey kooch kar gaye.. fatima as key liey ye gham behad bara tha.. un key baba ka saya uth gaya.. iesa saya keh jis key baad un ko kehna para “subat alie al masaib ……………” mujh par parney valey masaib ager din par party to vo raat mein badal jaty………….. fatima as par ba az rasool darvaza giraya gaya……jis sye mohsin as shaheed hogaye.. ali as key galey mein rasi dal ker darbar mein ley jaya gaya……………itna ahle beith ko tang kiya gaya keh rasool saw ki vafat key 60 din baad hei fatima as is jahan sey chali gayien.. haye fatima as.. ki shahadat key bad…ali as ney ab zainub . hussain ur hassan ko sambhala.. , un ko itna piyar karty thy , ali ………….. kon ali…as…………….damade rasool ……. chacha zad bhai…………zamaney ney itni nafrat ki us hei ali sey jo keh kaba ka guher tha.. ye ali sey dushmani hei to thi keh zamaney ney ali key khandan par zulm o sitam key pahar toor diye………… ali ko masjis mein zarbat lagaye jis sey vo shaheed hoye……. un key lal hassan ko zaher diya gaya…. jis sey un key jigar key 72 tukrey hogaye.. ur un key bety hussain……………………. hussainnn ur zainub……………………. karbala ko amar kar gaye……….. hussain ka lasha begor o kafan karbal ki tapti reet par 3 din tak para raha.. koei dafnaney vala nahi……..ale muhammad 3 din tak bhoki peiyasi shaheed hogaye………. dil key tukrey karbal ki zameen par to kahien rahe kofa o sham mein ja baja bikhrey nazer aaye………. kahien hassan key phool ki patiyan hein to kahien akber sa javan beta .. hussain utha rahy hien to kahien.. nanhey ali asghar ki kaber ume rubab sey chup ker bana rahy hien.. kahien abbas jesey 32 sala bhai key bazu jhuki kamer sey utha rahy hein to kahien zuljanah par savar larty nazer aaty hien keh aawaz aati hei hussain….bas kar. “ya autahil naf al mutmaina arjaye iela rabik..” aye nafse mutmaina loot aaa apney parvardegar ki taraf aye hussain bas kar dey .. us hei ali ki beti.. be maknao chader karbala sey sham………….. talak nangey sir gaye…………. sajad khoon roota raha………. ansu bahata raha.. ur tareekh rakam hoti rahi.. par hussain zinda rehgaya.. zainub zinda rehgaye…….. ali key lal tuj par salam…… ali ki aal tuj par salam…….. aye zainub…….. tuj par salam..
ala lanatullah hei ala qom azalimin.. ……sa yalamul lazina zalamu iyeamin kalubu…………….


Live like ALI (AS) Die Like HUSSAIN (AS)



Today Islam has been politicised for personal gains

Today when i visited my friend Firoz shakir’s Blog i find he has just published one beautiful article… I would like to share feelings and thouthts with all of you.

Zuljana Islam at Crossroads




by photographerno1 Sat Jun 9 0:43 MST

Imam Hussain was the grandson of the Holy Prophet of Islam.After the passing away of the Prophet , there was a clamouring of power , though the Holy Prophet had inadvertently mentioned at Ghadir Qum Man Kunto Moula Ali Fazhaiun Moula , simply translated it meant give Ali the same respect as you give me.

shah ast Hussain


badshah ast hussain

However on his death , there was a political conspiracy, hatched in such a way that Ali lost his right to the Caliphate. Abubaker became the First Caliph of Islam.The followers of Ali could not take the disparage so a non temporal, spiritual post came into being called Imamat. Ali was the first Imaam..All the Imams died tragic death.The 12th Imam for the Shias is Hidden he is known as the Mahdi or Al Muntazar or Imam e Zamana .This is the irrevocable difference between Shias and Sunnis who form the majority Islamic sect.The Shia are about 15% scatterd in some countries but a majority in Iraq Iran Azaerbaijan.

Imam Hussain was asked to pay allegiance to the Caliph of his time Yazid of the Ummayad Caliphate, Hussain declined as Yazid was anti Islam corrupt and a despot. A battle took place between the warriors of Yazids army led by Shimr.. Imam Hussains 72 warriors, this was one of the most barbaric chapters of Islam, where not even a six month child of the imam was spared.Ali Asghar was shot down by an arrow with which you shoot wild life Water was blocked at the Euphrates, everyone was killed save a surviving sickly son of the Imam known as Sajjad or Zainul Abedin the ladies and the indomitable sister of the Imam , Bibi Zainab , a four year daughter Bibi Sakina . Imam Hussain was shot down by arrows, Zuljana his faithful steed taking the brunt of the attack, after that Shimr decapitated the Imams head , their clothes belongings looted, bodies trampled by horses, their head put up on spears, women children enslaved, taken to Damascus to the court of Yazid..

This was the beginning of Jehadi terrorism or Yazidiyat , in the name of Allah, this was the treatment meted out to the Holy Prophets family. In India when Alexandra conquered Porus, Alexandra asked him what treatment should I mete out to you..or how should I treat you. Porus replied a treatment befitting a King..this is Indian thought, hospitabilty to which Imam Hussain was enamoured, when he was stopped at Karbala before the carnage and genocide he told the Yazidi forces to allow him to go to Hindustan , where he said I know there are no Muslims, but yes there are human beings..he was talking of a land that belonged to Brahma Vishnu Mahadev..

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.So Moharam is not just about shedding blood , cutting foreheads , self flagellation, its about human dignity defying death ,upholding the principles of Truth..

Zuljana a four legged animal symbolises faithfulness that was lacking among the Yazidi forces , they knew the enemy they had come to crush was the grandson of the Holy Prophet but they impotently kept mum, like todays rulers Muftis , Islamic heads of State who watch the terror inflicted on Humanity, but have no balls to stand up collectively and say.. Stop this Carnage.This is not the Islam preached by the Holy Prophet..or his Imams.

This is the honest truth as I see it , Islam is at crossroads , it is a crusade not between the Cross or the Crescent , it is a crusade of Hate ,yes Muslims are bent on destroying Islam, Muslims love killing Muslims.. This is a picture of Zuljana at a Moharam Juloos.Every Juloos is incomplete without the Zuljana.

Today Islam has been politicised for personal gains , by vested interests,this mornings paper talked of a threat to India by a subsidiary of Al Qaeda called Qaeede Hind..this is criminalisation of a spirtual thought of Islam , this is satanism , the Shia shedding blood is called Heresy, the Puritanical Muslim killing Humanity is called Jehad.. For once I am shocked at the moderation of my Intelligence.. Yes I would rather be a Shia cutting myself up…shedding my own blood than asking little kids to decapitate Journalist heads, a dead Pearl of Wisdom..

June 9th, 2007

Muslims Love Killing Muslims.

All Right Reserved with My Friend Firiz Shakir Of…

my own

The Aathvi procession has an Alam or Standard in the front and in front of the Alam is the Reciter or Nohakar who recites melliflously the Noha paying tribute to the sacrifice of Imam Hussain, the bravery of Hazrat Abbas, thirst of Sakina, her admration and love  for her brave uncle who took her little pouch called Mashke Sakina to collect water from the River Euphrates and never came back cut down by Yazids accursed forces and the Mashke Sakina bleeding.. water mixed with blood, about Ali Asghar 6 months son of Imam Hussain  the arrow to his nimble throat instead of water.. the arrow shot by Harmullah, Kassam the son of Imam Hassan and his body slaughtered in a so many pieces ,  Ali Akbar another 18 yr old son of Imam Hussain and a lance in his chest, Ouno and Mohomed sons of Janabe Zainab, who  was so busy grieving for her Brothers woes never had tme to grieve for her her own sons, all the Imams 72 fighting members,  the women folk ,  specially Janabe Zainab watching from the curtain of the tent as Shimr leapt on the fallen body of Imam Hussain  decapitated him with a blunt dagger.. the last surviving son of the Imam the sickly Zainul Abeedeen who was spared.. made prisoner and the sheer inhuman attrocities , the pillage , the arson, the loot the plunder of the immediate family Of the Holy Prophet and the Sunnis cry foul on the Cartoons of the Holy Prophet.. by a Danish self centered egotist  Cartoonist..  their forefathers stoodin Silence  abetted in the most heinous crime ..against Truth, Justice and God and Godliness.
 This is not about Shia and Sunnie..Divide.
This is not about religious superiority
This is about Man and Mankind..
 the Man of the Ummayad Caliphate was not too kind or human either.

 Today a man who has committed genocide killed millions is treated with kid gloves is it a tacit understanding between Bush and Saddam Hussain.. that Saddam Hussain still calls the shots.. with boodied hands, is well fed, offers namaaz, roza.. and is living Martyr for the Sunni Cause.. Sunnis have everything but dont have Martyrs..they have Mecca, Medina and the only Martyrs are those that die year after year due to the negligence of the Saudi Authorities during the stampede at Haj Time..
And the Muslim world watches in shame as it needs its coffers to be replenished by Wahhabi benevolence and Charity.
I am the Cowardice of my religious race..
We fight other peoples battles  not our own..

Yes Muslims love kiling Muslims ..

Note: Comments by Firoz Shakir


I start a new gallery called Aathvi it happens on 8th Rabbilawwal the Muslim calendar a the Shias from the northern belt of India specially Uttar Pradesh Lucknow, and other areas commemorate the Martyrdom of the 11 th Imam Hazrat Hassan Askari

Aag Ka Matam Kazmain

aag ka matam

my own

my own

aag ka matam

The Fire Walk



The Fire walk at Kazmain..

Waiting in Vain

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