Amaal and dua 19th, 21st ,23rd Night.



One who offers four raka’at Namaz in this night and in each raka’at he /she recites SUrah Fatiha and Surah Qadr once each and Surah Ikhlas 27 times, his/her all earlier sins are pardoned and he becomes like a child who is born the same day. Allah will also give him a thousand palaces in the paradise.

According to another narration, one who offers four rak’at Namaz on the 27th night of the month of Ramadan and in each raka’at he/she recites after Surah Fatiha, Surah Qadr three times and Surah Ikhlas fifty times and after Salaam again goes in Sajda (Prostration) and recites

“Subhaan Allahe Walhamdolillahe Walahelaha illallaho Wallahoakbar”

and then whatever Dua he/she makes that will be granted and the Almighty will pardon his/her sins and give him/her countless rewards. (Ghunyatul Talibeen)

Click for  Aamaal for

Laylatul Qadr TEXT

Aamaal for Laylatul Qadr

Dua Iftetah by Syed Modarresi

On October 22, 2004, we were honoured to listen to Dua Iftetah by Syed Mahdi Al Modarresi

Listen Online Down-load

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Qur’an Amaal, Holy Ramadhan 2003, By Syed Ali Hamid Jafari

Dua – e – Iftetah
with on-screen English translation
Due – e – Tawassul
with on-screen English translation

Dua – e – Kumail

with on-screen English translation

Qur’an A’maal
with on-screen clips

Munajaat Imam Ali (A) – with on-screen English Translation

Dua – e – Abu Hamza Thumali
with on-screen English translation

Dua Taubah
with on-screen English translation

Dua Makarimul Akhlaq
with on-screen English translation

Dua Jaushan – e – Kabeer
with on-screen English translation

Short Speech on Laylatul-Qadr


Complete Aamaal for Laylatul Qadr(text)


9 thoughts on “Amaal and dua 19th, 21st ,23rd Night.”

  1. Assalam-u-Alikum,

    Dear brothers and sisters! Holy month of Ramzan (the month of Allah) is once again offering countless blessings of Allah. Let’s try to gain maximum part of these blessings by reviewing our thoughts and actions.

    Every good action is rewarded many times more in this month than in other days. Try to devote the precious moments of these days in remembrance of Allah and Holy ones.



    May this holy month be a MUBARIK month for all of us.


    Syeda Quratulain Bukhari


  2. Alhamdullilah the job done by yourselves in this amal’s is just out of this world may ALLAH(swt) accept your efforts and reward you ….AMEEN


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