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The Most Misunderstood word ‘Jihad’

https://i0.wp.com/media.nowpublic.net/images//97/8/97848c75901087e861f8f6a116cc5ee7.jpgIt is very unfortunate that we have reached a point where we need to clarify that jihad has nothing to do with terrorism.Being a muslim , I must say that the word “Jihad” has been misused and abused by the Dirty politicians. The more important meaning of jihad is the struggle to be good. I am muslim and I believe that jihad means struggle which should be used for the eradification for poverty, jihad should be against illiteracy and against corruption.

In islam, killing one person is considered killing many generations. So its wrong that jihad means killing innocent people. Its crystal clear that islam is a religion of peace. If any organisation, individual or group  killing innocents in the name of jihad is wrong.
There are some Muslims (hypocrites) who exploit and misuse this concept for their own political objectives. There are many non-Muslims who misunderstand it. There are some other non-Muslims who misinterpret it to discredit Islam and Muslims.
The word ‘Jihad’ is derived from the Arabic word jahd which means fatigue or from the word juhd which means effortor struggling or striving. It means show efforts in fighting against evil,bad,illitracy,terriorism.
In Holy book Quran the word Jihad repeadedly used for “jihad with the self (jihad bin nafs),” that is, making the maximum effort to keep control over negative feelings in one’s self,for instance, arrogance, jealousy, greed, revenge, anger, etc.
Jihad is not a violent concept nor a declaration of war against other religions but it is a word which says struggle to make peace and spread humanity in this world.


Terror In The Name Of God

Terror In The Name Of God

Know that the worldly life is only a game, a temporary attraction, a means of boastfulness among yourselves and a place for multiplying your wealth and children. It is like the rain which produces plants that are attractive to the unbelievers. These plants flourish, turn yellow, and then become crushed bits of straw. In the life hereafter there will be severe torment or forgiveness and mercy from God. The worldly life is only an illusion.(The Quran, Al-Hadid: 20)

“There is no Hindu, there is no Muslim” (Baba Guru Nanak Sahib)

The Quran does not give permission to kill innocent people, said AQyouth Secretary Maulana Ali akbar Qummi….

While most of the major world religions(hindus,Muslims, christians ect are based on peace, most terrorists are religious fundamentalists — using violence in the name of God, Allah, or Jesus.

Prohibitions on Terrorism, and Exhortations to Living with Mercy, Compassion and Patience in the  Holy Qur’an.

Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. (5:32)

So if any group or indivodual acts goes against teachings of holy quran and declare his war as a jihad in in fact a hypocrite, which is also explaine in Holy quran like this..

Some people say, “We believe in God and the Day of Judgment,” but they are not true believers They deceive God and the believers. However, they have deceived no one but themselves, a fact of which they are not aware. A sickness exists in their hearts to which God adds more sickness. Besides this, they will suffer a painful punishment as a result of the lie which they speak .When they are told not to commit corruption in the land, they reply, “We are only reformers” .They, certainly, are corrupt but do not realize it .(2:8). to 2:12). 

Now a days sucide group, sucide bomb ect are very comman among some self-styled jihadist groups…. and also in some extremist of other religion Now see What the Holy quran says…

O you who believe! Do not eat up your wealth in vanities among yourselves. But let there be among yourselves trade conducted in mutual good will. Nor kill or destroy yourselves, for God has been most merciful to you. If any do that in rancor and injustice, soon shall we cast them into the fire, and that is easy for God. If you but avoid the most heinous of the things which are forbidden to do, we shall expel out of you all the evil in you and admit you to a gate of great honor. (4:29-31

Hinduism is all-inclusive and does not permit resorting to Adharma as a means to uphold Dharma . And killing innocent civilians is undoubtedly Adharma .


In fact it is a known fact Killing innocent is not allowed in any religion then why people add terriorist before any religion and why terror in the name of God?

There is nothing like ‘Hindu terrorism’ or ‘Muslim terrorism’, anyone killing innocents is a terrorist,” RSS chief K S Sudarshan said on the sidelines of a RSS meeting here.

The city of Mumbai is slowly recovering from the terrible shock of the  wednesday, 26th November 2008,gone by. Many of the dead have been buried.The firing is over but the lives of Mumbaikers transformed forever.

This is the time to pray for the deceased souls and a time to remember the brave people who saved many. Some of those brave men are lucky to be alive today, othere were not so lucky.

This is a right time Join hands together in the name of  Humanity and fight against terriorism not against any Religion….