QUESTION 1: Tell me the razor blade which Adam used first to shave his head ; soon after Haj prayers in the Mina, as it was the part of haj ending ?
ANSWER : Imam (A.S) said the angel Jibraiel had brought a powder to Adam to shave his hairs.

QUESTION 2: Why the dead body is washed and bathed and why the dead body prayer is performed?
The dead body is to wash to make it clean. The pure and clean angels meet to him and ask, and the prayers is to ask pardon for him to Allah, he may be forgiven.
QUESTION 3: Why five Takbeers are called on the dead body prayer?
ANSWER: It is in return of five times daily prayer at a time.

QUESTION 4: Suppose a man found some eggs in a barren place cave how it should be tested and found whether those were lawful to eat or not?
Look at their shape making; if it is different in shape from head and tail it is lawful to eat. If it is equal in shape and size it is unlawful for eating.
QUESTION 5: Who alarmed and terrified his nation, but not from the mankind or jinn and angels?
She was an ant who alarmed her company from the arrival of Sulaiman’s army.


QUESTION PUT TO IMAM :Ali ibn Husayn (658-713)

QUESTION PUT TO IMAM :Ali ibn Husayn (658-713)


IMAM REPLIED : ” The knowledge of ALLAH and the viligance of the PROPHET, besides ; these taking granted this world affairs as the most dangerous enemy of you. There are so many branches of it.

The first is the proudness and haughtness, due to which the dis obedience occured in action, what was the sin of the Iblees, the same pride in the presence of Allah, disobedience made him rejected.

The other thing is enviness , the sin of son of Adam, who killed his brother due to enviness. This creates many issues, love affairs of a women with a men, love of the worldly things, love and fondness of worldly pleasures and things, love of power and position to rule over and dictates orders to others, love af pleasure of luxury life, wealth, riches, power, property, partnership, all evils are included in one ;the enjoyment of life in any way and of any style. The pleasure of this world is the key to all evils. The world has two shapes , one is to blaming and devastating and the other is towards a happy journey end of life Hereafter.”
Hazrat Imam Mohammad Baqar (A.S) said that my father Imam Zainul Abideen (A.S) advised me to have a company of good man and be away from five men ; and do not talk much to people , and do not accompany with them during a travel . He asked who were those men to whom you pointed out . His father told him those were wretched sinners, inpious and transgressors people , be away from their company and their friendship. They are greedy and benefits seekers, selfish, troublesome to others. The others are miser men, do not meet with them. The third one is the lier, he will not say any thing truth to you, deceivers and put to you in wrong and under shades and clouds. The fourth one is the fool and innocent. He will be of no use to you ; but create troubles and put you in loss. The fifth one, cruel and ill treated men, who is the friend of Iblees and rejected by Allah in His



By the time the murderers began to assemble before the dwelling of the Prophet , he apprised his favourite cousin Ali , of the impending danger , and of his intention to leave the house at once for good . He directed Ali to lie down on the bed in his place and cover himself with his (holy Prophet’s) wellknown green mantle . Unhesitatingly Ali carried out the the instructions and Muhammad (P.B.U.H) repeating the ninth verse of Sura Ya Seen of the Holy Book , sallied forth unobserved by the assailants as if they were stricken with blindness.

” And We have set a barrier before them , and a barrier behind them;
and We have covered them with darkness; wherefore they shall not see.”

His heart swelling with love and gratitude at being selected for such a dangerous task , Ali asked his Master ,
” If I sleep here in your bed in your stead , will you be safe? “

” Yes.” said the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). He then instructed Ali to remain behind at Macca for some time in order to discharge for him certain trusts and charges and bequests which were incumbent on the Prophet . He intructed Ali to look after the women and children and send them to madina quietly.

The task Muhammad (P.B.U.H) entrusted to Ali was a major one , and no small an undertaking for a youth for hardly 23 years ; but the way in which he carried it out , showed Ali’s astonishing capacity . He was called upon the deputise for Mohammad at the risk of his own life , for it was highly probable that the mob would kill Ali taking him to be Muhammad (P.B.U.H) , or else would get furious at being foiled of their chief objective , and in that case would also kill him instead of the Prophet .

When all the assassins had been assembled they (in the words of W.Irving ) paused at the door and looking through a crevice , beheld , as they thought , Muhammad (P.B.U.H) wrapped in his green mantle , and lying asleep on his couch . They waited for a while consulting whether to fall on him while sleeping or wait until he should go forth . At length they burst open the door and rushed towards the couch . The sleeper started up , but instead of Muhammad (P.B.U.H) , Ali son of Abu talib stood before them . Amazed and confounded they demanded, “Where is Muhammad ? ”
” I know not , ” replied Ali sternly , and walked forth, nor did any one venture to molest him .

John Davenport describes the incident in the following words : ” After surrounding the house , the assassins hten forcibly entered it , but finding instead of their purposed victim , the youthful Ali , calmly and resignedly awaiting the death intended for his chief . So much devoltedness excited the pity even of those men of blood and Ali was left unharmed.”

A majlis attended by all communities, Hindus,Christians Shias and Sunnis

Salam alykum,

For the last so many days i was thinking to share these thoughts of my one friend and devoted shia Mr. Firoz shakir with you. I always call him..“A true shia from inside”


 Taken from His Blog….

shia blogger

Yesterday ,at noon I decided to first time after Ashura attend a majis at Chapel Road, of a very good devout Shia gentleman, Mr Akthar Imam of Lucky Decorators , actually Mr Akthar Imam is the only person I have seen whose house majlis is attended by all communities, Hindus , Christians Shias and Sunnis.
So it was imperative I go, like me there are others who don’t go anywhere, but are seen at Mr Akthar Imams majlis.
Mr Akthar Rizvi MP Celebrity builder, educationist politician, attends it come what may.
Local politicians, local Sunni residents, my friend Trevor Fuis too was there , Mr Abbas Kazmi poster boy of criminal law, a good friend and guide was also here with his goodlokng son Ali.
Also Munna photographer who stays close to Mr Akthar Imams house who carted me to his house too take my pictures.
The Majlis was recited by Maulana Zaki Baqri, was well attended, actor Javed Jaffery and his son Meenaz was there too.
Maulana Zaki Baqris majlis are very accurate in their thought process, always within the parameter of the subject that he is speaking about; he involves you completely as you involuntarily shake your head in assent to his logical conclusions.
Than after the discourse, which my wife said that the Maulana was perhaps talking about me, Maulana was hinting that you either believe in Islam completely, or don’t believe n it all, in short , Islam is a complete package , you cant just take what you like and discard what you don’t like.
Of course his quote on the Indian actress was not in good taste.., about the actress having said that Hijab is never been mentioned in the Holy Koran.
I know the actress Shabana Azmi said that the Hijab is a garment of Modesty and is not a compulsion.
Any way I cried during the Masaib, at the end of the Majlis gave him my visiting card, as I don’t go to the Bandra Khoja Shia Mosque, so the only place I can meet the Maulana in private is when he invites me to his house of stay in Mumbai.,
Wife and Samiya before I left for the majlis were grumbling about my jewellery that I had on my person, I wear complete black as you all know, also I don’t wear slippers or shoe.
I did not carry my camera here.
This was my first public appearance, at a Moharam event in Mumbai.

March 9th, 2007 at 8:28 am

 Taken from His Blog….