gul haai aqeedat haiN yeh ashAAr nahiN haiN”

264f.jpgJise aap per yaqeN hai wohee namah bhejta hai

Yeh areezah ik moHib ne baRee aas se likha hai

UnheN Hal.e runj likhkhooN yeh to dil ki zid hai warna

Mira kaun sa alam hai jo Imaam se chupa hai

Mire Khat pe haNs rahe ho tumheN kya Khabar hai logo!

Yehee hai jawaab khat ka mira dard tham gaya hai

Yeh chiraaG.e zindagaani mujhe Dar hai bujh na jaye

Nah mira koii Thikaana nah kuch aap ka pataa hai

Mire dil ki tarah shayad woh bhi muntazir hai unka

Jo musallah muddatoN se kahiN aab per bicha hai

Isey manqabat nah samjho yeh hai bada.e mowaddat

Keh harek sunne waalaa isey pee ke jhoomta hai

Yeh miree hayaat “jawaid” ik andheree shub se budtar

Mira aaKhree qamar tha jo GhaTa meN kho gaya hai



Sub kuch hai magar bazm meN sarkaar nahiN haiN

Jalte hain diye noor ke aasaar nahiN haiN

Hum chup hain keh Haal unpe harik dil ka ayaaN hai

Yeh kisne kahaa taalib.e deedar nahiN haiN

Gaaiib he saheeh koii tou hai moonis.o.mohsin

Hum Khoosh hain ke nahiN haiN

Maula ko areezeh meN bus itna hi likha hai

KyuuN chain se Sarwar ke azaadaar nahiN haiN

Hai kaisee ajab sultanat.e deen ki Haalat

darbaar tou hai Haakim.e darbaar nahiN haiN

Ab kaun kare chaak Suf aaraaii.e baTil

Gazee haiN magar misl.e Alamdaar nahiN haiN

“Jawaid” qaseedey meN muwaddat ki mahik hai

Gul haai aqeedat hain yeh ashAAr nahiN haiN

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SHAHSAWAAR E KARBALA …Hafeez* Jalandhari

SHAHSAWAAR E KARBALA …Hafeez* Jalandhari

ibaas hai phata hua, ghubaar meiN ata hua
tamaam jism e naazneeN, chida hua, kata hua
yeh kaun zeewaqaar hai, bala ka shahsawaar hai
ke hai hazaaroN qaatiloN ke saamne data hua

yeh bilyaqeeN Hussain (A.S.) hai,
Nabi(SAW) ka noorEy ain hai

ke jiski eik zarb se, kamaal’e fann e harb se
kai shaqi girEy huEy, taRap rah’e haiN karb se
ghazab hai teighaEy do-sarr, ke eik eik waar par
uthi sadaa’e alamaaN, zabaan e sharq o gharb se

yeh bilyaqeeN Hussain (A.S.) hai,
Nabi(SAW) ka noorEy ain hai

yeh kaun haq parast hai, maey redha se mast hai
ke jiske saamn’e koi, buland hai na pUst hai
udhar hazaar ghaat hai, magar ajeeb baat hai
ke eik se hazaarha ka hausla shikast hai

yeh bilyaqeeN Hussain (A.S.) hai,
Nabi(SAW) ka noorEy ain hai

aba bhi taar taar hai, tO jism bhi figar hai
zameeN bhi hai tapi hui, falak bhi shola baar hai
magar ye mard e teigh zann, ye sAff shikan, falak figan
kamaal e sabr o tandehi se mahwe kaarzaar hai

yeh bilyaqeeN Hussain (A.S.) hai,
Nabi(SAW) ka noorEy ain hai

dilawari meiN fArd hai, baRa hi sheir e mard hai
ke jiske dabdab’e se dushmanoN ka rAng zard hai
habib e Mustafa(SAW) hai ye, mujaahid’e Khuda hai ye
jabhi tO iske saamney, ye fauj gard bard hai

yeh bilyaqeeN Hussain (A.S.) hai,
Nabi(SAW) ka noorEy ain hai

udhar sipaah’e Shaam hai, hazaar inteqaam hai
udhar haiN dushmanaan’e deeN, idhar faqat Imam hai
magar ajeeb shaan hai, ghazab ki aan baan hai
ke jis taraf uthi hai teigh, bAs Khuda ka naam hai

yeh bilyaqeeN Hussain (A.S.) hai,
Nabi(SAW) ka noorEy ain hai

Here are some of the verses in Janab Mesum’s Shaan

Madhha ke moti rol rahi hai
Kanon me ras ghol rahi hai
Haan ye zabaan Mesum ki Zabaan hai
kat gayi laikin bol rahi hai(Mohammad Ali Wafa)
Phir nageenaon me tul rahi hai zabaan
Aabe Kauser se dhul rahi hai zabaan
Ba adab ba mulhaiza hoshiyar
madhe Haider me khul rahi hai zabaan
Faraze daar se Mesum bayan dete hain
Hum Ali ki mohabbath main jaan dete hain
chadhalo daar pe jo chaho zulm karlo magar
rahega zikre Ali hum zaban dethe hain
Bole Mesum yadgarain imthehaan reh jayegi
Baat mabaine zameen o asmaan reh jayegi
Madhe Haider ruk nahi sakti kabhi ab hashr tak
maine dedi hai zabaan, meri zabaan reh jayegi
(Rasheed Shaheedi)
Sirf Mesum ki zabaan kaat ke khush tha zaalim
Kya khabar thi use ye sar tha khadam bolenge
(Aga Saroosh)

Rights of a brother in faith

Rights of a brother in faith

By: Syed Masoom Abidi

There are numerous traditions in connection with the rights of the believers and brothers-in-faith. A few of such traditions are quoted below:

Mualla Bin-Khanees asked Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (a.s.): “What are the rights of the believing brother?”

Imam (a.s.) replied, “Seven rights of the believers are Wajib (obligatory)- If one fails to fulfill even one of these rights, he is externed from Allah’s obedience. He shall not receive any reward from the Almighty.”

“What are those seven rights?” enquired Mualla. Imam (a.s.) said, ” I fear that you may fail to act upon them.” Mualla said, “La Quwwata Illa Billah” (It won’t be so).

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (a.s.) said, “The foremost right is that you wish for the believing brothers whatever you wish for yourself.”

Imam (a.s.) then related the other six rights,

“The second right is that you must refrain from angering him and try to seek his pleasure and obey him.

The third right is that you help him with you life, your wealth, your tongue, and your hands.

The fourth right is that you guide him and teach him that which is beneficial for him.

The fifth, is that do not eat till satiation when your believing brother is hungry, and do not drink to satiation if he is thirsty, and do not dress nicely if he is deprived of good clothes.

The sixth right is that if you have a servant you should send him to do his work.

The seventh right is that if the believing brother says something on oath you should believe him, if he invites, you accept his invitation, if he is sick, visit him, if he dies, accompany his bier, if you come to know any of his needs fulfill it before he asks.

Rights of Sadaat:

Allama Hilli in his book `Qawaidul Ahkam’ counsels his son Fakhrul Muhaqqiqin in the following words:

“You should practice Sileh Rahmi with the pure descendants of the Sadaat also. The Almighty Allah has emphasized upon this duty so much that he has made the love of relatives of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) as a compensation of the Prophetic mission.”

“…Say: I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives….” (Shuara 42:23)

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said: “I shall intercede for four types of people even if they carry the sins of all humanity: A person who has helped my descendants and progeny; A person who has spent his wealth upon my descendants when they were in need; A person who has loved my Progeny with his tongue and his heart; A person who has considered the wants of my descendants when they were surrounded by enemies and were homeless.

Sermon of Hadrat Zainab (A.S.) in Shaam

Sermon of Hadrat Zainab (A.S.) in Shaam

By: Kaniz Aaliya

Presenting this sermon of Bint-e-Ali on the occasion of Arba’in when Hadrat Zainab Bint-e-Ali (A.S.) along with other holy ladies and children of Ahl-ol Beit (A.S.) came to Karbala …

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Allah’s blessing be upon His Messenger Muhammad and his entire progeny. True are the words of Allah, who says, “Then the end of those who committed evil was that they disbelieved in Allah’s signs and they were ridiculing them.” (30:10)

Do you, Yazid, think that – when you blocked all our avenues of the earth and the horizons of the heavens before us, so we were driven as captives – that we are worthless in the eyes of Allah and that you are respectful in His eyes? Or is it because you enjoy with Him a great status? So, you look down at us and become arrogant, elated, when you see the world submissive to you and things are done as you want them, and when our authority and power became all yours?

But wait! Have you forgotten that Allah said, “Do not regard those who disbelieved that we grant them good for themselves? We only give them a respite so that they may increase their sins, and for them there is a humiliating torment.” (3:178)

Is it fair, O son of the “Released Ones” that you keep your ladies and bond maidens in their chambers (under protection), and at the same time you drive the daughters of the Messenger of Allah as captives with their veils removed and faces exposed, taken by their enemies from one land to another, being viewed by those at watering places as well as those who man your forts, with their faces exposed to the looks of everyone – near or distant, lowly or honourable, having none of their men with them nor any of their protectors?

But what can be expected from one descended from those whose mouths chewed the liver of the purified ones and whose flesh grows out of the blood of the martyrs? How can it be expected that one who looks at us with grudge and animosity, with hatred and malice, would not hate us – the Ahlul Bayt? Besides, you, without feeling any guilt or weighing heavily what you recite saying, They would have been very much delighted, Then they’d have said, “May your hands, O Yazid, never be paralyzed.”

How dare you hit the lips of Abu Abdillah (A.S.), the Master of the Youths of Paradise? But why should you not do so, since you stirred a wound that almost healed, and since all mercy is removed from your hear, having shed the blood of the offspring of Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny, and the stars on the earth from among the family of Abdul-Muttalib? Then you cite your mentors as if you speak to them. Soon shall you be lodged with them, and soon shall you wish you were paralyzed and muted and never said what you said nor what you did.

O Allah, take what belongs to us out of his hands, seek revenge against those who oppressed us, and let Your wrath descend upon whoever shed our blood and killed our protectors! By Allah, you have burnt only our skin, you have cut only our flesh, and you shall com face to face with the Messenger of Allah, peace of Allah be upon him and his progeny, bearing the burdens of the blood which you have shed, the blood of his offspring, and of his sanctities which you violated, when Allah gathers them together and seeks equality on their behalf.
“And do not reckon those who are slain in the way of Allah as dead. Nay! They are living with their Lord, receiving their sustenance.” (3:169)

It is quite sufficient that Allah is your judge and Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon his progeny, is your opponent and (Archangel) Jibraeel as the supporter (of Muhammad). All those who instigated you to do what you did and all those who put you in charge due to which you are a playing havoc with the lives of the Muslims will know for certain how evil the end of the oppressors is and which of you shall have the worst place and will be the least protected?

Although calamities have forced me to speak to you, I see you trivial in my eyes and find your verbal attacks great and regard your rebukes too much to bear, but the eyes are tearful, and the chests are filled with depression. What is even stranger is that the honoured Party of Allah is being killed by the Party of the “Released Ones” – Party of Shaytan. Such hands are dripping with our blood; such mouths are feeding on our flesh, while those sacred and pure corpses are offered as food to the wild beasts of the desert and are dirtied by the brutes. If you regard us as your booty, you shall soon find us as your opponents -that will be when you find nothing but what your hands had committed.
“And your Lord never treats His servants unjustly.” (41:46)
To Allah is my complaint, and upon Him do I rely.

So scheme whatever you wish to scheme, and carry out your plots, and intensify your efforts, for, by Allah, you shall never be able to obliterate our mention, nor will you ever be able to kill the revelation (that was revealed to us), nor will you ever exalt our position, nor will your shame ever be washed away. Your view shall be proven futile, your days limited in number, and your wealth wasted on the Day when the caller calls out,
“The curse of Allah be upon the oppressors.” (11:18)

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, who sealed the life of our early ones with happiness and forgiveness, and that of our last ones with martyrdom and mercy. We plead to Allah to complete His rewards for them, grant them an increase, and recompense us pleasingly. He is the most Merciful, the most Compassionate, Allah suffices us, and He is the best Guardian