Brahmins Fought for Imam Hussain in the Battle of Karbala

Brahmins Fought for Imam Hussain in the Battle of Karbala

by Rakesh Sharma

Hindus have a long association with Iraq and Muslims. Please read the article below:

The presence in Arabia of many Hindus. mostly Brahmins. before the rise of Islam, has been recorded by the historian Sisir Kumar Mitra, in his book ‘The Vision of India’. page 183. These people observed Hindu religious customs, including the worship of Shiva and Makresha from which the name of Mecca is said to have been derived. The famous astrologer Yavanacharya was born of one such Brahmin family. It was from these Brahmins that the Arabs learnt the science of Mathematics, Astrology, Algebra and decimal notation which were first developed in India.

At the time of the war of Karbala (Oct. 680 AD). Rahab Sidh Datt, a potentate of Datt sect, was a highly esteemed figure of Arabia due to his close relations with the family of Prophet Mohammed. In the holy war when no Muslim King came to help Hussain. Rahab fought On his side mld sacrificed his seven sons (named Sahas Rai. Haras Rai, Sher Khan, Rai Pun, Ram Singh, Dharoo and Poroo) in the bloody war.

A Brief Account of the Episode: After the death of Mohammed, he was succeeded by Abu Bakr, Omar and Osman, as the Caliphs: all three were related to him by marriage alliances. Osman was not popular and was assassinated. After his death, Hazrat AlL the son-in-law of Mohammed (he was also his first cousin) who was married to the Prophet’s third daughter and the only surviving issue, Bibi Fatima Zahira, became the 4th Caliph. There was stiff opposition to Ali’s rule from Amir Moavia, a known protege of Osman. He fought with him a bitter war for 5 years and finally got him murdered in a mosque of Koofa, his mausoleum with a golden dome, stands in the nearby town of Najaf (Iraq). After the extermination of Ali, Moavia grabbed the Caliphate and converted the Islamic state into a kingdom, After his death, his notorious son Yazid became the next ruler. However, the rightful claimants of the Caliphate were the descendants of Hazrat Ali, namely, Hassan and Hussain. While Hassan abdicated his claim to the crown and later died of suspected poisoning, his younger brother Imam Hussain who was till then leading a secluded life in Medina, came out and challenged the usurper, Yazid. It was the war of attrition between the two which led to the bloodshed of Karbala (102 km south of Baghdad), on Oct. 10, 680 AD.

The participation of the Mohyals Brahmins and more precisely that of a Dutt family living in Arabia at that time, in the holy war, is a fact of the history. They were a part of the entourage of 200 men and women, including 72 members of Hussain’s family (40 on foot and 32 on horseback), when he left Medina and made an arduous trek to Karbala, where he had a large friendly following. After 18 days, i.e. on the 2nd. day of Mohurrum, the Hussain’s caravan reached Karbala, on the bank of river Euphrates and surrounded by a hostile desert. On the 7th day of Mohurrum, all hell broke out when 30,000 strong army sent by Yazid from Mecca and other places, attacked them. 6,000 soldiers guarded the river bank to ensure that not a drop of water reached the Hussain’s thirsty innocents. By sunset of 10th (Ashoor), a Friday, all were dead including his step brother Abbas (32), his son Ali Akbar (22), daughter Skeena (4) and 6 months old infant Ali Asghar who was killed by an arrow while perched in his lap. Imam Hussain himself was slain with thirty three strokes of lances and swords by Shimr, the hatchet man of ignominious Yazid. The ruffians of Yazid, as they ran carrying the smitten head of Hussain to the castle of Koofa, were chased by Rahab. He retrieved the holy man’s head, washed it reverentially and then carried it to Damascus. According to legend, he was overtaken by Yazid’s men during his ovenight shelter on the way. They demanded Hussain’s head from him: Rahab executed the head of one of his sons and offered to them. They shouted that it was not the Hussain’s head, then he beheaded his second son and they again yelled that it was not his. In this way Rahab executed the heads of his seven sons but did not part with the head of Imam Hussain. Later, after one year, it was buried in Karbala along with rest of his body.

The intrepid Datts rallied round Amir Mukhtar, the chief of the partisans of Imam Hussain, fought with extraordinary heroism and captured and razed the fort of Koofa, seat of Yazid’s governor, Obaidullah, the Butcher. After scoring a resounding victory on the battlefield, they beat the drums and yelled out that they had avenged the innocent blood of Hussain shed at Karbala.

It is also significant to note that even before the Karbala incident, Hazrat Ali had entrusted the public exchequer to the regiment of the valiant Datts, at the time of the Battle of Camels fought near Basra.

The above provides an impeccable evidence about tha pragmatic role played by the Datt Mohyals in the catastrophe of Karbala. There are more than a dozen ballads composed centuries ago which vividly and with great passion describe the scenario of the historic event.

Interestingly, in the Preface of his famous historical novel, titled Karbala, published in 1924 from Lucknow, Munshi Prem Chand has stated that the Hindus who fought and sacrificed their lives in the holy war of Karbala, are believed to be the descendants of Ashvathama.This clearly establishes their link with the Datts who consider Ashvathama as an ancestor of their clan.

Later on, when Sunnis let loose an orgy of vendetta on Shias and Datts, Datts returned to their motherland around 700 AD and settled at Dina Nagar, District Sialkot (vide Bandobast Report of Gujarat by Mirza Azam Beg page 422 and folk songs) and some drifted to as far as the holy Pushkar in Rajasthan. Starting from Harya Bandar (modern Basra on the bank of river Tigris) with swords in hand and beating durms, they forced their way through Syria and Asia Minor and marching onwards captured Ghazni, Balkh and Bukhara. After annexing Kandhar, they converged on Sind and crossing the Sind at Attock they entered the Punjab.

An ancestor of Rahab named Sidh Viyog Datt assumed the title of Sultan and made Arabia (old name Iraq) his home. He was a tough and tenacious fighter. He was also known as Mir Sidhani. He was a worshipper of Brahma. He was the son of the stalwart Sidh Jhoja (Vaj) who was a savant and saint and lived in Arabia (Iraq) around 600 AD.

The supporters of Hassan and Hussain honoured the Datts with the htle of ‘Hussaini Brahmin’ and treated them with great reverence in grateful recognition of the supreme sacrifices made by them in the war of Karbala. According to Jang Nama, written by Ahmed Punjabi, pages 175-176, it was ordained on the Shias to recite the name of Rahab in their daily prayer. At the time to the Karbala, fourteen hundred Hussaini Brahmins lived in Baghdad alone

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      • We respect all the hindus who fought for HUSSAIN (A.S) and we respect all the caliphs. Stop abusing them FOR ALLAH’S SAKE….. HUSSAIN is not only yours HUSSAIN belongs to all muslims. KISI KO KAFIR YA MUSALMAN PROVE KARNA CHOR DO A MUSALMANO APNI FIKAR KARO.
        Hazrat ALI (R.A) farmatay hain k buhut se log meray ishq may gumrah hojaingay or buhut se log meray keenay ki waja se.
        Tasveer k dono rukh deko aik par iktifa mat karo…

      • farwa apko islam ki un azim hastion k bary my kehny sy paehly islam ki history ko study krna hastion k islam py bohat ehasan hain.or inhon ny islam k lye dia hi hy liya kuch ni.or hazrat ali in hastion sy muhabat karty thy.yehi wja thi k unhon ny apny bachon k nam abubakr,umar or usman k nam py rkhy.or koi apny bachon k nam dushmanon k name py nahi rakhta.or hazrat ali ny apni beti ka nikah b hazrat umar sy kia.esi or boaht c misalen hain.kabhi tassub ki ainak hata k mutalea kijye ga.

  1. In many ancient Hindu scriptures there’s mention of the war of Karbala. Maybe what is said by Mr. Rakesh is true. We shias are indebted to those who have helped our Imam. We are greatful to them and will always remain so. We love our Hindu brethren and our country India.

  2. Thank you for this amazing piece of Islamic History of which I was not aware. Could someone please advise where I can purchase the book by Munshi Prem Chand? I have read about Rahab, but did not know of these facts regarding his enormous personal sacrifice. As we say in Farsi; Ajr e Shoma Ba Sayyad us Shuhuda (Your reward is with Imam Hussain-the most sublime of martyrs)
    Thank you for sharing this information and may information such as this be more widespread and serve to foster a better understanding amongst communities everywhere.

  3. Mr.Rakesh Sharma deserves to be commended for bringing out such an enlightening article.While all along I was aware that Dutt Brahmins were followers of the Imam and used to take part in Moharram related functions,I was not aware to the full extent of their involvement in the tragedy of Karbala and their response to the Call given by the Imam.
    Thanks once again for the article and by the way,as one brother mentioned : it is not in our domain to acknowledge and/or reward the Rahab Family and their brethren for the dedication and sacrifices made to the Imam , but it is entirely upto Bibi Sayyeda to recompense the same, as she knows best, the value of even a drop of tear shed in grieving the Holy Imam and his Pure Progeny.

      • Dear Adil… Pls don’t get offended … be patient & read carefully, what I’m about to reveal here… THAT:; Islam is not a Religion for only Muslims … but It’s a Greatest Religion for ALL HUMANITY, who complies … Our Beloved Prophet SAWAW is not the Prophet of Muslims, infact He is “Rehmatul-lil-Aalameen”, Merciful for ALL & Allah (SWT) is THE RAB-BUL-ALAMEEN… LORD OF ALL … it is therefore, Imam Hussain & Hussainiyat is not religion of U cn understand … unless U belongs to Wahabi (Ahl-e-Hadith), Deobandi Fiqha or U may be a sypmathizer of Moavia & Yazid than… this examples does not comply on U @ all… U can say & Do, whatever U feel to say & do so… I’ve no objection … coz My religion teaches me not to be Prejudice to mankind despite of their believes … as My Holy book Says “Lakum Denookum Vali-ya Deen” … Love for all … Hate for NONE … Take Care.. :-)

      • Dear Adil… Pls don’t get offended … be patient & read carefully, what I’m about to reveal here… THAT:; Islam is not a Religion for only Muslims … but It’s a Greatest Religion for ALL HUMANITY, who complies … Our Beloved Prophet SAWAW is not the Prophet of Muslims, infact He is “Rehmatul-lil-Aalameen”, Merciful for ALL & Allah (SWT) is THE RAB-BUL-ALAMEEN… LORD OF ALL … Neither Our Last Prophet (SAWAW) nor our ALLAH (SWT) belongs to any particular Group or Sect…

        it is therefore, Imam Hussain & Hussainiyat does not belongs to SHIA, Particularly, but the Hussaniyat is for all the mankind. Hope U can understand now… unless U belongs to Wahabi (Ahl-e-Hadith), Deobandi Fiqha or U may be a sympathizer of Moavia & Yazid than… this examples does not comply on U @ all… U can say & Do, whatever U feel to say & do so… I’ve no objection … coz My religion teaches me not to be Prejudice to mankind despite of their believes … as My Holy book Says “Lakum Denookum Vali-ya Deen” … Love for all … Hate for NONE … Take Care.. :-)

    • Dear Adil,
      I read your comment with grief and disappointment because you offended many people including those who sacrificed themselves in Karbala. I fail to understand that humanity and and understanding has not reached your esteemed self.
      These Bhramins who gave their lives for beloved Hussain are better human that me and you. We just cry in his name but can I or you do what these respectable and unselfish Bhramins for the Imam. Imam Hussain was the Imam of everyone who loved him and understood his sacrifices.
      I is greatest shame that despite of growing in this religion you should insult the faith of others. Your Imam would not like that.
      Please be nice to your fellow brothers because they are the creatures of same God that created you and respect their faith and religion. Your Imam did that too. Your prophet is the prophet of all creatures of God and not only Muslims.
      Please grow up with love that was taught to you by the Prophet.
      Your comments though very short but very disturbing and promotes hate and discord.

  4. Fakhr al-Razi and others mentioned the above tradition under the commentary of the following verse of Quran, in which Allah tell his Messenger:

    “(O Prophet) tell (people) I don’t ask you any wage (in return for my prophethood) except to love my near kin. And if anyone earns any good We shall give Him an increase of good (in return for it)” (Quran 42:23).
    Ibn Abbas narrated: When the above verse (42:23) was revealed, the companions asked: “O’ the Messenger of Allah! Who are those near kin whose love Allah has made obligatory for us?” Upon that the Prophet (PBUH&HF) said: “Ali, Fatimah, and their two sons.” He (PBUH&HF) repeated this sentence thrice.
    Sunni references:

    Tafsir al-Kabir, by Fakhr al-Din al-Razi, Part 27, pp 165-166
    Tafsir al-Tha’labi, under the commentary of verse 42:23 of Quran
    Tafsir al-Tabari, by Ibn Jarir al-Tabari, under verse 42:23
    Tafsir al-Qurtubi, under commentary of verse 42:23 of Quran
    Tafsir al-Kashshaf, by al-Zamakhshari, under commentary of verse 42:23
    Tafsir al-Baidhawi, under the commentary of verse 42:23 of Quran
    Tafsir al-Kalbi, under commentary of verse 42:23 of Quran
    al-Madarik, in connection with verse 42:23
    Dhakha’ir al-Uqba, by Muhibbuddin al-Tabari, p25
    Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal,
    al-Sawa’iq al-Muhriqah, by Ibn Hajar Haythami, Ch. 11, section 1, p259
    Shawahid al-Tanzeel, Hakim Hasakani, al-Hanafi, v2, p132
    Many others such as Ibn Abi Hatam, al-Tabarani, etc.

  5. Excuse me Mr. Masoom, where did I say the Prophet Alayhis Salaam and Ahle Bayt as Idolator, First learn to understand English, then talk and speaking of Kin there are others who were a part of Ahle Bayt like Hadrat Jafar ibn Abu Talib, who was the brother of Hadrath (Not Imam) Ali and Hadrat Abbas who was an uncle to both Prophet Mohammed and Hadrat Ali, so if you think we dont love Hadrath Ali, Bibi Fatima Az Zahra and Hadrath Hasan and Hussain you are sadly mistaken.

    Also what was sooo amusing was the fact that it was mentioned that HINDUS helped Hadrath Hussain and was mentioned that Brahmins were influential LOOOOOL!!! GET REAL!!! Influential but did not convert when idolatory was almost abolished in Arabia some Hindu calles himself sultan, what I infer of this is complete comedy….

    • Dear Adil,

      i believe please dont mind but you have to have abroader horizan.It is a sahmeful act on part of muslims who were reciting kalma of Muhammed(pbuh) and killed the family of the same.The people in the religion shoudl role model by practice if they want any idolaters to convert.If the idolaters were witnessing that muslims who were recting the kalma of their prophet and killing his family…..i dont think they would ever like to convert to Islam as we get what we have shown to them and what we have shown is that we are im morale people who would get sold off for just some money or for power………that ‘s what the history says or shows…..muslims being sold at the hands of the wrong doers for worldy benefits……i think you need to get real…….and respect regardless of what religion they are just see what there deeds were…

  6. Thanks adil for confirming that you do not believe Our holy prophet(s.a.w)were not close to Idolators.

    Now please confirm why you think its a joke when any person said Brahmins Fought for Imam Hussain in the Battle of Karbala.

    Why you do you not think , characters and teachings of Imam husain (a.s) was so good that kuffar also helped him when munafiqs attacked on him?

    The mening of that heading is..Kuffar helped leader of islam(imam husain(a.s) when munafiqs attacked him….

    Kuffar supported aginst munafiqs and we all know the munafiqs are worst than kuffar..

    Now read christians, jews and Idolators praised Holy prophet(s.a.w)..
    K. S. Ramakrishna Rao in ‘Mohammed: The Prophet of Islam,’ 1989
    My problem to write this monograph is easier, because we are not generally fed now on that (distorted) kind of history and much time need not be spent on pointing out our misrepresentations of Islam. The theory of Islam and sword, for instance, is not heard now in any quarter worth the name. The principle of Islam that “there is no compulsion in religion” is well known.

    Sir George Bernard Shaw in ‘The Genuine Islam,’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936.
    “If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it could be Islam.”
    “I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which can make itself appeal to every age. I have studied him – the wonderful man and in my opinion for from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Savior of Humanity.”
    “I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today.”

    Like this so many…
    NOW PLZ COMMENT BECAUSE I CANT COMMENT LIKE YOU “Dont make me laugh!! Idolators having close relationship with Ahle Bait and Holy Prophet(s.a.w). Get Real!!!


  7. Dear Adil,
    The day you will understant how to love Allah , jis messenger and ahlulbayt, you will sure feel happy after seeing kuffar, jews praising Holy propeht(a.s.w) and supporting them when munafiq attacks.

    Holy quran says: Do not spread mischief in the land.. Do not create dispute among believers.
    Its sad they when enemies are busy in insulting Holy prophet(a.s) and , some like you pass your time in declaring all the followers and lovers of ahlulbayt are baiscally from jews.

    In fact all those who are SHIA(friends) of ahlulbayt…in your eyes all such muslims are jews..
    what a big joke that before declaring your other muslim brother you never think what is the order of Holy Prophet (s.a.w) in this matter?

    Prophet Muhammad (Salalaho alehe wasalam) said : If a person says to his brother, O KAFIR (disbeliever) ! Then surely one of them is such. (i.e; Kafir) (Sahih Bukhari Volume 8 Book 73 Number 125)

    Prophet Muhammad (Salalaho alehe wasalam) said : Any person who calls his brother: O Unbeliever! (then the truth of this label) would return to one of them. If it is true, (then it is) as he asserted, (but if it is not true), then it returns to him (and thus the person who made the accusation is an Unbeliever). [Sahih Muslim Book 001, Number 0117:]

    Prophet Muhammad (Salalaho alehe wasalam) has warned us that if a person calls another KAFIR and the person called that is not one, then the individual who made the accusation is a KAFIR. And he/she has to perform TAJDEED-E-IMAAN and TAJDEED-E-NIKAH (if married)

    Therefore, if you call other Muslims “kafir” or “mushrik” without discrimination, you could find that you have left Islam, according to the words of the Prophet (s.a.w.), in less than a second.

    Be careful who you call Kafir because only Allah knows who is truly a rejector and who is merely a misguided person. It is not up to us to “sentence” a person to the Hellfire.

    Imaan is our actual wealth. So we must be very careful while talking.

    so dear adil love for ahlulbayt is an order of Holy quran and Holey prophet(s.a.w) and it is wajib on all the muslims to accept it..

    Learn more about bani hashim and bani umaiya…and also try to see..what Quran said: Love for banu hashim or bani umaiya?

    karbala was the revenge of yazeeed what hazrat ali(a.s) did to his ancestors in Badr and Hunayn.

    Its very clear those who love and follow Imam husain(a.s) are on right path but those who have sympathy with yazeed are supporters of jews….

    and in a same way it is also wajib on all muslim not to declare any muslim sect kafir, jews…
    If you want to know who love jews..then try to see who was aginst Imam husain(a.) at karbala….A honest khalifa or supporter of jews…?

  8. After reading this artical I wish to share what I had read in a paper named as Muharram Nama, That is one of the wife of Imam Husain (Janabe Shahar Bano) was daughter of a Persian King,and one of her sister got married to Chandragupt Ditya (A King of India).
    When Chandragupt came to know that one of the comander (Hazrat Hurr who later on fought in favour of Imam Husain in Karbala) of yazeed is taking the Kafila of Imam Husain towards Karbala, He had sent one of his regiment to help Imam Husain. But when that regiment reached Karbala, the battle was over and the prisinors of war(the remaining female and child members of the family of Imam Husain) was taken to Sham, At that time, on being late that regiment had cried a lot then putted some fire and walked bare footed over that with saing that these feats should get burnt since they have not supported us to reach here in time.

    That was the first ocassion when somebody had performed matam on Imam Husain and his family and those were Hindus.

    I had also read somewere that Imam Husain had experesed two – three times in his life that he wish to go to India, which means he was having a good impression about India.
    Please remember at that time only Hindus was there in India then also he wished to come here.

    • Dear S.A.Hasan,
      I agree and appreciate the point that India’s connection with Karbala is not just through Dutts but also through Chandragupt empire.

      But would like to make a point that few Brahmins (now their childrens are Bohras Muslims) were present in India at the time of Prophet Mohammad and that they used to frequent to Saudi Arabia to meet Prophet (PBUH). The Prophet used to welcome them and used to be very happy on meeting Indian people.

      Ask any Bohras about Karbala and they will tell you their ancestral connection.


  9. Mr.Rakesh and others
    if you mad then many places where you can go and dissolve your brain. … sun,moon,stars,universe,galaxy,water,air,stones,grass,animals,oceans,and finally human being created by “allah” allah sends many messengers on earth finally prophet Mohammed came. every messenger gives the message of allah to the nation of the universe that stop praying statues, allah is our god but they asks where is your allah show us some signs then allah shows natures sings. Prophet Mohammed(SAS) came.
    geographical scope of the whole arab area contains “jewish” groups and others are Muslims there were not even other group found in B.C also. every group”Qabeela” has the names which is similar to muslim group, Ex: yazeed, and zaid. so if you write(not on the basis of knowledge) brahmins was there and fought????? hold on. there is a group in China they used to pray for statues they called themselves aryans and others were drawadians. brahmins formed in early 19th century. they came to india from china and formed regional sectors.start ruling. when Hazrat khwaja Moin-uddin-chishti(RHA) came to india that was the time of Ashok, his followers stop Khwaja to drink water from his area. he became upset and went to other place, then the whole water area became dry. sir Khawaja Moin uddin chishti(RHA )is the person who brought islam to india and millions became muslims, then mughals came to india , then britishers also rules india.
    do not disguide people with communal and wrong knowledge. there were thousands of groups, divisions in Hindu religion brahmins contains, comti,marwadi, when they cannot leave one paisa,one cent and history of india reveals that no brahmin fought for the sake of neither himself nor india. arab is far away. they cannot even stand on their legs on the soil of Arab.

    syed nusrat

    • Please inform about the name of the university where you are a professor, sir. Is it the University of Al Queda headed by Chancellor Bin Laden? Then you are certainly at the right place. Please continue with your research and come up with such gems in future also. At least, these provide an opportunity for people to laugh.
      But why drag Sufis in your pseudo-history manufactured in Pakistan. I hear that they are not exactly favourities of the rulers there.

    • Hello Syed,
      Before B.C there is no islam,k, People in Arab were called as Pagan’s, they are infact whorshippers of God Shiva(Hindus)(king vikramaditya ruled the present so called arab nation’s). They used to follow Arabic language{derived from sanskrit} over there, later in 6th century A.D prophet came & then islam(Quran:which is primarily written in Arabic). Prophet made convertions to islam etc… thats why many of pagan’s were converted to islam. Hence muslims didnot existed before 6th century, the muslims after prophet mohammad was none other then Pagan’s(Hindus in Arabia) who converted to islam.

      “Facts are facts & will not disappear on accounts of our likes or dislikes”

  10. Dear Mr. Nusrat,

    you had written that Khawaja Mohiuddin chishti had came to India in the period of Ashoka.

    Dear do you know that Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti was born in 1141 AD and died in 1230 AD (He was the 13 generation of Hazrat Ali(AS)) .

    Just see his Shajrah

    Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, son of Khwaja Ghiyasuddin, son of Khwaja Najmuddin Zaahir, son of Syed ‘Abdul ‘Aziz, son of Syed Ibrahim, son of Syed Idris, son of Syed Imam Moosa Kaazim (AS), son of Imam Ja’afar Saadiq (AS), son of Imam Muhammad Baaqir (AS), son of Imam Zain ul ‘Aabideen (AS), son of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) son of Sayyedina Hazrat ‘Ali (AS)

    And the Ashoha was born in 304 BC and died in 232 BC ( Before Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAS) & even before Prophet Hazrat Esa.

    It is in the History that the Ashoka was from the Morya Destiny and his mother was from a Brahmin Family, which means Brahmins were there in the period of Ashoka also and you had mentioned that Brahmins was formed in early 19th century.

    Beside that I wish to inform you that it is in the history what Mr. Rakesh Sharma had written about the Hindu Man Rahib and his seven Sons, the only thing he had spelled the name as Rahab in place of Rahib.

    you had mentioned that you are a professor I suggest you to first Improve your own Knowledge and then comment on others.

  11. i fully acknowedge and praise the subject article as it is an established fact that Ahle Bait are not affiliated with a single religion or sect rather they are the saviours and guides of comlete humanity
    we as muslims are thankful to the Hussaini Brahimens

    • it is also said that one of the wives of Imam Hussain, the Persian princess Shahr Banu s.a, was the sister of Chandra Lekha or Mehr Banu, the wife of an Indian king called Chandragupta. When it became clear that Yazid was adamant on killing the Imam, the Imam’s son Ali ibn Hussain a.s rushed off a letter to Chandragupta asking him for help against Yazid (L). When Chandragupta received the letter, he dispatched a large army to Iraq to assist the Imam a.s. But as soon as they reached Imam a.s had already got martyred. In the town of Kufa, in present-day Iraq, they met with Mukhtar Saqaffi,( the lover/shia of Hussain a.s who had deciced to take revenge and later taken from the killers of Imam Hussain a.s when get the government of kufa) arranged for them to stay in a special part of the town, which even today is known by the name of Dair-i-Hindiya or ‘the Indian quarter’.

  12. although there are points in here that can be debated and probably would have to be checked for their accuracy, there are many factual points in this. However, the bigger point here is that regardless of some recent political events, Hinduisim has always been a religion of peace, and although it contradicts with islam in actual views of the divinity, both share a common pasts and high moral values. and many thanks and praises go to our hindu bretheren for helping shia muslims and help spreading the message of karabal thru out the world. it is a shame that something like is not shared widely amonts all our people.

  13. I am a bhumihar bhahmin from Bihar by family has enjoyed very strong freindship with Shia community of Bihar. This has baffeled me perhaps this could be the answer! The Shia community of Bihar trace their origin from persia and claim that they had to flee because they were persecuted.
    I stumbled upon Hussaini Brahamins, who were Bhumihars.

  14. the prophet who could not teach peace to his heirs…most of whom kept fighting each other and met their ends there…
    a religion which calls of jihad…towards everything that it is not in agreement with…a self righteous and all powerful
    (absolute power corrupts absolutely)
    we are being thankful here to a motley group of brahmins because they sacrificed for OUR IMAM. why cant we show the same tolerence when it comes to all mankind….

  15. Centuries have finished after this war of karbala, and still there is fight between sunnis and shias. Forget whatever happend and live in peace.
    Yazid was a munafiq, no doubt about it (Laanath on him).
    But please remember that war, as history says is not for Islam or its cause. It was just for power and khilafat……

  16. Dear M.F.Abbas, I do not think there is any fight between sunni and shia beacuse of Remembering Karbala. It is duty of all the muslims to condemn zulm and remember martyr. This is waht we shia do and because of karbala , now we are following Husaini or Islam of Holy prophet(s.a.w),and do not follow yazidi islam. So it our duty to remember karbala.

    Karbala war for power and khilafat from the side of yazeed laeen only. From the Imam Husain(a.s) side it was forced war and Imam Husain (a.s) was fighting to save true islam and expose Munafiqs.

  17. Dear Syed Mohamad Masoom, have not heard of any fighting during ashura in Lucknow (India) and other places and even in pakistan also. There is only one Islam, send by Allah to Prophet Mohamed Salalaho alaihi o sallam. There is no Husseini or yazidi Islam.
    Karbala war was for power and khilafat from both the sides. There was no other aim.
    Just because of karbala you are following Husaini Islam otherwise you would have followed what ?
    Syed Masoom Sahib Please don’t bring the split in muslims just with some difference of opinions. Be good muslim and say Alhamdulilah ‘ Allah has created us as Muslims”

    • @Mr. Abbas: Karbala war wasnt mare a power game. it was the war between truth & false. Imam Hushain faught for truth, justice, & real Islam. if u thiank yazid was a true Muslim, u should go thru history. After Karbala war, yazid had sent his army to Madina and declared Madina Halal for his army. They had killed 10,000 Sahaba e Rasul & Tabeyin.
      There was no Azan in Masjid e Nabvi for 3 days, they usedto park their horses in Masjid e Nabvi.
      After that Yazid had attacked Makka & set Kabah on fire.
      do u still think he was a muslim??

  18. “The believers, men and women, are protectors of each other: they enjoin what is right and forbid what is evil.”[Tauba, 9:71]
    “The hypocrites, both men and women, proceed one from another. They enjoin the wrong and forbid the right…”[Tauba, 9:67

    We must remember that the Islamic society is the only society with a declared mission of promoting good and forbidding evil. But we must remember after death we all are answerable to Allah subhan o Tala for our neglegance and hypocricy.

    I also believe in these two types of nature among muslims because i believe in holy quran .Who attacked Holy kaba was Munafiq and who saved islam from Munafiq was a believer.
    99% muslims do not believe in your words”Karbala war was for power and khilafat from both the sides. There was no other aim.”
    you very clearly rejected concept of Imammat by quoting above words.Those believe in Imammat follow the instructions of Imam(a.s) and all imam (a.s), instructed to remember martyr of kalbala and weep on them, tell the world their sacrifice.All the learned scholars of Islam also quoted the same.
    Imam Redha (A.S.) said: He who sits in a gathering in which our affairs (and our path and aims) are discussed and revived, his heart shall not die on the day (Day of Judgment) when hearts shall die (of fear).Bihar alAnwar vol 4 pg. 178

    Islam also instructed not to mix believers and hypocrites.
    As there is no compulsion in islam. i presented my views and you presented your. Allah know the best.


  19. This article is very true, my Grandfather told me this when I was a child, his forefathers told him and this true story of Rahib is being told in my family from centries. All true muslims should be thankfull to Hussaini Brihimans. Who ever has love of Hussain in his heart will live forever regardless of cast, creed, colour or religion.

  20. Thanks to Mr. Rakesh Sharma for sharing such a valuable information on net as many are not yet aware of this Fact of the Karbala War. Even my grandma told me about the contribution of Brahmins, longback . An article too was published in the ‘Hindustan’ couple of years back on the Moharram day about the mentioned subject. I am one of the admirer of Imam Hussain . And yes , some gentleman claimed that , Brahminism came into existence in 19th century !! Sir , was that a joke or were you confused with the dates? It would be better that you attend some history classes before calling yourself a Professor.Ah.Period.
    Respect to all Hussaini Brahmins.

  21. Imam Hussain stood for truthfulness despite being with entire family (women and children). Any person with rightful thinking and kindness would be on his side. When Hurr can shift to Hussains side WHY NOT RAHIB (oR rahab) a Hindu whose family and entire Hindus have been respected by Imam Ali (father of Imam Hussain). AND ABOVE ALL BY IMAM HUSSAIN HIMSELF. THANKS A MILLION RAKESH SHARMA…PLEASE PUBLISH THIS TRUTH IN ALL LANGUAGES AND BRING IT TO THE NOTICE OF ALL…VERY VERY TRUE AND THERE IS ABSOULETLY NO DOUBT ABOUT IT THAT THE HINDUS HELPED IMAM HUSSAIN…..THEY LOVED HIM AND HIS FAMILY FOR THEIR TRUTHFULNESS AND KIND HEARTEDNESS

  22. The tradition of Hussaini Brahmins is quite well known. They are a part of Bhumihar Brahmin sub caste and live in Gaya (Bihar). Even today, they, like many other Hindus, participate in Muharram shoulder to shoulder with Shias.

    It will be better if we stop denigrating each other’s religion. Though we keep fighting in the name of religion, it is only the innate feeling of religion (Dharma)which holds the society together and stops us from killing each other. Otherwise we too would be like savages.

  23. hi there All

    Firstly i wanna say I am sunni muslim, i dont have any grudge against any shias, But we as sunni respect love revere the Ahl-e-bayt, as well all other sahaba Ikram

    But many of shite ppl i know, and many shite muslims openly detest other sahaa Ikram including Hazarat Umar, Usman, Abubakr, as well all other,

    They seem to know even more than Nauzubillah Hazarat Ali AS, when they say Hazrat Ali should be first caliph after the holy prophet transcended earth.

    I mean, If Hazarat Ali supported Abu akar, Umar and Usman and worked under them, who gave u the right to decide what should have been, many shia scholars say that that is nothing but fitna,

    Similarly the concept of immamat is also far out at least, firstly descendants of Ali are not the only family of the holy prophet, many of prophets daughters were married to other sahaba as well, Though our love for Hazarat Ali Family is undiminished, u cannot claim them to be all knowing and have the final word, for whats written in quran and explained in authenticated hadith is final, concept of immamt is skewed,

    As the twelth imam is under occultation, i mean how is this possible, in which holy book is it written who told them that, Muḥammad ibn al-Hassan has trascended heaven and earth, why other 11 imams died, why 12th why not 13th, what happned after that.

    Shite beliefs that only the descendants of muhammd can iterpret Islam is also based on no fact and clear directives, fact it is contray to Imam Husain view and stand point, he stood up against Yazid coz he did not belive his caliphat as legal, also becouse the caliph is the Imam of the ppl as well, Imam hussain objcted to fact that Muaviya made his son yazid as successor
    So how can he do the same for his family?

    Coming to the article no reference in found in muslim books and recollections, of either shia or sunni beliefs, so this is skewing history at best

    • My Dear Whatever U R… If U r strong in your saying u would have write your name… my your name is not Important to me… If possible would u pls go little bit up, where u can find some answers of my mine, which might represh your LOVE ABOUT ALLEGED CALIPHS from Moavia till Abdul Mejid II (The last so-called Caliph of Muslims & Othman Empire) Since I’ve spen too much time already on this .. it is therefore, i’ll be happy to answer to your queries step by step, later… Insha Allah…. till than Take Care & Allah Hafiz-o-Nasir… :-)

    • my dear Sunni Friend… if u r so truthful in your believes than Y u didn’t reveal your name… whereas mybelieve is as strong as my name :-) Pls reffer to my erlier 3 posts, above… I’m so tired now…. I’ll try my level best to answer your query soon… & Insha Allah will try my level best to answer your query from the Fatual Hiustory. Insha Allah… till than Allah Hafiz-o-nasir… :-)

    • dear Mr. —–, as we dont know ur name….have u heard about PROPHET MOHAAMMAD(SAS) saying MAN KUNTO MAULA WHAZA ALIYAN MAULA…..means that i am the maula for that whose maula is ALI(A.S).
      would you tell me anything like that fro ur calipfs or so.. he never say anything like that for any of ur caliphs…….he never like any of ur caliphs….

      and for ur question about BIBI FATIMA ZEHRA(A.S)… she was the only daughter for which PROPHET MOHAMMAD(SAS)(messenger of almighty ALLAH) stood up whenever she came… he believe that SHE is the only daughter that is the mother of her father……and u say there are other daughters as well for PROPHET MOHAMMAD(SAS)…..definitly there were…but far far away from that caliber….
      Well!!!!!!! i think that is enough for u to understand all these GREATS……and if not then……….hope for the best……


  24. Much as it may seem to be incredible today, the reality of the Hussaini Brahmins cannot be ruled out.
    We as Hindus are proud that Brahmins made such a supreme sacrifice and immortalised themselves with such a glorious chapter of Islamic history.
    When the Quran refers to “Al Jahillya” and of multiple Gods and idolators in Arabia prior to the advent of Islam….the probability of presence of a form of Hinduism being in practice seems likely. Besides what about the battle in which elephants were sent from southern Arabia. Surely other than India and Indo-China the world has no tradition of Mahouts.Africa has no tradition of training elephants for warfare and most certainly these trainers had gone from India.The ties that bind us are much older than they seem !

    Kudos to Rakesh for highlighting and bringing to the fore such a beautiful chapter of Islamic / Hindu brotherhood.
    Wish more people could access such info. but sadly amongst majority of Non-Muslims there is no interest or slightest effort to understand Islam.

  25. Assalamoalaikum,
    First of all I would like to thanks Mr Rakesh Sharma who added my knowledge.Secondly i would like to address MR mbby2k:brother first of all conclude about yourself.Are you some kind of scholar.Do you have all knowledge of Hadith and Quran,If not then please before writing such an article get some knowledge.Shia’s are not against any muslim(Include all sahaba) who isn’t against our Last Prophet and his ahlebayet AS.First please try to find out who is included in our last prophet’s PBUH Ahlebayet.I am not giving you answers because if you will look for answers you will learn more.Today everything is too easy to look for.Do read about the incident of MUBAHILA to find out ahlebayet and read about our prophet’s last khutba of GHADEER for his successor’s nomination.
    Shia believe in One God ,One Quran,Prophet Mohammad to be our last prophet PBUH and Ahlebayet because whatever they say is exactly what out last prophet said with no changes.
    Shia;s talk about sahaba who our last prophet himself did not like.These were those who made hadiths after the death of prophet with their own will and in their own praise.
    It was this time islam started to get distorted.Do you know there are 4 books of hadith which are considered noble and writers of those eliminated millions of hadiths before publishing these books because those were found false.
    Please read these books and you can find out our prophet PBUH saying repeatedly about 12 imams.Occultation of our last imam.When he says 12 then why people like you says how about 13th.
    Do you know Prophet daily used to stand before the door of her daughter and used to say whoever will hurt her will hurt me and whoever hurts me will hurt Allah subhanallah.Please who did hurt her after the death of our Prophet and if those are our sahaba and what would you think about those and these were those you can see many hadiths against.
    Sorry brother i never meant to hurt you but reality should be faced bravely.Please come back to me when you are confident and have learnt about the facts i provided and then we can discuss further.Only difference bw shia’s and sunni is we shia’s learn a lot from majalis but sunni do not have such options but whatever gathering they have they are taught against shia’s and false beliefs.
    Sorry again brother,please unite yourself as world is already too dangerous for muslims atleast we shouldn’t be fighting among themselves.May Allah give us courage and taufeeq to learn about our religion which is truly a religion of peace.

  26. HI ALL ,

    Another story, is related as to how the Dutts of Punjab came to be known as Hussaini Brahmins. According to this version, one of the wives of Imam Hussain, the Persian princess Shahr Banu, was the sister of Chandra Lekha or Mehr Banu, the wife of an Indian king called Chandragupta. When it became clear that Yazid was adamant on killing the Imam, the Imam’s son Ali ibn Hussain rushed off a letter to Chandragupta asking him for help against Yazid. When Chandragupta received the letter, he dispatched a large army to Iraq to assist the Imam. By the time they arrived, however, the Imam had been slain. In the town of Kufa, in present-day Iraq, they met with one Mukhtar Saqaffi, a disciple of the Imam, who arranged for them to stay in a special part of the town, which even today is known by the name of Dair-i-Hindiya or ‘the Indian quarter’.

    Some Dutt Brahmins, under the leadership of one Bhurya Dutt, got together with Mukhtar Saqafi to avenge the death of the Imam. They stayed behind in Kufa, while the rest returned to India. Here they built up a community of their own, calling themselves Hussaini Brahmins, keeping alive the memory of their links with the Imam.


  27. assalamoalekum to all…

    …mr rakesh…this is a marvelous job…God bless u..!!
    guys..(specially my indian friends)…i need to know more about Hussaini Brahmins..i would b very thankful…if i get contact of any Hussaini Brahmin brother.. thanks.!

  28. Rakesh SharmaJi
    Am very much thankful for your giving the information about Hussaini Brahmin or Dutt Brahmin It is our sincere thanks to them from my entire family for their valuable information about the Imam Hassan A.S. and Imam Hussain A.S. and for the Karbala war. Am one of the Shiate Muslim and living in Hyderabad – A.P. city

    Hamara Hussaini Brahmins or Dutt Brahmins Bhaioon and Hamari Bahnoon ko Imam Hussain A.S. ki Sadqa mein Hamesh Khush aur Abad Rakeheen Ameen Jinnahoon nay Imam Hussain A.S. ki Karbala ke War mein Madad ki hain.
    Pls send me the book I will be very much thankful once again, for a very valuable informatioon on Dutt Brahmins or Hussaini Brahmins, for their help in the Karbaka”s War
    H.NO.10-2-508/D,FLAT NO.305,
    PIN:-500028. INDIA.

  29. I am amazed by this article…i think at that time both the religion would be in real form not like these days of distorted form. specially Muslim has become more distorted and full of misconceptions…. this article should be well spread.

  30. Rahab (Rahib) is the name of a Person who was the Chief of his Clan & The Priest of His Church in Halab, Syria (Sham), I personally visited the place, & have the honor to c the place where he Placed the Head of Imam Hussain (AS) … till to date fresh blood restrains from that Piece of rock and flooded on the day of 10th of Moharram at the time when Imam Hussain (AS) was Martyred by the alleged MUSLIMS of that time… Rahab had no children, he was getting old… he did everything possible within his power, but was unlucky to have a Child, till he came to Know about the Prophecy of Prophet (SAWAW) … He went to meet Prophet (SAWAW), Prophet (SAWAW) told him that he cannot have a Baby … Sadly, he was about to leave, when he met two children, namely, Imam Hassan (AS) & Imam Hussain (AS) … who accompanied him back to The Prophet (SAWAW) and with the permission of The Holy Prophet (SAWAW), both, Imam Hassan (AS) & Imam Hussain (AS) duly granted him the good news of 7 births… later, 7 SONS were born from him… & when Imam Hussain (AS) was Martyred in Karbala … the Yazidi forces spent a night at his place in Halab… rest u can read above… whereas your other “geographical” story is concerned …
    When Ahlulbait (AS) were brutally victimized by the then Alleged Caliphs of Muslims, Yazid… they migrated to India … Bibi Pak Dama (AS) in Lahore (Was Hidustan Earlier)… & the presence of other Respectable Tombs all over HINDUATAN are clear evidence of their arrival in India … These dignitaries were welcomed to sheltered by Hindu Maharajas of the time … Salah-ud-din Ayoobi was sent to bring them back, but Hindu Rulers have denied their requests/orders … it is therefore, Hindu were attacked, they fought bravely but didn’t surrender anyone to the alleged Muslims … this war was fought for years, but Hindu Rulers never complied & always defended the Progeny of Ahlulbait (AS) Later, Mohd. Bin Qasim was sent to bring them back, he tried his level best, but, when he was failed too, to do so … He went back, & denied to come back to Hiundustan, where Mohd. Bin Qasim was killed and his body was bagged in a SKIN of DONKEY…
    there are too many bitter truths are hidden under the heavy books of Muslims which are nothing but full of lies, written by the State Paid Writers of the alleged Muslim Caliphs from Moavia till Abdul Mejid II … for your information the title of a CALIPH was claimed by the Banu-Umayyads, the Banu-Abbasids, the Fatimids, and the Ottomans, and at times, by competing dynasties in Spain, Northern Africa, and Egypt. Most historical Muslim governors were called sultans or amirs, and gave allegiance to a caliph, but at times had very little real authority. The title has been defunct since the Republic of Turkey (Kamal Ataturk with the help of British Empire) abolished the Ottoman Caliphate in 1924, although some individuals and groups have called for its restoration. (Sharif/King Hussein of the Hejaz claimed the title briefly in 1924, and the Imams of Yemen had been using the title for centuries and continued to use the title till 1962. Pakistan former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif tried to use the same title for himself by announcing him the ameerul-momaineen, now a days the terrorist group among Muslims by the name of Taliban claims theirselves to be ameerul-momaineen of muslims (their sect Wahabis (Ahle Hadith) & Deobandi followed by may other sympathizers from different sects)

    I don’t want to dig more here,b/ coz… I don’t want to deviate from the topic …
    after the END of Caliphs rule all over the WORLD… all the Muslim clerics of 19th Century sat together, and due to the cruel brutalities & subjugation for power by the alleged caliphs … they agreed to delete their names from the history of Islam and agreed on only the leadership of four Caliphs namely Hazrat Abu-Bakar, Hazrat Omar, Hazrat Othman & Imam Ali (AS), respectively… but fail to banned the books of lies, which were Written & published during their time… it is therefore… the History of Muslim Commanders & Rulers are nothing but full of lies and illusionary stories… who expanded their illegal rule & concurred the world gain more power, wealth & lavishness in the name of ISLAM… they have not given nothing to mankind accept poverty, annihilation & obscurity…
    Islam was speeded & Hindu Becam Muslim, when they inspired with the kind behaviors, sacrifices and by the teachings from the direct Ancestor & True followers of Ahlul-Bait (AS)…
    It is therefore SHIA never divided into any SECTARINISM whereas other are divided into 72 different Sects… Here I would Like to remind u the Hadith Of Holy Prophet (SAWAW) in which He (SAWAW) said that Only one Clan/Sect among Muslim will be awarded the safe Passage to Haven… In my personal opinion all the Hussaini & Hussaniat Lover will go to Haven regardless of their Religion … coz One Cannot Complete his Prayers unless He Didn’t sends his Blessings on Prophet (SAWAW) & his Progeny (AS)… One Cannot Complete Haj unless they Do as Hazrat Ibrahim & Hazrat Bibi Hajra Did… One cannot become believer who didn’t follow both The Prpphet (SAWAW) & His Progeny (AS) together … Islam is nothing but the complete fellowship of the Last Beloved Prophet (SAWAW) & His Progeny … then tell me who the Hell is Moavia & Yazid … … by the way moavia is a person who instigated two brutal wars against Hazrat Iman Ali (AS) namely Siffeen War & Naharwan WAR, in which hundreds & thousands of Muslims were Massacred … tell me are these wars were instigated by Hazrat Ali (AS) or Moavia … If He is Moavia than, tell me, what would u decide the Fate of a person or nations, who instigated any WAR against the fourth Caliph of Islam, are they MUSLIMS or MUNAFIQS… or u still believe that this is nothing but the Powerplay Game … whereas Yazid is the Bastard son of Moavia who continued, after the Death of Hazrat Ali (AS) by the Moavia’s Assasin “Ibn-e-Muljim (Maloon)” Moavia Coup … He didn’t stopped here he demanded to become Imam of Ummah, which Imam Hassan (AS)the Elder brother of Imam Hussain (AS), denied, strongly… Imam Hassan (AS) was poisoned… later Yazid Claimed the same from Imam Hussain… he urged Imam Hussain(AS) to announce the world the Imamat of Yazid by doing his “Baiyaat”, which Imam (AS) strongly denied…

    • Dear brother Jafar Naqvi

      You writing is awesome and bloody truth, i am 90 present agreed with u. They call them self muslim but sadly they dont know who is Ali(as) and who is Hussain(as). in the mosque they dont pronounce the name of grand son of Prophet Mohammad even in the day of 10th Moharam, my forfather are Suni muslim but i am no more , i am just a muslim not releated to any clan or group. i want to say to all my muslim brother without love to Hussain(as) and to family of prophet Mohammad u cant be muslim. when dear Prophet himself said “I am from Hussain and Hussain is from me” than wht is left who are we deferenties between Mohammad(S.A.W) and Hussain(a.s). i saw so many stupid muslim scholar who praised of Yazid ohh tht is so much shameful, u know u better praised to Satan but dont praised Yazid, surely for praising Satan u will get internal hell but for praising to Yazid u will get more serious then hell.

  31. Dear Rakesh
    The article on Hussaini Brahmin is wonderful and we are indebeted to you for propogating the vital information amongst the people throughout the world. Yes, there are Hussaini Brahmins existing in India. The late Sunil Duttji was the ardent follower of Imam Hussain A. S. I am told that he use to arrange SHARBAT and Cold water for the people who do matam for Sarkar Hussain Ibne Ali A.S. at Mumbai. Anyway, going to history of Islam many readers hailing from Shia sect. correctly defined the message of Islam and the sacrifices made by the holy Ahlulbayte (A.S) It is not the only Brahmins of India who were the folowers and love Agha Sarkar Imam Hussain (A.S.) but also from; many religion across the world had specific in their approach about their love towards the Holy Imam. The year 2009 Ashura at Holy Kerbala e Mohalla displayed the Christians in thousands lead by their pastor\Priest paid their respect at the holy raoza of Imam e Hussain A.S. and also did MATAM mourning the martyrdom of the holy Imam and his Ahlulbayte. So don’t mind with the comments of the persons like Adil who doesnt know anything about Islam and the saviours of Islam, they are only interested to sell themselves in the hands of WAHABIS who has no religion and recived hatred from all corners, Inshallah in the Hashre also. Pls do continue with your research on Hussaini Brahmins and for your kind information the TIMES news paper in the year 1978 pulished this article which I am holding if you desire so I will forward you in future. My pray to the Allah SWT with the sadqa of Imam e Hussain A.S. and HIS holy Ahlulbayte to bestow upon you and your family with his choicest blessings both in this world and hearfeafter. Thankyou TALAAT SAJJAD

    • Dear Huzaifa,
      i have read all your comments and this article too but i dont belive on hindus coz they are not this able to help themselves what can they help muslims but i am not creatisising it but what they have done with muslim when the pakistan made they are cruels kills muslims innocent childrens childrens they have starting jaleously when pakistan made…. ok its fine i accept this is true if a hindu know such thing about islam and our religions then my question is this why they arn’t accept islam if they know that the islam is peace and right religion then why don’t they leave hindusiam ……….. i know becouse hindu hay hi bagirat aur kabhee bhee muslan ka nahee ho saktha abhee bhee jo zulm india main muslmano pare kashmir par ho raha hay kia wo sab aap ko nazar nahee aatha aur kisi hindu nay oth kar aisa article likh dia baishak wo theak hay lakin aap logon ko kia yeh zulm nazar nahee aata kia babri masjid ko shaheed karna aap log bhool gay hain aur aisee kithni hi batain hain jo hum nahee janthay magar wo hindusiam k zulm ki intiha hay aur aap tou eik article parh kar hi hindu ka dhool bajanay lagay hain……. hindu nihayat hi chalak aur kameena hay aur mere aap sub bhaion say bhee iltija hay k aap hindu ki side nahee lia karain

  32. Thanks mr rakesh, there ws sumthn goin inside me wn i read abt belvd prophet imam ali, nd felt so bad abt th bloody war. I m a brahmin nd ther sum relatn bet us nd beloved imam ali a.s, i cn feel it. I need 2 search mre abt it.

  33. Thanks rakesh,
    i was wondering why i was more attracted to beloved imam Hussein and his teachings/principles, thanks fr highlighting this fact.i am a brahmin, and i felt very bad reading th tragedy of karbala…long before i read ur article….there is defe somthing which relates us( brahmins) and Imam hussien a.s

  34. salamunalaikum/namastey to all,
    first of all i would like to thank Mr. Rakesh for such an awesome article he has posed… it is very very true….
    we feel realy on top of the world as some talk about AHLEBAYTE like that…..but over muslim brothers(sunnis) have to understand the importance of all these articles….

    i expect they will learn something out of it….n BIBI ZEHRA(S.A) might bless us….

  35. this is amazing …. Har Qom pukareGy …hamara Hayy …. Hussain (A.S)….

    Husaynu Minni …Wa ANaa minal Hussain..
    Hussain is Of me and I am Of Hussain …..

    Allah puts Faith where ever he wants ……These are all his signs …..and Prophet is Universal …..The message is for all ….He is a Blessing to all worlds….ALameein….. so that means Hs grandson who is the benaey Laila …..the foundation of LaILa …..has a universal message ,to stand against tyranny … the Brahmins were there or not …one thing is clear …..Har Qom pukar rahy hay ….HAMARA HAY HUSAIN (A.S) …….ABHI tho imam mehdi ki Zahoor Nahyy Huwa ….. truth is Universal …. if its good for me …. it Aught to be Good for any body …….

    Sabhyyy Majnoon ,Sabhy Gardoon ,……

  36. Rakesh Kumar’s article is very interesting. This shows that there existed a strong bond between people of Arabia and India. We must respect Shia muslims’ sentiments and the role played by Mohyals (known as Husseini Brahmins) to strengthen this bond. Love only binds, hate breaks.

  37. There is a rectification in this whole story…..while we will remain indebted to Rahib….he was not a brahmin….but a Christian. We have been listening to this episode of him sacrificig his 7 sons heads from childhood. DO not know how this got converted to a brahmin story!

  38. I am a Shia arab and would like to emphasize that this article is truly thoughtprovoking and proves that Imam Hussain (AS) is revered the world over. Therefore it is not surprising to read about the Brahmins figthing for the Imam, for even today India which is a predominantly Hindu country respects the Imam by allowing processions and declaring an official holiday on the 10th of Muharram while there are a number of Muslim countries that do not even mention this great day and continue with their festivals and songs on this day of great tragedy and suffering. So hats off to the Indian government for the respect shown during Muharram

  39. Salamun Alaikum

    MashaAllah a great work that ultimately proves the magnetism and universal appeal of the Greatest Martyrdom of Imam Husain (a.s.) and his holy companions (a.s.) ….

    Our hindu brothers have proved many a times throughout the history that they love Ahlebayt (a.s.) and uphold them in great reverence.

    Maula bless them all with Guidance and Knowledge.

  40. In short…
    Do not fight for….
    Who is Loving Imam Hussain(as)…???
    Why they are Loving Imam Hussain(as)…???
    How they can Love Imam Hussain(as)…???

    If a Musalman can Murdered Imam Hussain(as) with the call of “Allah ho Akbar”…
    then why don’t an Idolater Love Imam Hussain(as)…
    For Imam Hussain(as) there was and will only one Enemy….
    and that is….. YAZEED….!!!
    Whether of that time or present…

    Insaan ko bedaar to ho lene do…
    Har Quom pukaregi Humare hai Hussain(as)…

  41. “Hussainun minni wa ana minal Hussain (Hussain is of me and I am of Hussain).”
    The Holy Prophet (pbuh) loved all his grand children very much. One day, when he was in prostrate
    (Sajdah) while praying in the mosque, Imam Hussain (pbuh) climbed on his back. The Holy Prophet
    remained in prostrate until Imam Hussain came down by himself.
    The Holy Prophet (pbuh) used to carry Imam Hussain (pbuh) and his elder brother Imam Hassan
    (pbuh) in his arms and declare expansively in front of his companions.

  42. Dear all my muslim brothers
    with all due respect iam sunni converted to shia
    bozc after reading and knowing the truth of islam
    i converted to shia
    i take the responsiblity and say that if every muslim
    understand the shia religion sincerly, they will diffinately
    convert to shia
    i thank for this knowledge shared
    and would like to have a copy of it

  43. i praise those who devote their live for the cause of education undoubtedly Hindu also believe in Imam Hussain and they have respect for Imam Hussain . I just here give example as ROOP KANWAR (BA) from UP wrote a poetry (Nazim) in praise of Hazrat Ali which is praiseworthy and commendable and that is seen and known by the literary and visionary peoples i may write more and more here but due to scracity of time i currently not able to write more

    Syed Mehdi Raza

  44. I know about that….!
    This is true and even “KHOMAINI SAHEB & SISTANI SAHEB” also verify that in their books written on the battle of karbala…!
    Their are two prince of IRAN, SHAHR BANO & QAMAR BANO…!
    shahr bano get married to IMAM HUSAIN (A.S.) after war of nahrwan. & qamar bano married with chandra gupt as a sign of friend ship after king of iran loose a battle agains him.!
    Janabe Shahr bano (a.s.) was the mother of 4th Holy IMAM (A.S.) & QAMAR bano named as CHANDRA LEKHA in indian history…!
    That is the relationship bitween them….!

  45. As i moved to this page accidentally ,i must thanx to almighty god of all.i m a hindu brahmin.through out the page i got some knowledge about historical harmony between mankind & all are intelligent enough to detect that i’ve not used the word like hindu or muslim.person like ADIL is most harmful for all of is kind of psychic disease ADIL has & it is our duty to make him cure.we can’t let our brother sick for ever.”GET WELL SOON ADIL” .
    My second opinion or whatever u’ll call is for all of us living. we used to say i’m proud to be a hindu,i’m proud to be a muslim,i’m proud to be a christian etc etc.have we ever said to our own mighty conscience that “I’M PROUD TO BE A HUMAN”?commonly the answer will be “NO”.then why we r fighting nd shouting for MOHAMMED,JESUS OR SHIVA? at time of prayer hv we ever pray for our conscience our true moral value?no we hvn’t. there are some passage of human history also available here. i wanna to make all of you remember the simplest human history.once we were in jungle nd fought rude brutal fight for survive but now we are connecting ourselves within a fraction of it proves that we established ourselves gradually & it is not possible in an odd day.then why we are fighting with our old history of faith? every body has the right to call his/her god by any name nd way but the stand of each nd every prophet is humanity so we should learn humanity first then the religion.coz the dharma with out humanity is as brutal as ASHURA/SATAN/DEVIL.blaming another is so easy but blaming urself nd accept the fault is hard way of DHARMA.
    May be my version can hurt some of you but take it as a daylight vision nd you could enrich urself by the supreme light of ALLAH/ISHWAR/GOD.
    Thanx to all of you.
    Dev Chakraborty

    Mr. Remember that bramin donates every time for his native, and brahmins are mostly angry and boiling blood from worlds creation. Today also you can see that which place has a majority or minor of brahmins, at that spot always being battle field. I proud on brahmin community. -DHAWAL RAWAL

  47. salam, though im a youngster and i dont have so many knowledge about Karbala…bachpan se suntay aaya hu and bachpan se matam krta hu, but thankyou rekesh for telling me about hussaini brahims. I still respect Hindus and Syed muhammad masoom bhai … jo apnay matam k baray mai comment kiya hai that is also very good. thankyou :)

  48. O my hubbe ahlebayt brothers! we should be proud enough to know that we love those who (holy prophet and ahlebayt) are the doors of paradise. Remember! holy prophet asserted at Ghadeer “man kunto maula fa haza ali un maula(who ever iam maula, ali is maula) ya allah! love those who love ali, ya allah! hate those who hate ali; love for ali is love of me and love for me is love for allah. hatred for ali is hatred for me and hatred for me is hatred for allah.” this is true that namaz is compulsary but if it misses good conduct it is of no use and love for allah is more weighted proof to enter heaven rather than namaz with mis conducts which is now prevalent in society (anti ahlebayt or more accurately wahabis). this statement impose on hindus or those non muslim who supported and fought for Maula Hussain at Karbala and afterwards. these people loved ali maula and his family; prophet said love for ali is love for me and love for me is love for allah. therefore, those who love allah will find a place in paradise. what i want to say is that only a true realization of pain and zulm that imam Hussain and his companion felt is enough to book a place in paradise, no matter which religion background is followed. my brother! these enemies of ahlebayt would not understand as they are the bloodline of satan through raavan, kans, duryodhan, namrood, pheron, roman empire, abu bakr, umar, usman mauwiya, yazid, saddam, osama bin laden etc. DEAR SUNNI BROTHERS, KARBALA WAS NOT A WAR. IT WAS CRUELTY OF YOUR CRUEL CALIPH YAZID(SUWAR KA BACHHA) AND IMAM HUSSAIN SACRIFICED HIMSELF TO SAVE ISLAM AND ISLAM IS SAVED BY IMAM HUSSAIN. THOUGH YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE HAVE BOOKED A SPOT IN HELL BY CONDEMNING AHLEBAYT.

    hussainiyat zindabad, yazidiat murdabad
    ya rasulallah, ya ali, ya fatima, ya hasan ya hussain MADAD!

  49. History can be denied. But not the humanity. I have read with great interest not the article, but the comments of the readers. It has always been sad for me that instead of understanding and practicing humanity, we start preaching history and the books including the Holy Books. Humanity comes before the books. Books were and are written by the humans. Books can go wrong but not the actions. Actions speak lounder than words. “Only those are religious who respect humans” otherwise everything goes wrong. Because 99% people talk of books and are nowhere near values of humanity, today’s situation has come. Look around the conditions today worldwide and also excogitate about the past, except blood, loot, rape and murders, there is nothing in human history. It is a shame that most of the blood has been shed only in the name of religion. If this is religion. I am sorry, I would better like to be non-religious person and would like to be a true human who loves and respects humans and not religions. One truth more, all the Muslims of Indo-Pak subcontinent, i.e. India, Pak, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc. must know that they are all converts from Hindus in India. They can verify the names of their 6th or 7th generations to find out the truth. Read and understand history with the aim to gain knowledge and to practice it for the good, and not to spread hate. There is no difference whether a community worships deities or a book or a stone, important is how you look upon others, with hate or with love? If there is any God, He may Bless you all.

  50. Please if you don’t have study don’t write the articles like that which is full of your poor knowldge. :You mention so many wrong statements which don’t have showing the truth that fight was between Right and wrong . Before writing this you should understand who is ahlubait. Than balance and write. Thanks and god may give you to write truth.

  51. salaam aalaykum!!!
    IMAM HUSSAIN(a.s.) was nothing but truth personified…..According 2 the so called Mr.M.F.Abbas had jang-e-karbalaa been only for name and fame even 4rm the side of IMAM HUSSAIN(a.s.) then, 4 ur kind info….he would have never stood wid his 72 loyal followers against yazid’s army which severely outnumbered the HOLY IMAM’S troops…..he would have run away with his kith and kin….but the fact that he sent out all his children in war,shows clearly that he was fighting in the way of ALLAH(S.W.T.) and 4 ISLAM……i am surprised Mr.M.F.Abbas that eventhough u r 4rm a shia household u hav such cheap and inferior views…it seems that u r truly a munaafiq….!!!And as 4 people lyk Aadil and the so called professor Syed Nusrat….they need 2 get their knowledge enhanced with respect 2 history of karbalaa..If they continue 2 boast about their biased principles then it would be better 4 them 2 call themselves as wahabbis and salafis rather than shias or followers of SAYYEDUSH SHUHADA(A.S.)……..I JUST WANNA CLARIFY 1THING 2 ALL…..MANY OF MY MUSLIM BRETHREN HAVE MISTAKEN RAHAB 2 BE RAHIB….THE 2 R COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE WITH DIFFERENT ORIGINS…..RAHIB WAS A CHRISTIAN 4RM SYRIA AND RAHAB WAS A BRAHMIN 4RM INDIA….ALTHOUGH BOTH HAD SAME NUMBER OF OFFSPRINGS AND PHONETICALLY SIMILAR NAMES THEY ARE NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH EACHOTHER…..even i am aware of HUSSAINI brahmins existing in INDIA….sunil dutt and sanjay dutt r sum of them……….Mr.RAkesh thnxx alot 4 updating this info on pc……..

  52. kappir kappir shia kappir jo na manay wo bhi kafir hindu kafir jo sunni manay wo bi kafir yahoodi christian sab kafir wajib ul qatl hain……..hazrat yazeed(r.a) hazrat muavia(r.a) hazrat sufiyan(r.a)hazrat abu jehl(r.a) zindabaad!!!!!!
    shiooon tum sahaba ko nahi mantay tum kappar ho

    • wah umar wah… tumne to huzur sallaho walaihi wasallam ke khandan ke qatilo ko ki tarif ki…. hme koi afsos nai hai kyuki tum jaise logo se yhi expect karte hai ham log….

      aur suno umar wo shaks tha jisne bibi fatema zahra(a.s)(the daughter of holy prophet) par jalta hua darwaza giraya tha aur jise hmare rasool ne baddua di thi… aur ham apne rasool ki sunnat par amal to karege hi naa…… to laanat umar, abubakar aur uthman par beshumaaaar laanat …..

  53. i dont have this much knowledge to confirm what ever is written in this article is 100% truth or not but i know only this that Hussaini barahmins exist and as the name indicates they must be in love with Imam Hussain….

  54. Firstly, i wanna thanks mr. Rakeshji for revealing an enlighten this truth. I have also heard glimpse of this story from my father and grand pa.
    Secondly, i wud like to mention that my ancestors were all sunni, even i m the fth generation being shia, i have all clue and evidence present that even being sunni all my ancestors were used to commemorate muharram, remebering matydem of Imam Hussain (a.s), matam, sharbat, taziyadaari n all. I have all my blood relatives in sunni and most of th
    em respect my actions on muharram from heart, but due to influence of deobandis they are little bit fear to do it but personaly they encourage me to stick on my stand and pray for their maghferat as well.
    So mean to say that even if u r sunni bhai, be sunni no issue, but plz donlt forget nawaasaye Rasul (sww), be sad in muharram, don’t play music or celebrate, do let shia’s do remember Imam Hussain (as) who sacrified his 6 mnth son, 18 yrs young son, brother, bhatija, sahaba n all, just to let u pray in mousqe, be muslim and atleast made u a candidate u present before Rasul (sa) for maghferat on the day of justice (hashra).
    Else yazeed (lanatullah) did start destroying all goodness of islam by allowing drinking wine, that too in masjid, sex with mother, sister, abusing ahlulbait saying it was all their drama, there is no Allah, no Islam, no Nabi etc.
    In the light of islamic history, it can not be said that karba was a power game whoever says it, he/she is liable for laanat from all human being and must be a bastered check his blood……
    Haider abbas
    proud to be a shia and an Indian

  55. Hello Sir, Can u tell me about the Syed Bukhari Family History from Karbala (Iraq) to Uch sharif (Pakistan), keh Syed Bukhari Family Ka Shijrah Kahnn sy Strat hota hy and Uch Sharif ky Hzrat Jalal-ud-Din Surkh Poosh tak chalta hy and then next nasaal ka bhi ? If it is possible sir? Waiting for u r kind and early reply.
    thenks with best regards.
    Syed Muhammad Sohail Ahmad Shah Bukhari, Multan- Pakistan.

  56. What a Historian…After 1500 years he is telling that Hindus helped Imam Hussain (as). Wat is the source and facts seconded by old authentic books.

    Singh is the religion that came to exist about 500 years back.

  57. Pingback: The democracy under the boot of USA : the Shia case


  59. Hi there, simply became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate in the event you continue this in future. A lot of people will likely be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  60. This is to bring to your kind information that we are forgetting the main essence and interpretion of Islam that this is for universe not for specific group ones you are clear with this theory you will better judge what is good and what is bad, What is right and what is wrong and the battle of KARBALA is that only.All believes in the oneness of ALLAH i.e ALMIGHTY, UNIVERSAL POWER, PARAMATMA (in Hinduism) only problem arises when it comes to the point of practical implimenation, that also defined and practiced by MUHAMMED (SAW) how to lead the healthy life and living rules in this society and how to respect mankind and for the peace of the mankind on this earth. Since we are derailed from the basic principles of islam and unnecessarily we are involving us in hatred which never allow us to live in peace. Hatred is other face of the “SATAN” and “MAYA (in Hinduism) which never allow us to reach the “ALLAH”, “PARAMATHAM” and we do not know what for we are living and simply die for nothing at the end of the day. I have attended some eminent scholars finally who teaches unless you have love for mankind you cannot enjoy the beauty of the “ALLAH” who has created and bestowed on us this beautiful universe and nature for the living of the mankind not for one group or one sect, In this world no person will accept sadness, sorrow, miseries, for himself but why he don’t think the same for others.

    Finally i would like to conclude first of all how precious is our body mechanism being created by “ALLAH” we must always grateful to “ALLAH” if one understand this we never waste our time for hatred which is the biggest concern of the day if we do not understand this we cannot live in peace.. Today also man lives in ignorance leaving the right path and there is no use in remembering and commemorating battle of KARBAL which fought for the right against the evil for the peace of mankind.

    We pray for all who were in the battle of KARBALA and for the peace of the mankind.

  61. i dont know where from the”author” has got these hypothetical informations sans authentication and credibility..
    whosoever intends to become famous writes or speaks about Islam.
    the writing has no roots….

  62. was great reading the hiden details…
    Isiliye mere imam ne kaha tha ” mujhe hindusthan jaane do bcz wahan ke loog mashhoor hai, honesty keliye, sincrity keliye, nobality ke liye, hospitality keliye..
    We all shia muslims love u and salute with a pride to all the hussaini brahmins brothrs…khuda aap sabb ko zameen aur aamaani balao se mehfooz rakhe..

    KHAN I .A

  64. I dont know veri well english so write in hindi.
    Muslim ka matlab hota he ishvar(allah ka hukm manne vala). No doubt k mohammad k bad hi islam jyada bdha he lekin iska matlab ye nhi k islam 1400 salo sehi chala he. Jab se duniya bni he tabse allah hukm de raha he apne messenger ko bhej k.jisne mana vo muslman kehlaye. Rahi imame hussain or brahmin ki bat to uske bare me sab alag alag bolte shak history ko allah k siva koi nhi thik janta.koi yu likhta he to koi yu. Jitne bhi dharma aaj he vo kisina kisi tarah islam k sath he ya opposite me he..lekin ek he to allah(ishwar jo dikhai nhi deta) allah har chij ko paneki taqat rakhta he to use apni olad karne ki ya marreage karne ki kya jrur he.usne to sirs apne messenger hi bheje he insano ko sahi tarika sikhane k liye.

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