Know Zakir Nair by his Own lectures

Know Zakir Nair by his Own lectures

There is no compulsion in religion. Certainly, right has become clearly distinct from wrong. Whoever rejects the devil and believes in God has firmly taken hold of a strong handle that never breaks. God is All-hearing and knowing (2:256).

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We Strongly Condemn the recent Statment given by Dr.Zakir Naik during a liveprogramme telecasted recently on PEACE TV,about Saniha-e-Karbalaa,he was sayingthat Saniha-e-Karablaa is actualy a political movement not a war to defend islamand he also use word “Rehmatullah ALai” for Yazeed Ibn-e-Mauwiyaa(la

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Mr Zakir Nair learn islam before giving lectures.

13 thoughts on “Know Zakir Nair by his Own lectures”

  1. assalamalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu i woulid like if dc zakir nair can help with a question 4 our muslim brothers and sisters of our genaraiton today who some are blind to the faith of our allah and our islamic religion.i known a few of my brothers who have comitted great sins and who are scared of what they have done,who want to known can allah all mighty allah the mercifull forgive our muslim brothers that have comitted adultry or who have had sexuel enconters with women before marriige and whilst they are married,as it has been said that allah is mercifull.pleas tell me what do thse people have to do,some brothers are saying never to go on a path so evil again that has made them feel so ashamed and low in the eyes of allah and to this humen world,they are scared each day of their lifes,i have given some brothers some advise to start to go to jammat with muslim brothers and to fix up once and for all.And will allah the most mercifull forgive the muslims sisters tha have done aboartion what do they do,how do they ask for forgiveness,i have also told them to fix up and leave the path that has made them do such sinfull things and to promise never to return for allah forgives them who no that they have sind and to ask for repent for allah is the most mercifull pleas give me a reply.ASSALAMALAIKUM WARAHMATULLAHI WABARAKATU.


  2. hey u all,u r Muslims,shame on u.Islam is a religioon of HIkmat(Wisdom),U all never come out of the inertia and the boundries of ur own sect,u work for that,u ll never b able to understand the real history,uptill u ll nt b a true Neutral muslim.
    YEh sab keena parwari hai dosroon k khilaf,SHiasss mein itni himat hai aur akal hai to knowldege k sath jawab deenn,Na k Jahilloon k tarah aween bat karin.aur kabi Dr naik k refernces k bi Parh lia kerin.

    Tum sab jitni maarzi tehreek chala lo.Allah tallah Haq k madad kare ga aur Haq k raste mein asi choti moti tehreeken koi manee nahin rakhtin.

    May Allah bless all of us,and may take us to Sirate MUstakeem.


  3. Muawiyah ibn abu sufiyan invited Ayesha for dinner, and he got a ditch dug in the ground, filling it up with sharp knives and swords, with their blades facing upwards. According to Alama Ibn Khaldoon, Mauweyah masked that ditch with lanky pieces of wood, and spread a carpet on top of it all to camouflage it. He placed a wooden chair over it for Ayesha to sit. No sooner Ayesha sat on the chair, the whole set up retrieved and she fell in the pit, injuring herself from head to toe, and breaking a lot of bones. To hide his felony, Mauweyah got the ditched filled up with lime. That is how he murdered Ayesha; she was sixty four years old when Mauweyah murdered her towards the end of 57 Hijri. This proves, with out a doubt, that Mauweyah was an enemy of Prophet Mohammed (p), and he proved his enmity towards the Prophet (p) by murdering his (p) wife. The only reason that Mauweyah performed this heinous act was that Ayesha stopped him from making fun of Islam from the pulpit of Masjid-e-Nabvi.. This is why no one knows the exact location of Ayesha’s grave in Medina.”

    He killed the Mother of the Believers Ayesha in cold blood after ordering the killing of her brother Muhammad bin Abu Bakar. He was also responsible for the killings of many other companions of the Prophet (p) including Hajar bin Adi and Ammar Yasir.

    Following the death of Muhammad bin ‘Abu Bakr the people of Egypt gave bayya to Muaweyah. It was following this (event) that Ummul Mu’mineen Ayesha would curse Muaweyah and Amr bin Aas after every Salaat.

    Tadhkira ul Khawass page 62

    Sunni References:

    Musharriful Mahbubin by Hazrat Khuwaja Mehboob Qasim Chishti Mushrrafi Qadri Pages 216-218

    Kokab wa Rifi Fazal-e-Ali Karam Allah Wajhu, Page 484, By Syed Mohammed Subh-e-Kashaf AlTirmidhi, Urdu translation by Syed Sharif Hussein Sherwani Sabzawari, Published by Aloom AlMuhammed, number B12 Shadbagh, Lahore, 1st January 1963.

    Habib Alseer Rabiyah AlAbrar, Volume 1, Alama JarulAllah Zamik (530 Hijri),

    Hadoiqa Sanai, by Hakim Sanai (Died 525 Hijri, at Ghazni), Page 65-67,

    Namoos Islam, by Agha Hashim Sialkoti, Published Lahore, 1939 – Pages 66-67

    Tazkarah Tul-Aikram Tarikh-e-Khulafa Arab-Wa-Islam by Syed Shah Mohamed Kabir Abu Alalaiyi Dana Puri, Published Le Kishwar Press, Lakhnow, April 1924/ 1346 H


  4. As you people say that Dr.Zakir Naik did wrong work than you people have to think again mean that lesson he if use the words which you people think that they are not right to use than go to Dr.zakir naik office and make a table talk.
    Giving quotations in news not only blame Dr.Zakir Naik but also it blame islam also.
    So i am requesting you people that plz dont do that type of worrk.

    Ok For the sake of orgument You that Zakir naik make perdon from people.

    ok he do that work so what you people will get.

    I am sure you will get nothing.

    Dr.zakir Naik is your brother in islam you people have to go together not to go dispers because it blame ISLAM.
    AS you people know islam belive on unity.So if u have any eligation than go to Dr.Zakir naik and correct them but in a good way becasue he is your brother in islam.


    1. Dear Khaid,
      We respect your feeling but suggest you to read and understand Holy Quran and specially those part where Allah suggested not to support zalim and raise your voice against zalim, zulm.
      yazeed laeen was a killer of ahlulbayt, he attacked on Holy kaba and those who support zalim like yazeed laeen are his friends.
      That is why by Following quranic instructions we condemn zakir nair and his statement. One fact you should note zakir nair made islam his professional and in those who are familierwith is gathering knows he is more intrested in marketing his CD, and disputes hust make himself popular. If you are not his paid agent..plz refer Holy quran to save your imaan.


  5. Salam brother…
    As u say i have no objection on you.You are right.I am not saying that you people did wrong work, but i am saying that as you said he did wrong work.ok he did it .And i am nothing but from Dr.Zakir Naik side i apolgize from u people.
    You people are right.Lets unite and who we will unite.
    The way is mention in the holy Quran.”Follow Allah and His Massenger(Muhammad PBUH)”.
    If i do a wrong thing it is your duty to correct me.As it is mention in Quran that “Correct your Work”.I agree with you people that if Dr.Shab had done wrong thing you have the right to oppose but the way of oppsing should be vary fine.
    Becasue as you gave the quotation in News. That was good becasue it is your duty to correct him.
    But in my mind the best way was that, that you call Dr.Zakir Naik and say to him that you did the wrong work while you say the statment.Than it will be good You people should unite becasue all of u are the Muslim.

    if Dr.Zakir do some wrong thing than you will correct but the way should be good.When other people lesson this they start blaming islam.They say that the Knowledgable people of Islam are doing wrong work than why we should do good work?????????


  6. I agree with Brother Khalid Mahmoud,We all are Brothers,His word should be condemned by all Muslims.Dr Zakir Naik is the person who point out fingures on other religion, He should know why people go to Church,Temple or Mosque,They have their own style if you are good and callyazid His friend,OK.But please dont hurt others sentiments,


  7. Notes : Ibn Maja, Sunan, Vol. 1, p. 51, No. 143.
    Kaffir Yazid was the son of kaffir Mu’awiyya and grandson of kaffir Abu Sufyan – the arch-enemy of the Prophet Muhammad (sal). Mas’udi writes that Yazid was a pleasure-seeking person, given to drunkenness and filthy living. Small wonder that Husayn’s response to Yazid’s governor, when asked to pay allegiance to Yazid was, “We are the household of the Prophethood, the source of Messengership, the descending-place of the Angels, through us Allah had began (showering Hu’s favours) and with us Hu has perfected (Hu’s favours), whereas Yazid is a sinful person, a drunkard, the killer of innocent people and one who openly indulges in sinful acts. A person like me can never pledge allegiance to a person like him…”


  8. WE appericiate Zakir naik with his great efforts for Islam. He is the sword of Islam. No doubt about people fingers raising against him. It’s the nature of people to rise there fingers on others though they are true or wrong


  9. Leave Zakir (Thaakir) Naik alone for a while google (United Muslim Nations UMN International) and find a world of wisdom in seconds trust me your world will change after reading through the articles there.


  10. Dear zakir naik…
    sub se phele tu app ko buhat saari duayen k aap jesa scholar paida nai hosakta iss dunia mai… jo ilm humay aap se milta hai wo kahin nai mil sakta app ko allah humesha khushian de …. or aap ka koi programm mai nai choorta………. app k liye buhat si duaein hai mere dil mai jahan tak sawal hai karbala or yazeed ka tu uss mai sub se phele mai ye khena chahun ga k sub se phele aap ki maaa ki chood hai jiss ki choot se aap niklay ho theek hai.. doosri baat ye hai k tum jese gandi naali k keeron najaiz aulad hotay hain jo asi chutiapay ki baaten kartay hain…. mader chood k bachun tum loog ki daleelayn bhi gahalt hoti hain tum ko tu itna nai pata k kon si AYAT kahan hain kisi number pai…bus tv pai atay ho apni kaali balun wali gaand dikhatay ho chuhay jese or baaten chood k chalay jatay ho mader chood tu jiss din mil gaya na kahin khara hua ya mudd marta hun teri gaand apnay kuttay se katwaoonga or apnay kuttay ki mudd tujhay pilaonga rundi k bachay…. mera khoon kholta hai teri badkaaar shakal dekh k…. pata nai kiss mudd ki paiadawar hai rundi ka bacha…… bharway kabhi nazar mat ana ghalti se bhi maa choodunga teri….. jahanbhi mil gaya kuttay k lund….


  11. WE appericiate Zakir naik with his great efforts for Islam. He is the sword of Islam. No doubt about people fingers raising against him. It’s the nature of people to rise there fingers on others though they are true or wrong


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