Etiquette of Dua (or How To Supplicate to Allah)


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. As we spend more and more time reciting Dua’s during the holy months of Rajab, Shabaan, and Ramadhan, it is necessary to know the correct etiquette of Dua. Supplicating to the Almighty should be done in the appropriate manner – in the manner that Allah loves – in order to benefit fully from it. The following are some of the Etiquette of Dua according to Hadith.Begin with Bismillah

A Hadith of the Holy Prophet(S) says:
No dua which has Basmalah (saying of Bismillahir Rahmaneer Raheem) at the beginning of it is rejected. A dua should begin in the name of Allah, putting all trust and hope in Him alone. Describing Him as Kind and Merciful creates confidence that the dua will not be rejected.

Send Blessings on Muhammad(S) and his Family(A)

A Hadith of the 6th Imam(A), Imam Ja’far Ibn Muhammad as-Sadiq(A) says:
Whoever has a wish he wants Allah to fulfill, let him begin with blessings on Muhammad(S) and his Family(A), then let him ask his wish, and end by sending blessings on Muhammad(S) and his Family(A). Allah is nobler than to accept the first and the last (the blessings) and reject the middle. Salawat is a dua for the Holy Prophet(S) and his Family(A). Whoever includes that dua is assured of the acceptance of his dua for himself.

Praise and Glorify Allah

Every Dua should begin with the praise of Allah, the recognition that He alone has the Power and Might over everything. A supplicant increases in his humility as he acknowledges the greatness of the Almighty. He realizes that everything is in the control of God, and if He wishes, the dua can be accepted and answered immediately.

Acknowledgement of Sins

When supplicating to Allah, one should be aware of and confess that one is a sinner, undeserving of the favor of Allah. Humility and apprehensiveness are commendable qualities in the one who supplicates.

Pray emotionally

Allah says in Hadith Qudsi to Nabi Isa(A) (Prophet Jesus(A) son of Mary(A)):
O Isa! When you ask from me, supplicate to me the supplication of the grief stricken, the overwhelmed, the one who has no helper . . . and do not supplicate to Me except in an emotional state. Your grief should be only one. Whenever you pray to Me in such a way, I shall answer you. A soft heart and tears are the best weapons of a human being in his quest to achieve nearness to Allah. When one prays emotionally, the Dua is very sincere and acceptance is assured.

 Pray for others

Whoever prays for others pleases the Almighty greatly. A Hadith of our 5th Imam(A), Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (A) says:
Nothing is more swiftly answered than a Dua recited for others. According to the Holy Prophet(S), the Dua of a believer for other believers is returned to him as many times as the number of believing men and women from the beginning of creation to the Day of Judgement.

Have confidence that Allah will answer your Prayers

When praying, the supplicant must have trust that Allah will answer his prayers. A Hadith says, Whenever you recite Dua, assume that what you need is at the door.

Please don’t forget us in your adiyaat (plural of dua’ – supplications), especially in the blessed month of Ramadhan, as well as throughout the year.


There are many places in Iraq where it is said that if you recite dua 
at these places then hell is haraam for you.  I have also heard that 
if you recite dua Jawshan - e - Kabeer on the three principal Shab - 
e - Kadr nights then the fire of hell will refuse to touch you.  But, 
a lot of sinful people also do these activities, how can they be 
promised heaven without punishment?


First and foremost, there is assumption in the question that if Hell is
prohibited on someone, it automatically warrants entry into Paradise. This
is not so as there is also A'araf to think of.

Secondly, there are verses in the Holy Quran which say who will be banished
to the fire of Hell. These include people who comitted acts that many of us
may find ourselves committing htem quite often (May the Almighty protect
us). For example, verse 50:24-26 which says,

' (It will be commanded) Cast ye two (angels) into hell every ingrate
rebel; the forbidder of good, the transgressor, the doubter; who did set up
with God other gods, then cast him ye two into the severe chastisement.'

We find there are so many actions and deeds in our life that will (God
forbid) result in the punishment of the Fire of Hell. Thus our only
recourse is to the grace and mercy of the Almighty and this we invoke with
Duas and other acts as mentioned in your question. We only hope and pray
that Allah will accept our attempts to invoke His mercy and that He will
forgive us our shortcomings - Amen

Wa Minallaahit Tawfiq

Mustafa Jaffer

Published by S.M.Masum

Retired Banker, India

4 thoughts on “Etiquette of Dua (or How To Supplicate to Allah)

  1. assalamalaikum
    dua should be made in secret it shldn’t be said to others and we shld pray to ALLAH COZ ALLAH alone as the powers to accept our prayers.


  2. slam,
    could you give me the reference of hadith ” A Hadith says, Whenever you recite Dua, assume that what you need is at the door.”
    Thank you


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