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Sad demise of Maulana Syed Mohammad Mukhtaar at Lucknow



Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
InaLillahay Wa Ina Elehey Rajeyun!!
Verily we are from Allah and to Him do we return.

Maulana syed mohammad mukhtaar
Maulana syed mohammad mukhtaar

We regret to inform you of the sad demise of  Maulana Syed Mohammad Mukhtaar ibne Syed Mohammad Taqi who passed away Tonight  16april 2013 at 9 PM, at Lucknow India.

Marhum will be buried in Talkatora  (Qabristan) Lucknow in the morning  Wed. 17 april 2013.

He was 103 Years Old.

Mo’mineen are requested to recite Surah Fatiha for the departed soul.

Namaz – E – Wahshat (on 17th night )

If you want to perform Namaz e wahshat for any momin who has expired it is not necassary you have to be present in that city or country. Can be performed in whichever city you are.When you hear a sad news of a momin who has expired say”INNA LILLAH WA INNA ILAIHE RAJEOON””To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return”. (Al-Baqarah 2:156)
Following is the brief procedure for Namaze Wahshat.

It is Mustahab that on the day of the burial on this night between Maghrib and Isha one
should recite two rakats prayer. This is known as Namaz-e-Wahshat because for the dead
person the most horrifying and difficult is the first night.

In the first rakat after Surah Hamd recite Ayatul Kursi and in the second rakat after Surah Hamd recite Suarah Qadr 10 times and after the prayer say:

Allaahumma sale a’laa Muhammadinw wa aale Muhammadinw wab a’tha thawaabaha ilaa qabre dhaalikal mayyite falaan bin falaan. Instead of falaan bin falaan mention the name (Maulana Syed Mohammad Mukhtaar ibne Syed Mohammad Taqi  )of the dead person.

Know About Marhoom Maulana Syed Mohammad Mukhtaar

Know about Maulana syed mohammad mukhtaar


Know about Maulana syed mohammad mukhtaar


Q&Ans from Hujjatul Islam Mohammad Moosvi sb Living Islam

Q&Ans from Hujjatul Islam Mohammad Moosvi sb Living Islam Click to Download Book


When Our Scholars Fight…

“We believe in Islamic Unity. All Learned Scholars are equally worthy of respect and honor in our eyes. We do not promote any specific scholar or Maulana. We are totally against dividing our community into different small groups on the basis of difference in their respective researches. Those who wish to create discord among us on this basis are soldiers and agents of iblees (Satan) and by creating such disputes they are support him.”

When Our Scholars Fight…

We all know about the importance and respect of scholars in Islam. Even looking at their face is classed as Ebada’at.

Personally, I’ve always raised my voice against members In our discussion forums criticizing any of our scholars from an open platform. He should be aware of the fact that by doing this, he is insulting and degrading the Muslim community as a whole. It also supports the cause of Iblees, by adding a great help to the enemies of Islam, in their mission to destroy us Muslims, and our faith.

But undoubtedly, many of our current time Islamic scholars have sold their Emaan. They are acting like puppets controlled by the ignorant, rich and powerful. This is all for the sake of mere name, fame and money!! Such greedy scholars are seen in every type of community.

  • It is disgusting and heart breaking to learn that our scholars have become part of different groups and are acting like slaves. They forget that they are leaders of Islam, leaders of the Ummah as a whole and not solely the leaders of some group or organisation. They have the responsibility of the whole Ummah on them and their responsibility doesn’t end at their respective groups. They forget that the truth that they studied lies within Quran and Ahlulbait only and is not restricted to the thoughts of their organisation.


  • It’s a regret that some scholars indulge their selves in back biting and criticising other scholars in public, in such a way as if the owner of one Product would boasts about his company and criticises his competitor’s products so that people get attracted towards his product and look down to his competitors.


  • For eg: Scholar Mr X and Mr Y would try to convince the public that their respective views are accurate and authentic giving references from previous researches made by Scholars. They forget that their job was to teach the public but not to prove other scholar wrong.


  • Ever thought how many scholars operate on the web, manage websites to preach Islam to save the ummah from getting misguided, do amr bil ma’aroof or answer our questions?? The answer is very few!! They read messages and emails, they are aware that immediate and urgent help and guidance is required. But they prefer to sit silent. Every wondered Why????


  • Give them hundreds of thousands and they’ll happily come to recite lectures and majalis for as many days as u require. They’ll guide you with the best examples and teachings, but would hardly apply it to themselves. But would they guide the misguided or teach the public free of cost? OR support by knowledge to Islamic organizations which are not financially sound on their invitation free of cost? Ever wondered why???

“There is no doubt that you do find scholars helping the ummah and striving to guide the ummah to the right path and don’t even think of money. But unfortunately, they are very few!!”

  • Unfortunately, there are few scholars out there who are a typical photo copy of Late and respected philosophers and research scholars, use their research for dividing our community into different small groups on the basis of difference in their respective researches and hurt the feelings of other Brothers in faith. They forget that creating disputes in Islam is HARAAM.

On the other hand, there are some who use Fazael e ahlulbayt to make money just by blackmailing shia ne ali emotionally by telling the shia Fazael e Ahlulbayt which is a recommended act but Unfortunately these ulema intentionally neglect telling shia about practices and teachings of ahlulbayt. They tell beautifully what happened at karbala but Unfortunately forget to tell why there is karbala? What was maqsad e Karbala? What are the paigham e karbala? What to learn from Karbala?

But least do they care!! They are minting money by doing this and increasing their bank balances.

They have gone to such an extent in order to create disputes that they have now started recruiting fresh and newly declared scholars who have just left Hawza(school) after completing their 4,5,6 or 8 years of studies. They are in hunt of scholars who are new and are willing to sell their Emaan for the sake of money.

You visit them and you’ll find them insulting other zaakirs, lecturers and scholars!!

With due respect, I would like to ask these organisations and these dispute making scholars…..

  • What are you quarrelling over??
  • What do you get out of it????
  • What is the matter with you’ll???
  • What animosity do you have towards each other???
  • You are all God-fearing, good and knowledgeable scholars, then why is it that if a concept is not cleared or a word of warning is not given, an EXPLOSION has to occur???
  • The students of the same school should start fighting within themselves?????
  • Do you think your fight and missions are well justified???
  • Is it a fight between a hero and a villain???
  • Have you forgotten the peaceful teachings of Holy Prophet(saw) and the Holy Imams(as)????

Let me remind you with some narrations of our beloved Holy Masoomeen(as).

The Holy Prophet [s] said:* “There will come a time for my Ummah when their rulers will be cruel, their scholars will be greedy and have little
…Bihar-uI-Anwar, vol. 23, p. 22

** Do you think you fall in the category of scholars, Prophet Muhammad(saw) has warned the Ummah about???

The Holy Prophet **[s] said:* “There will come a time for my Ummah when They will love this world and neglect the next world, They will love buildings and forget the graves…..Al-Ithna ‘Ashariyyah, p. 202

** Are scholars not part of the Ummah?? They are not exceptions…

The Holy Prophet [s] said:* “There will come a time for people that: they
will not respect their scholars except for their good clothing…….
Waqayi’-ul-’Ayyam,p. 439

The other side of Coin……………….

** We have many good scholars within us. But they are not well known and are poor. They do not have money, name or fame! They do not make good orator. Hence we people do not invite them to recite majalis or take lectures. Am I making sense??

** Does this mean that, knowledge is not valued and an important criteria to judge a scholar? Does he have to be a good orator,and know how to play dirty politics and makes groups in order to be invited to recite majalis from mimber e Rasool? His knowledge about Islam gets no credit?? He gets sided out for being precise, knowledgeable, poor, honest and humble??

We appoint scholars to lead the jamaat prayers, teach our children in madressa, to answer our questions. All this on mininmum possible salary?? We don’t even think twice if their salary is sufficient in providing them a decent life style and necessities to their family??

But if this scholar was to kill his humbleness, his silence, sell his faith, talk our native language, he would have been minting money like there was no tomorrow. He would have not to worry about his finances at all.!!

Who gives them money??? We do!!!

Who are responsible for the sufferrings of sincere scholars???? We are!!!

We do not allow our scholars to act independently on Islamic matters. When we hire a scholar, set limits for him. We tell him what we want to hear and what we don’t want to hear from him. We tell him what to talk about and what not to mention at all. We don’t give him a double think whether its right in Islam or not.

For example: Maulana, please do not talk about hijab and its importance because the ladies don’t like to hear about it. Do not discuss the importance ,status and scrifices of Ahlulbait more over here because the public in this area are Inquilabi(revolutionary), etc etc.

So the scholar has to obey the trustees, presidents, leaders of the mosque, centre or group inorder to survive. The scholar that takes orders and obeys them, he lives on. The one who opposes because its not correct in Islam, they are kicked out the very same day!! He gets sacked!!
Our DUTY??? Our duty is to select good, humble and learned scholars and give them the freedom to talk independently. Provide them with sufficient salary so that they can meet their necessities and survive without any worries. Before inviting any scholar for lectures or majalis, we have to make sure that he is learned and knowledgeable.

I am aware of many scholars who can barely read urdu, arabic, etc going to the West to recite majalis returning with their pockets full of money. They are also given Khums to help poor indian, but their Khums is eaten by these very own Scholars.

Not every scholar or orator is authorised to collect Khums? We have to make sure that our Khums fall in the right hands. I have personally witnessed these scholars eating up the Khums instead of passing it on to the needy, deserving, or representatives of Mujtahids or Mujtahids in person.
(Note: All `ulama’ of our time are unanimous in saying that during the period of occultation, the share of the Present Imam must be used for the causes with which the Imam would agree. They also believe that the best persons to know such causes are the mujtahids. Therefore, according to all our present `ulama’, sihmu ‘l-Imam must be handed over to the most learned and trustworthy mujtahid or be used in the way authorized by such a mujtahid. The condition of religious knowledge and trustworthiness are important to guarantee the right use of sihmu ‘l-Imam.

It is an individual’s responsibility to transfer the sihmu ‘l-Imam to the mujtahid. If it is given to the representative of the mujtahid, then the responsibility will shift from the khums-payer to the representative. (For example, if the representative looses the money before it reached the mujtahid, then the khums-payer is no longer responsible for that.)

If a trustworthy person who is not a representative of the mujtahid agrees to take the sihmu ‘l-Imam to the mujtahid, then, in case of being lost, the responsibility will not shift from the khums-payer to that person: either the messenger should make up the loss or the khums-payer has to pay again. In the latter case, the khums-payer may request the mujtahid to exempt him for that year.)

So pay the Khums to Right person only…..

It is the duty of our scholars not join ignorants or any groups who hire people to create disputes within the Ummah. Do not join such groups for the sake of money, prosperity or fame. Do not forget that scholars need to PLEASE ALLAH and not the trustees, presidents, leaders of any group, organisation, place or jamaat. Scholars shouldn’t be running behind rich and powerful or say things to impress them.

The source of all sins is the love of the world . It is related in a tradition that two fierce, bloodthirsty wolves who attack an untended flock of sheep from the front and back, take longer to destroy tha tflock than it does for love of wealth and position to destroy the faith of the believer . And apparently, according to some other traditions, it is from the love of the self and the love of the world that these transgressions occur.

This love for one’s self, love for money, love for position destroys our faith, destroys our religion, destroys ISLAM!! Think about it for a while and you’ll see for urself that love for this world takes you nowhere. It is not right for you to bind youself for this world, especially this WORLD of ours.

*Imam Baqir (A.S.) : ** The scholar whose knowledge is made use of &
benefitted from, is worthier & more virtuous than seventy thousand
. **(Tuhful Aqool, P.294) *

It was asked of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his
descendants) who the worst people in the world were, and he replied “the*
`ulama* when they become corrupt.” *Bihar al-Anwar *, Majlisi, Vol.74,p. 138.


Imam Sadiq (pbuh) said that: When the last breath reaches here – and he
pointed to his throat – the *`alim* *can no longer repent*. Then he read
this verse from the Qur’an: “God will accept repentance from those who did
wrong through ignorance.” The late Mullah Muhsin Fayd al-Kashani, an
outstanding authority on Shi`i *hadith*, said on this tradition: “When the
last breath reaches the throat, repentance by *an `alim who recognises the
signs of death and who loses hope of staying alive will not be accepted *,
but he who is ignorant of these signs and still hopes to live, his
repentance will be accepted.”
*Al-Wafi*, Vol. 1, p. 21

It was my duty today to speak to you gentlemen on this matter, to the extent that I am able, so that you will pay more attention to what is happening and what is likely to happen.

May God bless you in the next world. May God grant you success in serving Islam and Muslims. May God guide you towards purification and towards another way of thinking. God willing, tomorrow we will continue with our discussions.

Keep us on the right path. The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray. (Al-Quran, 01:6-7)
By syed mohammad Masoom Abidi
Note: copy right and do not distribute without permission.

An Interview With Shaitan

An Interview With Shaitan
(the cursed one)
Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
(the Messenger of Allah)
(may the Peace of Allah be upon him and his Progeny)
Kitab Ul-Awael

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he below mentioned text is from the book An Interview With Shaitan Published by : Dabistan E Zehra, Bombay, India.

Once our beloved Prophet Mohammed (may the peace of Allah be upon him and his Progeny) was walking out with his As’haabs (companions) from the back side of the Jan’atul Baqi (Medina). As he was stepping out, he saw a very old man with a colourful hat on his head, colourful belt with diamonds on it was around his waist, with a bell in his left hand, and with a net in his right hand. This old man said ‘As salamu alaikum yah Rasool Allah‘ (O Prophet of Allah may the peace of Allah be upon you) to our beloved Prophet. Prophet didn’t reply to his salaam. This old man knew why our Prophet didn’t reply to his salaam. After all this old man was not like any other old man, he was Shaitan-the cursed one. Then Shaitan said, ‘Salaam ul-llahai Alaykum yah Rasool Allah’ (Allah’s peace be upon you O Prophet of Allah).Then, our Prophet accepted his salaam. Now, the As’haabs (companions) of Prophet understood that this was the cursed one Shaitan. All the As’haabs were surprised to see the cursed one personally. Shaitan (the cursed one) attempted to misguide even the Prophets and Imams. Shaitan-the cursed one used to meet with prophets to answer any questions of the Prophets. In fact, it was obligatory on him (the cursed Shaitan) to answer the questions of the Messengers of Allah.
Our beloved Prophet, though he had all the Knowledge, only for the sake of his companions, asked Shaitan-the cursed one the following questions:

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
O Shaitan, people are interested in your hat, tell me what is this hat?
Shaitan-the cursed one :
Shaitan the cursed one replied, o Prophet of Allah, my colourful hat is this materialistic worldly goods, perishable worldly benefits, and temporary worldly enjoyment. Once, any person get caught by this colourful hat of mine, then that person stays in my control and forgets all about the hereafter.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan, what is this belt you are wearing with gold and diamonds around your waist?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
O Prophet, this is my second weapon which keeps my back bone strong. O Prophet, those Momneens (believers) who do not get into my trap by my hat, I use this weapon.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
But what is it?
Shaitan the cursed one :
O Prophet this are the worldly behijaabs (un-veiled) woman/girl of this worlds. Through this behijaab (un-veiled) woman/girls I deceive the momineens (believers).

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
But what is this bell you are holding in your left hand ?
Shaitan the cursed one :
This is the bell through which I destroy the imaan (faith) of the believers.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
How do you do that ?
Shaitan the cursed one :
Whenever I see believers arguing with each other, getting into minor verbal antagonism or disagreement with each other, then I ring this bell. As I ring this bell, these believers get into major verbal fights and thy start saying things (such as backbiting, false accusations or uses bad language) to each other due to which there own imaan (faith) disappears from hearts.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
But what is this net you are holding?
Shaitan the cursed one :
When I see the believers not getting trap by any form of my weapons then I throw this net at them as my last weapon.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
But what is this net ?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
O Prophet of Allah, this is Riyah Kari (performing good deeds only to show people). Whenever, I see that a believer is performing all the good deeds and that person not getting caught by my weapon, then i throw this net at them. By stepping at this net, their good deeds which they were performing for Allah, becomes invalid. Because the believers gradually get ego in them while performing all their prayers, observing fast, performing Hajj, paying Zakat and Khums, and several other duties towards Allah. They (believers) perform all these and other good deeds, but after they get caught by my net, they show their good deeds to other and as though they have done favour on Allah by performing such good deeds. They tell people when they perform night prayers. they tell people when they fast, they tell people when they go to Hajj. They give money in charity but only to show off or for their personal interest. This is how they eventually feel superior to those people whom they know are not performing these good deeds. All these actions which take place after they step on my net makes their good deed go waste (void).

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan, tell me one more thing, now that you have spent so much of your time in this life with your bad deeds, do you have any friend, Do you have companion?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
Although, I visit all the houses and all the people in general, but I have 11 (eleven) types of people, that are my best friends and companions. And I have 15 (fifteen) types of people that I hate them the most. O Prophet, keep in mind that a person who is my friend is an enemy of Allah, and a person who is my enemy is a friend of Allah.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
O shaitan tell me who are your friends and who are your enemies?
(Then, Shaitan told our beloved Prophet a list of his friends and a list of his enemies. After he described his enemies our beloved Prophet asked his reasons. We have excluded the question of our beloved Prophet and simply listed the name or description of the enemy followed by his reason in some cases.)
Shaitan-the cursed one:
Shaitan said, O Prophet of Allah, first I have 15 (fifteen) enemies, and these are as follows:


  1. O Prophet of Allah, my first enemy is you and your Ahlul-Bait (progeny) because if it wasn’t for you and your AhlulBait, my mission would be quite successful. There would have been not even a single believer (follower of right path shown by Allah). You bought the religion of Allah (al-Islam) to this world, You made people believers of Allah’s communication.
  2. O Prophet of Allah my second enemy is that just ruler who rules a nation with complete justice.
  3. O Prophet of Allah, my third enemy is that rich person who does not have any ego or feel superior to other poor people around him.
  4. O Prophet of Allah, my fourth enemy is that business man who perform his business with justice.
  5. O Prophet of Allah my fifth enemy is that Aalim (scholar) who fears Allah and practice what he preaches.
  6. O Prophet of Allah, my sixth enemy is that specific Mo’min (believer) who work on showing other the path of truth. Who offer other the knowledge of Wajibats (obligatory) and Haram (forbidden) duties of Allah. This person is undoing all my hard work.
  7. O Prophet of Allah, my seventh enemy is that person who does not listen to what is forbidden, does not see what is forbidden, and does not eat what is forbidden.
    Comment by Maulana Sadiq Hasan Qibla: This person does not look any Na-Mehram women/men (a women with whom a man can marry or a man with whom a woman can marry), does not watches movies or shows. This person prevent himself or herself from listening to Music, Songs, lies, or Geebath (Backbiting). This person does not eat forbidden food (meat which is not cut according to the Islamic ways such as meat cut by non Muslim business men, etc.) and that food which is not purchased with the halal (allowed) earnings (such as earnings from selling alcohol, from gambling, from selling drugs and from many other sources which are forbidden in Islam.)
  8. O Prophet of Allah, my eighth enemy is that believer who keeps himself clean all the time. A person who stays in Wuzu and who wears clean clothes.
  9. O Prophet of Allah, my ninth enemy is that person who has a big heart. Who spents his/her money for the sake of Allah.
    Comment by Maulana Sadiq Hasan: Once Prophet of Allah asked his companion did you know that one Dinar can be more than One Lakh (hundred thousand) Dinar? Prophet’s companions replied no O Prophet of Allah. Then, (our beloved) Prophet of Allah said, “If a person who owns for instance ten lakhs and gives one lakh in charity is less than that poor man who owns two dinnar and gives one dinnar in charity.”
  10. O Prophet of Allah, my tenth enemy is that person who gives Sadqa (charity) only for the name of Allah.
  11. o Prophet of Allah, my eleventh enemy is that person who reads, memorizes, and act according to Quran.
  12. O Prophet of Allah, my twelfth enemy is that person who recites “Namaz-e-Shab” (prayers recited after the midnight and before namaz Fajr). I am always afraid of this person.
  13. O Prophet of Allah, my thirteenth enemy is that person who offers his wajib (obligatory) Khums, wajib Zakat, and other wajib sadaqas.
  14. O Prophet of Allah, my fourteenth enemy is that woman who observes Hijaab (Veil) and safeguards her Hijaab.
  15. O Prophet of Allah, my fifteenth enemy is that who performs his “Ibadat” (such as prayers) without having thoughts except for the thoughts of Allah.

After hearing the list of fifteen enemies of Shaitan, our beloved Prophet of Allah (may the peace of Allah be upon him and his progeny) asked Shaitan to name his eleven friends. Upon which, the cursed Shaitan named the following eleven people:


  1. The first friend of mine is that leader who is a oppressor (Zalim).
  2. My second friend is that business man who does his/ her business by deceiving his / her customers.
  3. My third friend is that “Mo’min” (believer) who drinks alcohol.
  4. My fourth friend is that rich person who is proud of his wealth and who angrily refuses to give money in charity to poor and needy.
  5. My fifth friend is that person who does backbiting (Geebat), who talks to people in such a way that enemity increases between people and who reveals the defects of people.
  6. My sixth friend is that person who kill other human being for any reason other than for Allah.
  7. My seventh friend is that person who snatches away the belongings (such as wealth) of an orphan.
  8. My eighth friend is that person whose livelihood is based on collecting interest.
  9. My ninth friend is that person who gives more important to his worldly life rather than giving important to his life after death. This friend of mine prefers to performs those deeds which he know, will bring benefits in this world but in hereafter such deeds will bring loss.
  10. My tenth friend is that person who keep long hopes and delays in asking for forgiveness from Allah.
    (Here Maulana gave the example of that person who delays in asking forgiveness from Allah. For instance he said, “people refuse to ask forgiveness from Allah because they say we are young and angel of death is not running after us yet. Therefore these people, who delay in asking for repentance, say we are not going to quit listening to music, we are not going to observe Hijab, or we are not going to keep the beard. These people say that they will do all this after ten or more years. These are the tenth friends of Shaitan, because they keep long hopes and delay in asking for forgiveness from Allah.”)
  11. My eleventh friend is that person who helps women to increase their interest in performing “Jaadu” (magic) on people.

After naming his eleven friends Shaitan-the cursed one said, “these are my eleven friends who are the worst enemies of Allah”.
Now the interview of shaitan (the cursed one) was continued by Prophet Mohammed (may the peace of Allah be upon him and his progeny) as follows:

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan, tell us why you stop my followers from offering their prayers? What benefits you get out of it?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
Whenever your follower recites prayers, my body gets feverish and it starts to shiver, and with a sick body I can’t deceive your followers from obeying Allah.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Why do you stop my followers from observing fast (roza) during the month of Ramadhan?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
When they fast they put me in prison, and I can’t deceive them during the time they fast because I end up in prison and I can’t misguide them.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
When my flowers prepare to fight in Allah’s way, why do you stop them?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
When they go to fight for Allah’s sake, my hands get tight to my neck, and I can’t deceive them by having my hands tight to my neck.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Why do you prevent my followers from performing Hajj?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
When they go for Hajj, their movements of going towards Hajj ties my legs. And with legs tied, I cannot misguide your followers from obeying Allahs commands.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
why do you prevent my followers from reciting Holy Quran?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
When they recite the Holy Quran, my existence turns into nonexistence. And, without having my existence, how can I deceive your followers from living according to the will of Allah.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Why do you prevent my followers from offering “Doa” (praying to Allah)?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
When they recite Doa (such as Doa-e-Komail) I get deaf and dum. How can I deceive your followers without having the ability to speak and ability to listen.o prophet of Allah (s.a.w.) from living the life according to the will of Allah.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan, tell me why you prevent my followers from paying Sadaqha?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
O Prophet of Allah (s.a.w.), when your follower pay Sadaqha (giving money in charity), it is as that they cut me with a saw in two pieces and throw one pieces of mine in east and other piece in the west.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Why do you get such a strong blow when my followers pay Sadaqha? Why do you get cut into two pieces?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
Whenever a person gives his / her money in charity, that person receives three benefits from Allah. The first benefit such person receive is that Allah becomes his / her borrowers. The second benefit such person gets is that Allah makes Heaven in his / her inheritance (such that he / she will be called as an owner of heaven). And, the third benefit he / she receives is that such person gets 700 times increase in his / her wealth from Allah, which in turn this person uses his / her increased wealth for charity.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan, now tell me when does a person (who is my follower) gets under your total control?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
O Prophet of Allah, your followers gets under my total (absolute) control when they perform three things The first thing is that when your followers becomes stingy (“kanjoos”) he gets under my total control. Stingy is the root of all the sins which takes a person towards performing all types of other sins. The second thing is that when a person gradually start forgiving his / her sins. A person who perform such deeds which are against the will of Allah and then after performing such deeds that person does remember it and does not ask for any forgiveness, then that person gets under my absolute control. O Prophet of Allah, any person who performs these three deeds then that person gets under my absolute control.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan, you know that Allah gave my followers a strong weapon of forgiveness. Whenever, my followers, ask for true forgiveness with an intention of not repeating that sin, Allah forgives them. How do you deal with this problem?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
I know O Prophet of Allah, Allah has given them this strong weapon, but I have prepared myself to confront your followers with their strong weapon.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
What method do you have through which you prevent my followers from asking for forgiveness?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
O Prophet of Allah, to deal with this problem I have created four different units. Each unit deals with a different age groups of your followers. In each unit group I make your followers perform such deeds which make the repentance of your followers invalid (void).

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
What are these units?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
The first unit is that I involve your old men indulging in four sins. I make them lie, I make them accuse someone of something which they have not done, I make them testify falsely, and I make them perfrom without having the complete knowledge of the laws of performing prayers. O Prophet of Allah (s.a.w.) your old men will be offering doas, offering prayers, and reciting obligatory prayers, but if you talk to them you will hear them talking bad about other people, testing the bad deeds of other people without being their witness, and reciting obligatory prayers without knowing all the laws of the prayers. Your old men will not try to learn the laws of prayers because of their ego. Whenever some young men from your Ummat, try to explain the right way of performing Wuzu, your old men will say that you have just entered Islam and now you are trying to teach as how to perform Wuzu.
O Prophet of Allah, my second unit is that which takes care of your young man from your Ummath. I do not prevent your young man from reciting prayers, performing Hajj, or doing anything else except that I get them involved in two things. First thing I make them do is that they look at things which are forbidden for them, and they will listen to those things which are forbidden for them. (Here, by things these young men will look at which are forbidden are girls, and things that these young men will listen to is music/songs.)
O Prophet of Allah, my third unit is that which deceives your old ladies. I make your old ladies perform Geebath (backbiting), falsely accuse other people, destroy the character of other men and women, and get interested in doing magic on other men and women.
O Prophet of Allah, my fourth unit is not active, because it is suppose to take care of young girls of Ummath. Since all of your girls are already my soldiers and I have a strong hold over them, I do not get any hard time deceiving them. However, one in one thousand, I find such girl which I see her may be following your way of life, and I will not be able to do anything to deceive her.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan, tell me do you get upset when you see any of your soldier get out of your hand and follow Allah’s commands?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
No, O Prophet of Allah, I don’t get upset. I wait till that person performs any good deed, and then I go to that person again and deceive him / her so that he / she feels that he did a favour to Allah by performing such a good deed.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
You make that person feel that he did favour to Allah?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
Yes, O Prophet of Allah, that person goes around after performing a good deed and tells people what he did, such as that I recited namaz, I observed fast, I paid so much money to that person, or I helped that person in his bad times.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan, how do you deceive those followers of mine who try their best not to get deceived by you?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
Allah made one deed which if your followers performed it with right intention and at right time they can never get deceived by me. And that deed is Namaz (Salat/obligatory prayers). But, to solve this problem, what I did is that with every one of your followers I have assigned one of my soldier whose name is “Mutawaqee”. And, his job is to make your follower lazy and involved in such activities due to which your follower recites namaz at the last time. When your follower recites namaz (salat) in last minute, he / she recites it in such a way that his namaz is not acceptable to Allah.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan, since you know so much about Islam and its followers, why don’t you ask Allah for forgiveness?
Comment by maulana Sadiq Hasan: Here Shaitan the cursed one gave a true Satanic answer. He recited five Ayath from our Holy Quran and gave answer. Since we are not so much interested in why Shaitan is not asking for his forgiveness, and we are interested in why we don’t ask for forgiveness, I will skip the details of his answer.
Shaitan-the cursed one:
O Prophet of Allah, Allah does not want me to ask forgiveness. What can I do? (Here Shaitan used the illogical proof from Holy Quran. However, you will find some Muslims using such proves in defending themselves. Such as they argue that Allah does not call me to perform Hajj or to offer prayers.)

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan, I heard that sometimes you feel that as somebody threw a heavy stone on your head which breaks your head in several pieces?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
O Prophet of Allah, yes it is true, Whenever your followers truly ask Allah for true repentance, I feel like that.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
I heard that sometimes you feel like someone is slapping you?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Yes, when your follower recite Quran with right pronounciation.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
When do you get to the bottom part of Hell?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
When your follower performs a good deed towards their parents or towards their family members.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
I heard that sometimes your whole body gets pain?
Shaitan-the cursed one:
Yes, when your follower pay in charity without showing off.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
I heard that sometimes you feel that someone is whipping you?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
That person who does not business with deceiving people.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
When do you get hurt the most?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
When your followers remember Allah during their hours of day and night.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
With whom do you fear the most?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
I fear those one who recite salat (prayers) in the first row of jamat.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Which people among my followers you have choosen them to be your permanent soldiers?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Any of your follower who used any type of intoxicating beaverages.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Which person makes you laugh?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
That person who encourages other to commit sins. (Example : A person who invites
people to a party in which namehram men and women mixes without observing proper Hijaab.)

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
With whom do you speak the most?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
A person who lies the most.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Who is the most pleasing to you?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Any man who gives divorce to an innocent women.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Do you have any more hands?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Yes, that person who delays in offering his obligatory prayers.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan where do you stay the most?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
A place where Na-Mehram men and women get together without any separation or observing Hijaab, that is my place to stay.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Where do you meet people?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Bazaars (shopping mails). I try to make buyers deceive sellers and sellers deceive buyers. I try to make men do their business with women and women to do business with men. I try to make people do all types of sins in Bazaars (shopping mails).

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
What do you read?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
I read songs.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
What is your way of calling people towards committing sins?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Music and songs. Whenever your follower listens to music he / she comes towards me.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
What is your book?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
My books are playing cards.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Who is your helper?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Any person who gives losses to Muslims.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
What do you eat?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
I eat everything which is earned by forbidden ways of earnings or by not paying the Khums.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
What do you drink?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
I drink Alcohol.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
What is your dessert (any sweet thing eaten after food)?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Gheebat (back-biting).

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Do you have any desires?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Every false commitment is my desire.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Are you thankful for anything?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Yes, I am thankful to those men and women who indulge in sins after asking Allah for forgiveness.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Do you relax?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Yes, when your followers misses Fajr (morning) prayers.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Do you get any rewards from my followers?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Yes, whenever, your followers break their relationships with their relatives or neighbours.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Do you have any companions?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Yes, that person who have sex with his wife without saying “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem” ( Here sex reffers to Allowed Intercourse, ZINAA – Un Allowed Sex is Haraam Anyway) and that person whose earnings are though unislamic ways.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
What deed of my follower makes you angry?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Any mother when she tries to make her son (or daughter) fast or offer prayers.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Are there any men among my followers whom you can not possibly misguide?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Yes, any man who does not look at Na-mehram girl / woman intentionally.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Are there any women among my followers whom you can not possibly misguide?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Yes, that women who observes Hijaab and that women who listens to her husband.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Shaitan, out of the men and women you have described, do you have any special men or women that you love the most?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Yes! among women I love that women who do not observe Hijaab and among men who is proud and that men who is a sinful Aalim (religious scholar).

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Who is your most hateful men?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Four men : a) Humble rich men. b) Aalim who practices what he preaches. c) Young men who ask for forgiveness. d) Old men who fear Allah.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) :
Are you alone or do have any companions?
Shaitan – the cursed one :
Yes. I have some companions who are sitting at mosque to deceive its visitors. My companions make the visitors of Allah’s mosque talk about such thing which make these visitors get bad deeds instead of good deeds. Other companions of mine’s job is to make the wise followers of your’s think of their bad deeds as few and good deeds as many. Some companions of mine when they see someone giving money in charity or helping someone for Allah’s sake, make that person tell other people what he is giving in charity or what he is doing for others.
Then Shaitan – the cursed one said : O Prophet of Allah I have talked to you in much detail. I would like to tell you that you are working towards taking people to heaven and I am working towards taking people to Hell. Then after this Shaitan – the cursed one did his salaam to our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) and he disappeared.

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Astronomy and Meteorology By Ayatullah Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib in Greater Sins

Astronomy and Meteorology By Ayatullah Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib in Greater Sins
Predictions regarding future events; i.e. price fluctuations of grain, its shortage and abundance, the scarcity and intensity of rain and all other types of good and bad happenings; based on the knowledge of the effect of heavenly bodies on earth is known as meteorology. It is permitted if the one who is predicting only considers them a possibility but not a certainty because the final authority for all cause and effect lies with Allah (S.w.T.). Thus there is no harm in predicting the solar and lunar eclipses and the position of stars etc. because such predictions are based on complicated calculations and such predictions are usually true unless there is a mistake in calculation. The movement of the heavenly bodies follows well-defined laws and principles, hence there is hardly any chance of a wrong prediction.
On the other hand to predict future events with a belief that only the stars and heavenly bodies (without any Divine will) govern them is Harām and a kind of magic.
To attribute the future events solely to the influence of heavenly bodies is considered Harām by all the jurists. Numerous traditions denounce these kinds of predictions.

The Holy Prophet (S) says:

“One who believes an astrologer and soothsayer has disbelieved in whatever was revealed upon Muhammad (S).”

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) says:

“Accursed is the astrologer and accursed is the soothsayer and accursed is the magician.”

When Amir ul-Mu’minīn ‘Ali (a.s.) was proceeding for the battle of Nahrawan one of his men who was an expert in astrology restrained him saying, “If you go at this time, I fear that you will not succeed in your aim.”

‘Ali (a.s.) told him that if he thought he could predict the auspicious and the inauspicious times of departure with accuracy, he was in error and said,

“Whoever believes your prediction has denied the Qur’an.” (Because according to Qur’an success and defeat all are subservient to Divine will). If a person has faith in the astrologer he will not seek Divine help and assistance when the prediction is favourable for him. In this way he will not give Sadqa nor pray for success and will eventually conclude that Allah (S.w.T.) controls nothing; thus he would become a disbeliever.


Four types of beliefs


1)      To believe that stars are the supreme controllers of the world is Harām. A person who has such a belief is a Kafir whether he denies the creator or not. All the jurists are unanimous in this regard.


2)      To believe that the heavenly bodies have been bestowed by Allah (S.w.T.) the power to control the world is not Kufr but it is a foolish notion because we have no proof that the inanimate stars have any intelligence or will to influence the world.


3)      The third type of belief is when a person admits that the stars have no intelligence and will power but says that Allah (S.w.T.) has decreed that when the position of the stars will be such, the following event will take place. It is the law of causation like when fire is brought near something it burns it. Though such a belief is proved correct most of the time, reason does not accept it to be unchangeable.


4)      To predict future events on the basis of heavenly occurrences is not Harām according to most of the scholars. For example if the moon and Saturn come in a line there would be a good rainfall. To interpret such heavenly phenomena is not Harām but such interpretations can be accurately given only by the Infallibles (a.s.). What the meteorologists predict is based on an incomplete part of this knowledge. Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) remarks:


“The complete knowledge of stars cannot be acquired and incomplete knowledge is of no benefit.”

(Wasa’il ul-Shia)


After enumerating the different types of astrological sciences, Shaykh Ansari says, “All these traditions imply that whatever the astrologers predict is based on deficient knowledge. They only conjecture and guess on the basis of a little knowhow. People who consult them are rarely satisfied by their predictions but it is possible that he may have experience regarding a particular event and may make an accurate prediction. Hence it is better to refrain from consulting such people and if they make a prediction, one should say, ‘It is only a possibility.’”

If an astronomer predicts with the belief that his predictions are subject to the final will of Allah (S.w.T.) then there is no harm for one to pray to the Almighty for success when the prediction is good; and in case of an unfavourable prediction invoke Allah (S.w.T.) for safety.

A tradition is quoted in the Ihtijaj of Tabarsi from the sixth Imam (a.s.). The gist of the same is as follows:

After the birth of the Holy Prophet (S) the shaitans and the Jinns were denied access to the heavens, hence they were unable to give information about the heavenly affairs. Now they could only inform about the evil magical matters. This information is unreliable because among the jinns too there are liars as well as truthful jinns. Therefore the fortune telling of a diviner is unreliable.
Taken From

Something Different..A true shia.Symbol of Peace, huamnity and Sacrifice.

 ya hussain

Something Different..
A true shia.Symbol of Peace, huamnity and Sacrifice
Salam alykum,
Today I am going to share with all of you something very Different. Meet my friend Brother Firoz Shakir.A true shia from showoff..good thinking and see the world from others Eyes. I am Posting here his two posts from his one of the Blog.. You will find all the colours of shia world in his blogs. The world where we live.


I want to go to Hindustan.. Imam Hussain

 mutual coexistence

the shias the hindus live in peace
hope and hindutva
mutual coexistence
both communities hearts do please
watan parast shias are hard core indians
at the crease
muslims yet called heretics
for their blood shedding idiosyncrasies
azadari e hussain a thought
they can never seize
said the Imam
I want to go to Hindustan
the land where people
are hospitable
live in Peace
away from my
grandfathers ummah
hate as disease
he did not come to Hindustan
but gave his head
not his hand
Islam from
clutches of Yazidiyat
did release
Kabala a land of Sorrow
with his blood did appease


sayings of ali


Yes we show our devotion bombing holy places , decapitating heads , after all , decapitation was the in thing in early Islam.Whether Imam Hussain or Hazrat Ali .
Imagine that the clergy of that time was mum, eternal silence , this was the Caliphate, politicising ,corrupting ,the soul of Islam .
You could take your sword in the Masjid cut of the mans head bowed in prayers to Allah.
This was for the greater good of Islam.
Today it is just the same , lob bombs grenades in the House Of God..the clergy has lost its Voice.The rampant killings , instant Paradise.
Today even God is not safe from his own followers .
We who have euologised Terrorist , glorified Terrorism, as an Islamic way of ridding the non believer or Kafir.
Internationally the heads of Islam keep mum, no collective reprimand , mere lip locked silence.
Nobody has the balls to get up and say , guys enough is enough what you are doing is not Islam.But we have glorified criminals as Martyrs.In Karbala criminals Martyred the seed of the Holy Prophet.
Yes we Glorify Hussainiyat , we glorify his Martyrdom..we with our annual chant of Ya Hussain , warn the next Yazid, we wont take another Karbala lying down.
So we keep Azadari E Hussain alive.

Success of Man in this

Success of Man in this    World  

The reason when sought (required) would be that though both of them possessed equal knowledge and wisdom but the former had immense (huge) self determination and a strong willpower, as compared to the latter. It is due to the strength of the will and a strong sense of self-determination that one person is more successful than the other person. It is due to the strong sense of determination that a person is able to overcome the difficulties and hardships of life in a better manner as compared to the other person who lacks it. Then there is no doubt that the secret of the success of a man lies in the fact that, a person should endeavour (attempt) or work hard to strengthen his determination and willpower. The willpower of a man should be stronger than the high mountains. Now let us see which factors can assist and help a person to strengthen his resolve.

Strengthen the Willpower 

In order to strengthen the will power man will have to acquire some knowledge, and this knowledge means discovering the self; as to what is the reality of a man, how many powers remain hidden in a man of whom he is unaware. Unless a man is made aware of his hidden abilities, how can you expect him to strengthen his resolve and commitments? Thus to strengthen his willpower and resolve a man will have to acquire knowledge, which is again about man himself.

There are many hidden powers in human beings, and one among those many, is the power to perform good deeds. Man wishes to perform good acts, and by doing good works a man feels satisfied and happy. But at the same time there is an opposing power in man that stops him from doing good deeds and works.

For example, if someone sees a child who is in reality starving is a beggar, has nothing to eat, and wear. Then on seeing or hearing the plight (troubles) of such a child, a man would want to help the child in need. And by helping that child he would feel satisfied (pleased) and contented that he has been able to help someone. But as soon as he thinks of helping the child he hears an inner voice which might suggest; there  are other people who are even more privileged (fortunate) than myself, who can help this child. Why is it only obligatory on me to help this child? Similarly such negative thoughts and notions (ideas) enter our minds, that it might be a fraud and deception (cheating) to secure money. The situation is that one power is insisting to perform the good deed, while the other power makes us hesitant (doubtful) and forces us to stop.

In human beings are found opposite powers which, means that one power wants to do well, while the other power stops from doing the good acts. It is in such situations, that a battle begins between these two forces. The will- power of a person can be judged and truly estimated, and no doubt it is a continuous and a never ending battle. Thus in a man can be found both Godly attributes and the Satanic or devilish attributes.

The Satanic power never appreciates kind deeds and the Godly forces never favour injustice[1] (unfairness), and oppression. A war is always waging among these forces. Some people admit their defeat before the devilish powers and as a result become the slaves to the devilish wishes and desires. There is no strength in the resolve of the people who are slaves to the worldly desire[2]. On the contrary those people who wish that their Godly powers[3] should not be defeated, they always want to be successful in this war, and subsequently (later) as they achieve success in this war, and their willpower is further strengthened.

For example, a person wants to become a big doctor, wants to serve humanity and by helping people he wishes to attain the assent (consent) of God so that his life and the hereafter is successful. However, to become a big doctor one has to work equally hard and put in a lot of research work.  His bad soul or the unreasonable appetite (desire) of the soul tries to distract (divert) him in many different ways. For example, he is attracted towards watching a drama or a movie, or it involves him in some sports, or he simply wastes his time in idleness (laziness) and wandering about. The point is that the bad soul[4] or the ardent (passionate) desires of a man get pleasure in useless pursuits, such pursuits which, are of no use, either in the present world or the hereafter. But on the other hand the good side of the soul is disturbed (bothered) by these useless acts, thus a conflict (difference) between these forces begins here. The good side approaches man with the resolve to work hard to become a great person and as a result of this, acquire the benedictions and the assent (agreement) of his Creator, by helping the cause of humanity. However all this is going to be possible only when a man has control over the devilish powers and as he succeeds in this war his willpower is further strengthened.

The conquest (invasion) goes on when the devilish forces attract a person to useless activities like watching a movie, but at the same time the Godly powers makes him realize that by watching a movie it would not benefit him neither in the world nor in the hereafter, it is merely (simply) a wastage of time. The most precious thing in the world is time, which should not be wasted. In the same way the bad soul attracts the man for going to the club, but the Godly power questions; what would be the benefit of going there it would only be a loss of the world and the hereafter? What will be the use if you went there and drank?   It would only harm your heart, liver and wisdom, or if you got involved in other indecent acts it will be only a waste of precious things like money and time. If once or twice a man hampers (impedes), or refrains from these acts, then as a result of this the power of his resolve is strengthened. Moreover success is the ultimate (final) reward of this strong resolve and willpower.

Among the many criminals that you see around, one thing, which is common among them, is that every criminal detests (dislikes) and hates the crime itself.

Therefore, a thief would never want his son to be a thief; an assassin (killer) would never wish that his son should also be a murderer. The point is that a criminal hates crime himself, but he himself cannot leave crime because his willpower is not strong enough to resist the negative forces. To strengthen one’s resolve is essentially fundamental (basic) for all human beings both in the material and the spiritual (divine) context. A person who smokes is well aware of the damages of smoking that it is a loss of money as well as health but he does not stop smoking because his willpower is so weak that he cannot bring an end to it despite (although) being aware of all the harms and injuries. Similarly in some acts there is the pleasure or the delight of the forbidden, wrong things. The important question is that people who have such weak determination that they cannot leave simple act of smoking, how can they be expected to leave those wrong acts in which they enjoy the ecstasy (joy) or delight of the forbidden things.
[1] Hosea 12:6 (Bible). Therefore turn thou to thy God: keep kindness and justice, and wait for thy God continually

[2] Proverbs 11:23 (Bible)  The desire of the righteous is only good: but the expectation of the wicked is wrath

[3] Psalms 106:3 (Bible). Blessed are they that keep justice, And he that doeth righteousness at all times

[4] Peter 5:8 (Bible), Be sober, be watchful: your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour,

with Thanks To Maulana Jaan Ali Kazmi